Wealth Breakthroughs – Dan Kennedy



Wealth Breakthroughs – Dan Kennedy


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Explore every imaginable aspect of Wealth during this exclusive look at how to remove obstacles and roadblocks to creating wealth and multiply your income and wealth now, not later. Dan Kennedy reveals NEW, advanced strategies through wide-ranging discussions for unearthing hidden opportunities, creating wealth breakthroughs, and moving from recession disorder and struggle to fresh optimism and speed.

  • Learn How to Become Really, Really Wealthy
  • Instantly Elevate Your Income
  • Remove ALL Obstacles to Wealth


Advanced Practical Applications of the 28 Wealth Magnets

Discover how “wealth math” actually works, wealth philosophies & behaviors along with practical applications. Includes how the public determines how important you are and how highly you should be paid, what to do to get in the right mindset daily, the Six Forces that cause money to move from one person to another and more.

Income Multiplying, Wealth Creation Strategies

Find out how to strengthen your business, make ANY sales presentation more powerful & instantly convincing, what “false fairness” reveals about wealth creation , and the Secret Money Multiplier Strategy already being used by Harley-Davidson, Disney, top doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, restaurant owners and retailers.

Dan’s Behind the Curtain’s Disclosure

Get an inside look at how Dan presents his “service” in a way that “de-links” it from a pay-for-service and casts his business in a completely different light so “money is no object” and Dan’s SHOCKING answer to the BEST way to defend high prices.

The Obstacles to Attracting Money and How to Remove Them

Learn the radical change you can make in how you market yourself and your business that has nothing to do whatsoever with what you do that INSTANTLY elevates income, the dangerous DELUSION that does NOT boost demand or income, and the single most “UnProductive Activity” most people engage in that prevents wealth.

Emerging NEW Business Realties

Thrive and prosper when you learn the “Principles of Strength” that will make you one of the strong businesses that not only survive but flourish during the upheaval and uncertainty of our current economic times. (While the weakest barely get by or perish.)

All the Wisdom Shared in the Full 2-Day Wealth Breakthroughs Seminar

Turn your drive time into Wealth Creation time listening to the set of CD’s or if you prefer, grab a highlighter and read through the full transcript. Includes a manual packed with Dan’s exhibits.

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Purchase Wealth Breakthroughs – Dan Kennedy Course at Brainet. You will get full course. Downloads are quick and at no extra cost.


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