Upward Facing Business Academy – Alanna Kaivalya



Upward Facing Business Academy – Alanna Kaivalya


The average yoga teacher makes a measly $35,000 per year. That's a lot of hustle for a little scratch. Many instructors spend oodles of hours per week driving all over town to teach umpteen classes…all of which they are underpaid for. It's time to change all that.


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Upward Facing Business Academy

Turn Your Passion for Yoga Into a Thriving Business With the Tools You Need to Create More Impact in Your Career!

What if your yoga career attracted droves of engaged students, allowed you to make more positive impact in the world, and increased your bottom line?

Want to know a secret? It can.

The elusive goal of a thriving yoga career is attainable with the right strategies and techniques.

The average yoga teacher makes a measly $35,000 per year. That's a lot of hustle for a little scratch. Many instructors spend oodles of hours per week driving all over town to teach umpteen classes…all of which they are underpaid for. It's time to change all that.

Get Upward Facing Business Academy – Alanna Kaivalya, Only Price $297

Does this sound like you?

You're sick of trading time for money. You don't get paid time off, and so you teach even when you don't feel like it…or worse, when you're sick or injured. A vacation seems like a far off dream, and your bank account says no to basic luxuries like investing in your own self-care.

Not sure how to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Yoga teachers are a dime a dozen these days, which makes you feel like you have to say yes to every opportunity, even the ones that aren't in line with your passion, your schedule, or your values. Creating a niche feels scary because it seems like it would limit you from opportunities.

Using marketing tools to grow your business feels overwhelming. All the social media platforms take up So. Much. Time. And, how do you even know which one is right for you, or how to use it to grow your following? When you compare yourself to how other people are doing on Facebook and Instagram, it feels like you've failed even before you've begun.

You're here because you wanted to live your purpose. But, man, is it difficult. You look around and see everyone engaging in the same hustle, and you don't have someone to show you how to develop your business with the yogic ideals you value so highly. You know you can make more money, but where do you even start?

Start right here.

Take a moment and imagine a new lifestyle where you can:

Infinitely grow your following using social media. Constantly bring (the right) new people into your sphere with tried-and-true techniques that help you share your gifts with the world.

Utilize game-changing strategies to develop your community. By thinking outside the box, and moving some of your business online with courses and classes you are able to reach more people…wherever they are.

Step into the online space before everyone else. The landscape of yoga is changing swiftly. Be on the leading edge of that shift and reap the rewards of owning your own business, creating (and controlling) your own content, and leveraging your offerings for greater and greater success.

Stop trading time for money. Create passive income streams so that your revenue goes up…and so does your free time. Whether it be taking that long-deserved vacation or having reserves for a rainy day, ensuring you have revenue streams is essential to your core stability.

Maintain your yogic ideals while building a thriving business. Your work is valuable. It's time to overcome your money blocks and start earning your potential. Stop giving yourself away for free, and learn to offer valuable content while charging what you are worth. Finally.

Imagine yourself making more impact (and income!) in your career as a yogi!

It is possible to achieve the success you dream of with the right tools and strategies to grow your passion into a thriving business!

This is why I created:


This 6-month long journey teaches you the exact skills and techniques I used to attract thousands of followers on social media, add thousands more subscribers to my email list, and generate passive income…the likes of which allows me the comfort of taking time off, having a substantial safety net, and the ability to invest in the exponential growth of my business.

Embarking on this experience helps you identify your tribe, your loyal students and clients that remain engaged with your work and offerings…long after they find you on line and purchase their first course or class with you!

Together, we'll build your audience intentionally…so you find your people and make the greatest impact possible in their lives with your work.

Before I put my entire business online and developed the world's first 500 hour online yoga teacher certification program along with 250 additional hours of higher education courses for yoga, I struggled.

  • I drove all over creation, eating two meals a day in my car only to be underpaid as I taught umpteen yoga classes per week.
  • Every year, I made less money than I needed to cover my essential bills, leaving me in greater and greater debt.
  • With the glut of yoga teachers, I felt compelled to say "Yes" to every teaching opportunity that came my way so as to seem "essential" in the eyes of employers (not knowing it actually made me less valuable to them).
  • Burn out was constant, but there was no way to take time off without losing my income.
  • Though I invested thousands of dollars in my training as a yogi, I felt scared to charge what I was worth because of the stigma that spiritual teachings should be free.

Get Upward Facing Business Academy – Alanna Kaivalya, Only Price $297

If you resonate with any of these statements…you're in for a radical shift in your perception of yourself as a professional, and in how you run your business.

I'm here to turn you into a yogi entrepreneur.

One who calls the shots, charges what you're worth (and adds tax!), owns your power as the expert in your niche, and utilizes the latest technology to reach the people who love you and make more impact with your gifts as a healer, spiritual leader, and teacher.

It's time to change your strategy, think outside the yoga-studio-box, and create an empire that is all your own. One that works for you, rids you of dreaded burnout, and provides the passive income necessary for you to engage in soul-fulfilling self-care and keep moving your passion forward.

As a part of your 6-month journey in the Upward Facing Career Mentorship Program, you get:

  • New content every month that reveals essential tools and skill sets to grow your business
  • Rich video lectures that walk you through important lessons step-by-step
  • Clear, actionable content written specifically for you, the budding yogi entrepreneur
  • Swipe files, PDFs, and cheat sheets that give you a head start
  • Tech tutorials with leaders in the online marketing industry giving you insider information you can use to your advantage
  • Supportive private Facebook group to interact with other members of the Upward Facing Business Academy
  • Monthly LIVE Facebook appearances by yours truly where I'll answer all your questions to drill down the next steps in your business and offer you laser coaching on how to confidently make those steps!

Trust me, this is something I wish I'd had when I first decided to put my entire business online!

Without the kind of support provided in this mentorship program, I suffered for years, ran into dead ends, and did way more work than was necessary before I turned a profit.

I want to help you avoid those pitfalls!

Using the exact methods I teach you in this program, I was able to:

  • Grow my email list to more than 10,000 people
  • Increase my monthly revenue by 10X (hello, passive income goals!)
  • Expand my social media following by thousands of people
  • Put my business online allowing me to scale…and avoid burnout
  • Offer my passion authentically and in ways I never could in a studio setting

Course Curriculum

Introduction & Getting Started on the Upward Facing Career Journey

  • Welcome! Here's What You Need to Know to Begin… (8:33)
  • Upward Facing Career: The Inward Journey (7:49)
  • Master List of Resources

Develop Your Empire

  • Defining Your Niche and Establishing Your Expertise (27:05)
  • The Big Picture: Your Core Offering (15:09)
  • Your Signature Student: Know Your Tribe (13:21)
  • Worksheet: Architecting Your Empire
  • Workbook – Module 1
  • Module 1 Meditation: Aries & The Emperor/Empress (6:18)

Gather Your (Online) Resources

  • The Power and Purpose of Social Media (and How to Use it Wisely!) (24:40)
  • Staying in Touch: Weekly Email Newsletter (18:30)
  • Gather Your Tribe: Groups for Growth (10:29)
  • Special Guest: Nailing it on Pinterest with Melyssa Griffin! (24:32)
  • Worksheet: Content Calendar
  • Workbook – Module 2
  • Module 2 Meditation: Taurus & The Heirophant (5:56)

Get Upward Facing Business Academy – Alanna Kaivalya, Only Price $297

Content Creation Strategies for the Creative Yogi

  • The Structure of Your Mountain (27:03)
  • Attracting New Leads: Initial Offering & Nurture Sequence (19:06)
  • Mid-Level Offering: Plotting the Course (and Selling the Course) (16:31)
  • Your Signature Offering: Dream Big (29:14)
  • Special Guest: Killing Your Course Launch with Jess Catorc of Teachable! (27:43)
  • Sample Email Sets…As Promised!
  • Workbook – Module 3
  • Module 3 Meditation – Gemini & The Lovers (7:01)

Build Your Online Home

  • Branding Your Business: Staying True to You (24:33)
  • Anatomy of a Successful Website (21:43)
  • Special Guest: Building & Branding a Beautiful Website with Julia McPherson of InnerSpace Marketing (60:42)
  • Workbook – Module 4
  • Module 4 Meditation – The Chariot & Cancer (8:27)

Channel Your Passion & Hone Your Gifts

  • Going Live: Your Online Yoga Studio (26:46)
  • The Secret to Your Success: Webinars (31:25)
  • Special Guest: Driving Your Business Using Webinars with Casey Zeman, Founder of EasyWebinar (39:47)
  • Bonus! Creating Killer Webinars: 4 Part Video Series with Alanna (76:36)
  • Bonus! Sample Webinar Promo Email Sequence
  • Workbook – Module 5
  • Module 5 Meditation – Strength & Leo (7:55)

Do the Work: Create Your Yogic Empire

  • Launching Your Mountain: Successful Sales Funnels (33:17)
  • Nailing the Launch: Crafting Your Email Sequence (15:49)
  • Driving Sales: Honing Your Launch Webinar (17:33)
  • Determining Value: Pricing Your High-End Offer (8:22)
  • Special Guest: Honing Your Message to Market with Victoria Gibson (42:37)
  • Workbook – Module 6
  • Module 6 Meditation – The Hermit & Virgo (8:55)

Consciously Streamline Your Business Strategy

  • Streamlining for Success (36:42)
  • Content Creation Strategies That Won't Burn You Out (29:45)
  • Moving From a Five to Six Figure Mindset (15:13)
  • Special Guest: Hiring Your First VA with Kim Hayes, founder of Side Hustle Sisters (22:47)
  • Workbook – Module 7
  • Module 7 Meditation – Justice & Libra (3:23)

Overcome Money Blocks & Define Your Value

  • Shifting Your Money Mindset (26:15)
  • The Power of Gratitude (7:53)
  • Turning Money Blocks Around (Special Content from Yoga Beyond the Mat!) (19:15)
  • Special Guest: The Psychology of Money Blocks with Colleen Arneil, Ph.D. (27:56)
  • Bonus! Guided Morning Gratitude Practice (3:19)
  • Bonus! Guided Gratitude Meditation (3:44)
  • Workbook – Module 8
  • Module 8 Meditation – Death & Scorpio (15:02)

Launch Your New Brand…The Right Way

  • Get Ready…To Go Big. (29:57)
  • Blog Posting 2.0 (15:57)
  • Facebook Ads 101: Getting More Bang for Your Buck (18:51)
  • Special Guest: From Side Hustle to Success with Susie Moore (28:59)
  • Workbook – Module 9
  • Module 9 Meditation – Temperance & Sagittarius (8:27)

Tweaks & Upgrades: Learning New Tech

  • Secret Tech Weapons (36:02)
  • Special Guest: Nailing Your Sales Funnel with Jack Born, founder of Deadline Funnel (40:18)
  • Tech Tutorial!: Teachable (16:03)
  • Tech Tutorial!: EasyWebinar (25:41)
  • Tech Tutorial!: Deadline Funnel (8:22)
  • Tech Tutorial: Yoast SEO Plugin (presented by Kimberly Hayes) (9:25)
  • Tech Tutorial: HelpScout Customer Service App (presented by Kimberly Hayes) (2:35)
  • Module 10 Meditation – The Devil & Capricorn (8:56)
  • Master List of Resources

Self-Care Techniques for the Thriving Yogi Entrepreneur

  • The Business of Self-Care (27:18)
  • Stepping Into the Role of Spiritual Leadership (11:20)
  • Bonus!: 3 Steps to Ritual Guided Self-Care Practice (5:02)
  • Bonus!: Mini Chakra Tune-Ups from Yoga Beyond the Mat (9:39)
  • Bonus!: Guide to Dream Journaling (3:31)
  • Module 11 Meditation – The Star & Aquarius (8:05)
  • Workbook – Module 11

Your Yoga Business: Scaling for Success

  • Going Evergreen: Making Money While You Sleep (32:50)
  • Scaling Up: Making More Impact (and Income!) (16:17)
  • CEO-ing Yourself (10:20)
  • Module 12 Meditation – The Moon & Pisces (7:50)
  • Workbook – Module 12

Get Upward Facing Business Academy – Alanna Kaivalya, Only Price $297

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