Ultimate Guide To Ebook Writing – Bob Bly



Ultimate Guide To Ebook Writing – Bob Bly


When I heard about Bob Bly’s very first e-book’s success, I was absolutely thrilled for him. Even he was blown away by the numbers, and he’s got 38 years of experience writing sales copy and traditional paperbound books that have brought in millions of dollars for his clients and publishers.


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  • 4.    Bonus Webinar Series
    • Bonus 1 – How to Pick Your Niche
    • Bonus 2 – Getting Help with the Selling Process
    • Bonus 3 – How to Build a Responsive List
    • Bonus 4 – Bob’s Review of YOUR e-Book
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Dear Fellow Copywriter,

When I heard about Bob Bly’s very first e-book’s success, I was absolutely thrilled for him. Even he was blown away by the numbers, and he’s got 38 years of experience writing sales copy and traditional paperbound books that have brought in millions of dollars for his clients and publishers.

Here’s the quick snapshot —

Bob’s very first e-book, published in November 2004, has generated $46,819 in sales so far. (Over 1,600 copies sold.)

His labor: almost zero. Bob didn’t write any new material for it. The book is simply a collection of existing articles he had written for and published in various writer’s magazines.

His total cost to produce it: $175 to a designer for setting the articles into a nice PDF layout.

That’s a 26,394% return on his investment. By comparison, the S&P 500 generated a total return of 87.9% during the same 14 ½-year period.

The bottom line: investing the $175 in his fledgling information marketing business beat what others made in the stock market by 300 to 1!

What’s even more amazing is that Bob sold those 1,600 copies of his e-book all by himself. He didn’t have to pay a cent to an agent, a book publisher, or a public relations firm.

Nope, he did it all.

And, you know what else he did that makes his system for creating e-books so fascinating? The articles he used for his first e-book were reprints from previous assignments written for magazines. And the magazines had already paid Bob $7,500 to write them.

Imagine getting paid $7,500 to write articles for magazines… and then taking those same articles and earning another $46K+ from them!

Since then, Bob has written and sold dozens of e-books with incredible results too — $10,290 in revenues for one… $90,979 for another… that’s an extra $101,269 from his information publishing “side business.” Plus, there are more coming out soon.

Now, here’s the best part for you. Once he explained to me how simple it was for him to get an e-book up and making money, I asked him if he’d share his secrets with you. He graciously agreed. In fact, he started referring to our project as…

The Perfect Money-Making Side (or Full-Time) Venture for WritersThe Perfect Money-Making Side (or Full-Time) Venture for Writers

Hi, I’m Katie Yeakle, Executive Director of AWAI. I have over 20 years’ experience uncovering lucrative writing opportunities for people who enjoy writing and want to use their writing skills to earn more money and live richer and fuller lives.

If those are your goals too, you’ll want to check out Bob Bly’s program for writing and selling e-books. As Bob says…

“Writing, publishing, and selling e-books should be every freelance copywriter’s second business!”

There’s no question Bob is one of the top copywriters of our time. He was a self-made multimillionaire while still in his 30s. He’s authored over 90 traditionally published paperbound books over the course of his 38-year writing career — many of which consistently help people around the world make the leap to paid writer.

Bob has also won just about every industry award there is when it comes to writing for profit, including AWAI’s Copywriter of the Year. He’s a top-rated speaker at every event he attends. He’s written copy for over 100 clients, including IBM, Agora, AT&T, The Motley Fool, and Ingersoll-Rand. His articles are featured everywhere from Target Marketing and DM News to Writer’s Digest and Cosmopolitan

Bob has helped thousands of AWAI members over the years make the leap from “writer wannabe” to well-paid writer. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s about to do it again with Bob Bly’s Ultimate Guide to E-Book Writing Success: A Comprehensive Program to Writing and Selling E-Books for Profit.

8 “Perfect” Reasons E-Books Give You Easy-to-Tap, Unlimited Profit Potential

Bob calls e-books the “perfect information product to sell on the Internet.” Here’s why:

  • “Perfect” Reason #1: You’ll enjoy a virtually 100% profit margin — E-books are delivered electronically through the Internet, so there’s practically nothing to deduct from the payments you collect.
  • “Perfect” Reason #2: Your books will sell for two or three times more than regular books, thanks to a higher perceived value for e-books (even though they’re usually less than a quarter of the length of bookstore and library books!).
  • “Perfect” Reason #3: You won’t need a ton of cash to get started, thanks to NO printing costs (compared to paper books where a “small” run of just 3,000 copies can shoot past $9,000 or more).
  • “Perfect” Reason #4: You’ll find the whole process quick, simple, and inexpensive, and Bob tells you exactly what to do and how to do it in this program.
  • “Perfect” Reason #5: You can correct errors or add new information whenever needed. Updates are quick and easy, done entirely electronically.
  • “Perfect” Reason #6: You won’t have to store bulky inventory — everything you need can be stored on your computer.
  • “Perfect” Reason #7: You’ll never be hassled by shipping or postage concerns — your buyers get their purchase electronically within minutes of placing an online order.
  • “Perfect” Reason #8: It’s a low-cost, trouble-free way to add a new income stream to what you’re already earning — so if you want the additional security that comes with multiple income streams (and who doesn’t?), this is a smart way to do it without having to make any new job or client commitments.

Get Ultimate Guide To Ebook Writing – Bob Bly, Only Price $54

As Bob says, “Information marketing should be every freelance copywriter’s second business — and e-books are the best way to get started. They’re easy and cheap to produce. They sell well with a high profit margin. And info product buyers love them.”

And the best part of all?

In his Ultimate Guide to E-Book Writing Success: A Comprehensive Program to Writing and Selling E-Books for Profit, Bob gives you all of his hard-won tips, insights, and guidance so you can start generating income from your e-books too.

In less than four hours, he shares exactly what you must know to get up and running as an e-book author, self-publisher, and marketer. These are the exact same steps he uses to earn well over $100,000 selling his own line of e-books.

Plus, he reveals his million-dollar formula for repeatable success. Follow it, and you’ll have the security of a steady, passive writing income — for as long as you want it.

This is Your Chance to be a Published Author and Earn High Profits from What You Write

This opportunity makes sense for 99% of the writers I know. Because this is what I hear from virtually every writer I talk to:

“I want to publish a book someday… I just don’t know where to start.”

If this is you, you’re smart to want to write a book. Along with the personal satisfaction and sense of completion, being a published author brings you a lot of extra benefits, like

  • Potential royalty payments if you publish with Kindle or other e-book distributors
  • Full profit from the cover price if you publish your e-book in PDF format
  • Recognition as an expert in your field
  • A substantial boost in visibility, especially if you want to get your name out
  • Enhanced credibility: Others will view you as an authority
  • Admiration — after all, most people want to publish a book… but few actually go the distance
  • Financial security thanks to the comfort that comes with having multiple income streams

Until now — getting a credible book published was confusing and near impossible, considering what happens if you take the traditional publishing route…

For starters, you have to compete with thousands of other would-be writers vying for attention from a publisher. The truth is, only about 4% of manuscripts a publisher receives are actually turned into books. That means you have a 96% chance of the draft you slaved over being rejected. (And, this process can take years, by the way.)

Then there’s the money. If you’re lucky enough to get a book deal, the average arrangement is that you as the writer would get a 10% net royalty on all books sold. Let’s do some quick math. And, many publishers today offer advances of just a few thousand dollars.

If your book sells for $25, with a 10% royalty, this means you’d make $2.50 per book. (If you are lucky enough to get a royalty based on gross sales; many publishes today pay a lower royalty based on net, not gross.)

Now, according to Publisher’s Weekly, the average book sells less than 500 copies. On a $15 paperback paying a 6% royalty, you make $450. So the odds are really stacked against you.

But not the way Bob does it with his e-book publishing. (Keep in mind, Bob has sold more than 1,000 copies of one of his $49 e-books, making over $49,000 in sales, all of which goes directly into his bank account.)

Getting all the money instead of just 6-10% of sales is just one of the reasons why Bob’s strategy is so appealing and so lucrative. He takes the small, closed industry of book publishing and turns it on its head.

Not only does Bob show you exactly what to do to get started, he also gives you the tools to have your book published in record time. Then, he shows you point-by-point which steps you can take to promote and profit from everything you write.

Once you hear his techniques, you’ll be stunned by the number of ways you can take ordinary written material and turn it into e-books that command thousands of dollars in sales (incredibly, some of that material is already written for you — you don’t have to write a thing to get started!).

Bob details his entire e-book writing and selling strategy in three fact-filled, step-by-step webinars.

After just the first session of Bob Bly’s Ultimate Guide to E-Book Writing Success: A Comprehensive Program to Writing and Selling E-Books for Profit, you’ll understand:

  • 11 ways to find top-selling ideas and convert them into high-quality, profit-commanding e-books
  • What to do to make the writing process easier so you’re assured of success
  • How to take advantage of the biggest publisher of information in the U.S. and sell their material to your customers without paying this publisher a penny in fees or royalties
  • The precise tone that sells like gangbusters in any e-book
  • The classified “SAP” process you’ll want to go through before writing your e-book
  • How to pick e-book topics that keep selling for years and years (so you continue to profit from multiple e-book selling channels long after the launch of each project!)
  • The secret “hierarchy” you’ll want to follow when writing your e-books so every reader is impressed
  • When it’s okay to suggest websites within an e-book (and when it makes you look bad)
  • How often you need to update your e-book (if at all)
  • The 5 most common e-book writing mistakes — and how to avoid them

After this first hour, you’ll be well on the road to e-book publishing success.

But Bob doesn’t stop there. Beyond taking you by the hand to help you craft and sell a top-earning e-book, in Session 2 he introduces you to even more ways you can profit — with very little effort on your part! Bob explains

  • Where to sell your e-book (and which places are best)
  • How you can profit from an e-book without writing a thing
  • 6 writing tricks of the trade — including the little-known “gist” test
  • How to repurpose work you’ve already been paid for and make money from it over and over again as an e-book
  • How to get other writers to do the work for you — for no charge!
  • Why the year 1923 could open the gates to major e-book profits for you
  • Why your hard drive might hold untapped profit potential
  • 4 levels of content hierarchy you must know if you want to succeed in this business
  • How to get hired as a professional e-book writer, including how to get recommended and referred out to high-paying clients

Bob’s $100,000+ Model — YOURS!

One of the main reasons Bob believes every writer should know the secrets to creating a passive income stream with e-books is because of the “repeatable” nature of the process.

Once you sell your first book, you can repeat the same process and sell your second book… your third book, your fourth book, and so on!

And better yet, once your e-book business is up and running, you’ll only be “working” on your info marketing empire about an hour a day.

Plus, don’t forget this method practically guarantees you a steady income from writing, regardless of what the economy is doing. So even if you decide to take a break from writing for clients or working on other writing projects, you’ll still have money coming in through your e-book sales.

There is a feast or famine cycle of income that many writers get caught up in. You know what I mean…

Where you get a project and it pays well…

But to keep the money rolling in the door, you have to get another high-paying client, which, sometimes, is easier said than done.

But, by spending about one hour a day marketing your own e-books, you practically ensure a steady income all year long.

Now you can see why Bob calls writing and selling e-books, a writer’s backup income!

It’s a lot like driving an 18-wheeler…

Think about it. If an 18-wheeler gets a flat tire, it keeps on trucking without a hitch, because it has 17 other tires to roll on.

But a unicycle has only one tire, and if that goes flat, you aren’t going anywhere.

Writing and selling e-books gives you more than just a backup income. It opens the door to…

Multiple Streams of Income: Foolproof Protection from Financially Lean Times

With Bob’s program, you get REAL answers to launching that new income stream and getting your book promoted and sold.

Bob never talks about things “in theory.” Instead, he gives specifics that make every step of your journey to e-book writing profits easy, detailed, and clear. This includes explaining

  • The single most important decision you’ll make before launching your e-book business
  • 5 things you need to create to sell your e-book (once you do these things, your workload shrinks while your cash reward grows)
  • How to set up your e-book business so you make money while you sleep — literally
  • What e-book tasks you should do yourself and what you should always outsource
  • Where to find website designers capable of putting together a rapid selling machine for pennies on the dollar
  • How to prevent e-book piracy
  • When to offer bonus content inside your e-book and why you’d want to bother
  • When to hire other writers to write your e-book — even if you’re a writer yourself
  • The secret conversion-rate formula you MUST know to help your buyer take action

The entire program is packed with helpful resources and links to Bob’s choice recommendations for all those little things that might normally stop you in your tracks — things like where to go for website hosting, what kind of shopping cart to choose, and other specific, highly technical issues that become a breeze with his advice.

Bob’s e-book writing techniques and sales strategies mean you can finally stop trading time for money. With minimal start-up costs, no inventory, no storage, and no fulfillment expenses, you’ll be blown away by how easy it is to put together this money-making plan — which also means you’ll firmly establish your place in the world as a profitable book author.

In Bob Bly’s Ultimate Guide to E-Book Writing Success: A Comprehensive Program to Writing and Selling E-Books for Profit, Bob takes you by the hand and shows you how to come up with an initial, profitable idea… then walks you through the writing process… then guides you through publishing your book. He even shares tips on collecting payment. And he addresses minor (but still important) concerns like copyright information and whether you need an ISBN number.

But that’s not all. Bob also reveals how to promote your e-book in the easiest, most rewarding way possible. This means he shares his own personal email marketing strategy, boiled down into simple action steps. Things like

  • How to use a “free-on-free squeeze page” to promote your e-book — for free
  • 12 additional products you can profit from beyond e-books
  • How to promote your e-book with nothing but emails
  • A password-protected FREE resource with everything you need to know to build a top-performing landing page
  • Bob Bly’s exact formatting specifications for his e-zine of 65,000 subscribers — which he invites you to copy (no thinking required!)
  • How to use keywords to rev up your sales, and where to find the strongest ones
  • A simple way to figure out which email subject lines will bring you an avalanche of sales

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get in on the E-Book Writing Market

You know, there was a time when writing and publishing your own book was frowned on. Mainstream publishing had an “elite” status that kept it out of reach for most writers — especially those who forged out on their own, with no connections.

But all that has changed. The big publishing houses messed up when they took more and more control from authors. They’ve gone from being the Holy Grail for writers to a quicksand pit. Turn to them and there’s a good chance your book will sink.

Thanks to e-books, the entire playing field has changed.

It started in 2011. That’s when The Wall Street Journal acknowledged the growing sales and influence of digital publishing and added e-book sales in both fiction and nonfiction to their list of bestseller rankings. The New York Times did the same.

Then, in the first quarter of 2012, e-book sales first surpassed hardcovers in the U.S. At the time, they brought in a whopping $282 million (hardcover books didn’t rise beyond $230 million).

More recently, according to the Association of American Publishers, e-books sales hit a healthy $877.1 million (that happened in the first three quarters of 2016).

And, while e-book sales for traditional publishers have been declining in recent years, they’re on the rise for self-published authors. A 2016 Author Earnings Report shows that market share for the Big 5 (the five biggest traditional publishers) is dropping. Because of that, over 50% of market share now goes to small presses, Amazon imprints, and — you guessed it — self-published authors. According to Mark Coker of Smashwords, as of mid-2016, e-books made up a quarter of dollar sales and nearly half of all units sold.

Now, this is HUGE for anyone who wants to write a book. It’s proof that reader perception is changing. Meaning, the idea that a book has to be traditionally published is losing traction fast.

In short, self-publishing an e-book opens the door for you to connect with readers across the globe. Just consider for a moment the billions of potential readers armed with tablets and smartphones. That makes your future e-books just a few clicks away from being found and bought.

What does it all mean? Simply this: There’s never been a better time to get in on the e-book writing market.

Which brings me back to Bob’s program. You see, a lot of books out there tell you howto write a book. A fair number of others offer tips on how to make money off it.

But Bob gives you all that and more with Bob Bly’s Ultimate Guide to E-Book Writing Success: A Comprehensive Program to Writing and Selling E-Books for Profit. In just one day, you can get every question answered, including

  • Which topics have the highest profit potential
  • How to write a saleable e-book in record time
  • Which publishing options are best for you
  • Best ways to promote your book with little cost
  • How to price your book
  • How to earn 100% royalties

And remember, you’re getting these tips from a proven veteran in writing for substantial profit. Millions of copies of Bob’s paperbound books and e-books have been sold!

When you sign up for Bob’s program, you’ll get immediate access to two instructional webinars and one incredible, recorded interview with a seasoned expert in publishing (I’ll tell you about that in a minute… ).

You can access these recordings at any time, 24 hours a day, as often as you like. But the best part is, you can listen to them entirely in less than four hours — which is a HUGE bonus if you’re pressed for time.

But what’s great here is that you can launch your first e-book writing venture the same day you enroll in this program. You won’t have to wait months to wade through the information.

This program is all about taking action — in a smart way — and building your writing business so it lasts for the long haul.

It’s the same value you’d get from attending a major conference with in-person direction from a recognized expert. Only instead of just introducing you to the topic, Bob Bly takes you from start to finish in this comprehensive program.

And instead of paying the thousands of dollars in fees it takes to attend a live event, we’re offering Bob’s professional, proven advice for only $249.

That means for less than the price corporate clients gladly pay Bob for just 15 minutes of his time, you get three instructional programs wrapped up in one: how to write, publish, and profit from e-books.

That reminds me — there’s something very special about the third part of Bob’s program, especially if you’re interested in writing fiction…

Get Ultimate Guide To Ebook Writing – Bob Bly, Only Price $54

This Publishing Field is WIDE OPEN for Fiction Writers Looking to Profit

E-book writing success isn’t limited to nonfiction topics. If you write fiction and dream of getting published and making money from your stories, you’ll love what I’m about to share.

Gone are the days when you struggled for a publishing deal, only to have to wait three years for your book to even appear on shelves. And never again will you have to lay your story to rest, stuffed in the back of a drawer because getting it published is hopeless.

In fact, Bob just recently published a collection of his science fiction short stories. And, they won an Honorable Mention at the New York Book Festival!

Thanks to e-books, you can debut anything to the world in two weeks or less, from fiction to nonfiction to family memoirs or even article collections and niche topics.

And with an e-book, your profit margin can shoot up to between 70% and 100%. Compare this to the standard 6%-15% you’d get with a traditional publisher.

Bob found the ideal person to tell you how to do this. That’s why the third part of this comprehensive e-book writing program is a one-on-one interview with Gordon Burgett, one of the TOP experts in the world on ways to publish your book and get it sold.

Bob’s interview with Gordon holds superior value for any aspiring writer who wants to be published on Amazon or with any other e-book distributor. Whether you want to publish fiction, nonfiction, or your family memoir, this exclusive interview tells you

  • How to get your books into digital print at no charge (there’s more than one way!)
  • Whether you should write an e-book differently than a paper book
  • What you should NEVER put in a digital book
  • How to make your e-book work on virtually EVERY e-Reader
  • Everything you need to know to understand the different kinds of e-books
  • How to save money and make money publishing with major digital retailers
  • Why YOU get to choose your own royalty (and what you should choose)
  • Step-by-step, what boxes to check to format your book with major e-publishers
  • The best pricing for an e-book — and which dollar amount you should never charge
  • How to adapt a book you already have in print to digital
  • When to let a book “age”
  • How much revenue you can expect as a Kindle author
  • What kinds of books sell best on Kindle (and which don’t)
  • How to turn out-of-print books into new bestsellers with profits that go straight into your pocket
  • Why you should consider making a digital audio book, and how to do it FREE
  • Other publishers besides Kindle you should know about

But it doesn’t stop there. Thanks to Bob Bly and Gordon Burgett and this million-dollar conversation, you won’t have to worry about “beginner’s hurdles.”

On Kindle and other e-book readers, you can publish reports, articles, short stories, full-blown novels, nonfiction books, whatever. The hurdle is just making sure they look professional, and that’s where Gordon Burgett’s advice paves your way to success. By the end of this interview, you’ll have a clear understanding of how the entire process works.

They’ve made every part of the e-book publishing process accessible, including specifics about e-book format and design. You’ll learn

  • How to make your entire e-book look like it was formatted by a professional
  • Whether you should use color in an e-book, when to put it on the cover, and which colors are best
  • When to indent, and what width and lengths of paragraphs improve the reading experience
  • Submission formats that ensure your e-book isn’t “rejected”
  • What length is best and where to stop
  • The best type of file to submit online and where to go to do this

You’ll never have to worry about threats from a publisher that they’ll pull your title, stop promoting it, stick it on the backlist, or ditch it altogether if it doesn’t sell well. YOU are in charge of your success.

And to make it even easier to get started…

Webinar #1: Powerful strategies to help you fine-tune your interests and pick a profitable niche chock-full of eager purchasers

Choosing your topic tends to be the biggest roadblock of them all, so Bob kicks off this webinar series by walking you through the decision process. He shows you…

  • How to spot a thriving industry with deep-pocketed prospects
  • Key ways to research in-demand topics and pick the one that’s right for you
  • What you must consider before you settle on a final niche
  • When it’s okay to write for multiple niches
  • Why picking the right niche makes everything easier, from the writing to building your subscriber list to closing the sale
  • Tactics for choosing e-book topics that express urgent needs your prospect wants to solve

Webinar #2: Potent selling advice so you can quickly inject energy into your e-book campaigns and see high-dollar results

“Easy selling” is one of the things that makes e-book writing so appealing. That’s why in this second bonus webinar, Bob shares…

  • Tips for creating e-book titles that maximize sales
  • Strategic ways to set your book price for maximum profitability
  • How to get your e-book to rank high (and get noticed) in the search engines
  • What to put on your homepage that makes a prospect burn to know more
  • Techniques for writing a powerful sales letter that moves prospects to purchase and download your e-book
  • How to construct a landing page that promotes sales
  • How to drive traffic to your e-book landing page
  • The critical role played by the money-back guarantee

Webinar #3: How to build and maintain a massive subscriber list of repeat buyers

The key to a long-term passive income starts with a healthy list of buyers, which is easy to build when you know Bob’s secrets (his own list of buyers is 65,000). In Webinar #3, Bob tells you

  • Exactly what to do to attract the right prospects to your list
  • How to write and design effective opt-in pages that entice prospects to leave their names
  • What kind of key information to collect from prospects, and what you don’t need to worry about
  • When it’s okay to give away information for free
  • Techniques for maintaining a responsive list of prospects who jump to buy your e-books
  • What you need to know about co-registration, Pay-Per-Click marketing, and affiliate advertising
  • Top list-building secrets and how they work
  • Quick, cheap, and easy ways to add thousands of new names to your opt-in e-list
  • Ways to generate an ongoing stream of relevant new email addresses that increase your sales time and again

Webinar #4: In-depth examples of how to critique your ideas and progress

In this fourth webinar, Bob conducts a meticulous review of e-book topics being pursued by writers who join this program. Listen in to learn about

  • How you can improve upon existing and in-progress e-books
  • Real-life e-book projects in the works by your fellow members and ways they could be more effective (and profitable!)
  • Advice for making your future e-book ideas even stronger
  • Which bases to cover so you can rest assured your e-book will do its job and pull in a hefty income as soon as possible
  • Critiques of other e-books and ideas
  • How an e-book “comes to life” in a real and powerful way — provided you take care of a couple key things

Get Ultimate Guide To Ebook Writing – Bob Bly, Only Price $54

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