Traffic Engines 2019 – Stephen Floyd



Traffic Engines 2019 – Stephen Floyd


Search Engine Optimization Veteran Tells All… Bonanza For Search Engine Marketers As Flood Of Loopholes To Rank Your Website On Page 1 Are Revealed Inside

The Proven Search Engine Optimization Methods That Promises To Revolutionize Your Local SEO Life


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Search Engine Optimization Veteran Tells All… Bonanza For Search Engine Marketers As Flood Of Loopholes To Rank Your Website On Page 1 Are Revealed Inside

The Proven Search Engine Optimization Methods That Promises To Revolutionize Your Local SEO Life

Why Traffic Engines is Right for you?

  • 1 Local SEO Domination – Drive Traffic Like An Ancient Kung-Fu Master

    Local business are starving for high quality effective digital marketing services. Traffic Engines will provide you will nearly every tip, trick, method and tool you need to deliver for your clients. No more questioning if you can rank, Traffic Engines is your new confidence in becoming a professional digital marketer. 

  • 2 Google Maps Rankings (Snack Pack) – The Holy Grail of Local SEO

    Google Maps listings are the golden ticket every business is looking for. Ranking ion the this elusive position is a completely different process than other organic rankings. Once you learn the secrets you can rank local maps packs with confidence and authority. 

  • 3 Selling SEO – Multiple 7 Figure Agency Owner Reveals All!

    Stephen Floyd has owned and opperated a full service digital marketing agency for the last 15 years. In the land of the internet Stephen is a legend with more experience than most "Gurus" in the industry today. Traffic Engines pulls back the curtain and gives you 15 years worth of experience to dominate rankings in nearly any local market. 

  • 4 Weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) Webinars – Deep Learning With Real Experts

    Enjoy a live weekly AMA (ask me anything) style webinars. Solve your uncertainty with direct advise from coaches who work in the trenches. Clients, rankings, tricks, tactics, sales, etc… Nothing is off limits. Grow in the exact direction you need to. If that wasn't enough, most weeks will include fresh new training to sharpen your skills and get deep into the most effective tried and true ranking methods available.

I Was Not Ready For Change?

Hey Stephen Floyd here… 

Could I get a bit personal? 

Lets go back in time…

I remember the day,  it was (DATE) and it was a bit overcast outside, and it just so happened that this would be the day my second daughter would be born.

Honestly, it was one of the best and worse days of my life… 

Let me explain… 

See at the time I was working full time managing a team of over 100 people… 

I was making insane money for the work I did, but there was a cost… 

Before you get ahead of me, it was not missing the birth of my daughter… 

Thankfully I was able to be there in the hospital and welcome her to the world, it was truly magical and I was left in awe of her majestic presence. 


But… something else happened, something that made my blood boil once I realized I had done it. 

See… work was demanding and I was sitting there in the delivery room as my wife was going into labor and about to give birth to my daughter and my pager went off… 


This might be a bit anti-climactic, but here is what happened… 

I actually reached around to my belt, put 2 fingers under the pager and my thumb on top… 

I slide the pager of my belt as I broke eye contact with my wife… 

Looked down at my pager, eagerly looking at the message… 


1 seemingly innocent glance at the pager… 

30 seconds lapsed and it hit me like a freight train… 


And I stopped… 

Right there… 

And checked the ($^&*)ing pager… 

My life flashed before me and even though my focus was back to my wife, some part of my mind was twisting over the fact that I could not let the pager sit without being checked… 


How could have I made that more important than my daughters birth? 

How could I do this to my family? 


As I held my newborn child, sitting in awe of her… 

I decided it was time to change… 

I almost missed her birth… I was not going to miss her life! 


I decided to quit my job and start working from home.

I had been doing SEO for a good long time, but I knew I needed to have a lifestyle business… not a giant agency or a high paying job!

Fast forward to today… I have been at every school function and experienced every milestone in my daughter's life. 

My family is my best friend and I am blessed to have been able to do this… 

Now after 15 years in the SEO Agency game and selling millions of dollars in SEO services working from home… 

I have decided to release a training that will help you create the life you want… 

My oversight and lapse in judgment… is your benefit. 


My daughter is the reason I started on this journey, and I know you have a reason to be on the journey as well. 

I have a system and it works, it has worked for thousands of my students and it will work for you!. 

Thank you for reading my story! 

 Now please continue ready to learn more about Traffic Engines!

Here's What You'll Get!

This proven system is broken down into the perfect sequence to get you results fast. SEO can take time so the faster you can learn, process and execute the plan, the faster you will achieve rankings. We don't like poorly structured training any more than you do, so we have taken great care to structure the content so you can consume and execute with the ease.

Agency Structure

Setting up your agency the right way can make a huge difference. Learn the exact tools and processes you need to succeed from a multi 7 figure agency owner. 

On Page SEO Signals

On page SEO is foundational to the success of your campaign. Learn what signals truly matter and what to ignore. This on module could save hundreds of hours of wasted time. 

Local SEO Philosophy

All projects need a plan. Seo is no different. This step by step process has been refined over 15 years, and is considered among the most effective methodologies available.

Off Page SEO Signals

Off Page SEO is highly controversial and everyone has an opinion, we are most interested in results, so we did the research for you, so you can skip to the head of the line! 

SEO Tracking

Tracking your progress is vital to the success of any SEO campaign. Learn the exact tools, setup and delivery of the vitally important data to your campaign success. 

TroubleShooting SEO

Sometimes you get a curve ball and Google does not do what you want. Learn the specific factors to investigate and unlock your website from SEO jail. 

Selling SEO Services

Nothing in your agency will happen with out sales. After selling 7 figures worth of SEO services we have the perfect sales strategies to drive your income to new heights. 

Weekly AMA Webinars

After consuming the course modules you may have questions. Join us for a live call where all questions are welcome, and the hot new training is revealed for all members.

Private FB Group

This virtual mastermind is a special place where people collaborate to grow knowledge, techniques and solve problems. This could be worth the entire program. 

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