The Zensation Manual – Conrad Raw



The Zensation Manual – Conrad Raw


Science has discovered amazing things about brainwaves and frequencies. Understanding how these brainwaves function… and how they affect your subconscious and conscious thinking is the missing link to learning how to manifest your desires into reality.


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"How To Program Yourself For Success,Triple Your Personal Power, Manifest Your Dreams and Break Through Anything Holding You Back From Creating The Life You Desire!"

Plus, the secret reason why you’re not getting the results you want from the self improvement work you’ve already done (no matter how hard you try)…and a unique, PROVEN method to manifest your dream life – starting today!

Dear friend,

If you want to break through the limitations that are currently holding you back and create the dream life you desire… if you sometimes feel like nothing you’ve done has made a real difference in your life…

If, in any way, you feel like you aren’t getting maximum results out of the self improvement work you’ve already done… this may be the most important website you ever read.

Why Are You Doing The Work… But Not Getting The Results?

If you’re like most people I know who want to improve their life, you probably went through a process of wanting to change and had an idea it would go something like this:

  • I’m not happy with my life currently… so I’m going to change it!
  • This new “system, method, practice, book, dvd, product, etc” promises to give me the information I need to fix myself and improve my life… so I’m going to try it.
  • Now I have the dream life I always wanted thanks to everything I’ve learned and all the hard work I put into creating it!

It seems simple and uncomplicated.

But for many people that’s not what happens at all. In fact, for most people it’s often more like this…

  • You know a ton about self improvement techniques… but your life is not improving
  • You’re frustrated because you’ve heard of other people who did the same things you did and got better results
  • You’re not able to apply any of the information you’ve learned for REAL results in your daily life
  • You’ve studied and studied but you still don’t have the mental and physical power you were promised you’d get…

So what’s wrong?

Why is nothing working like you thought it would?

Why I Can Help You Achieve Virtually Anything You Desire…

My name is Conrad Raw, I am a bestselling co-author with Wayne Dyer and Brian Tracy and I specialize in helping people just like you get more out of their lives… grow spiritually… manifest their desires… and achieve their goals…

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, from every different background and in tons of different situations.

What’s different about my approach to goal achievement, working with energy, personal power and manifestation?

The difference is I have a degree in criminal and civil law so I’m not a new-age mystic with no connection to reality. My approach to personal and spiritual development is grounded and based on a logical, rational frame work—a step-by-step process for success.

It’s NOT based on new age fluff… theories or ideas…

It IS based on one thing and one thing only—results.

The Number One Reason Why You’re Not Yet Getting The Results You Want…

You may have a lot of knowledge…

You may know a lot of personal change techniques…

You may be studying many different systems and methods of self improvement like “The Secret”, NLP, Yoga, Eastern Meditation, Qi Gung, Tai Chi, or others…

And you’ve probably seen SOME success… but it seems like the real changes in your life, the dramatic changes you truly desire you just can’t make happen.

There’s a simple reason why…

You Need a Step-by-Step “Road Map” To Achieve Your Goals

It’s because you don’t have a logical framework into which to place all of your knowledge, all of your techniques, and your systems and methods of spiritual and personal development.

Other systems don’t lay out a clear map to get from where you are to where you want to go…

For instance, if your goal is to manifest your desires into physical reality then you need to know what role (and in what order) breathing exercises, meditation, brainwave synchronization and manifestation techniques play in achieving that goal.

You can achieve virtually any goal you want by following a step-by-step, “building blocks” approach to accomplishing it.

The key is to know what that framework, or “road map” looks like… and where to best put the knowledge you learn in the future (and what you already know) into it to achieve the goal you have set for yourself.

The problem is…

There’s No Simple Guide

On my path of development I searched and searched for a simple, reliable guide like that…

I read countless books… went to expensive seminars… studied numerous energy and spiritual development practices and methods…

But I never could find anything… or anyone… who could show me how to fit the various “pieces of the puzzle” together so it all made sense and I could actually apply everything I had learned into my daily life to get the results I wanted.

That was the big problem.

Nobody could show me how to actually apply everything I had learned, and continued to learn, into my daily life.

So I had to do it myself…

It took years; it took painstaking effort and research into not only every system of development but also science. I spent a small fortune of my own money to discover this information.

I traveled to exotic jungle temples in Bali to learn from enlightened teachers…and finally after years of work it all started to fit into place.

I started achieving my goals… and I saw real results in my life using my research.

And after much success in my own life… and teaching these methods to a few close friends I realized the information I had discovered could help other people like myself.

So I compiled all my research into a manual called:

The Zensation Manaul: The Forbidden Secrets of Personal and Energetic Development

This is the information I had been searching for… the simple, clear-cut guide I could never find to guide me in my journey.

In it you’ll discover secrets like…

  • How an ancient Hawaiian art helps you get in touch with your spiritual self… improve your relationships… eliminate negative emotions and baggage… and attain spiritual breakthroughs by using practical exercises. (page 6)
  • Why Einstein’s most famous formula proves you can draw energy to yourself and harness it to create virtually anything you want in your life. (pages 11-12)
  • 3 simple exercises to open your charkas… increase your sensitivity to energy… and feel the auras of other people. (pages 12-13)
  • The one thing you should never do when using your energy to heal with arts such as Reiki (page 16)
  • The 5 most important sources of energy you can draw from in order to accomplish your goals (page 18)
  • 2 simple yet powerful yoga exercises to give you an instant burst of energy… increase your strength… sharpen your mind… and increase your flow of energy. (pages 19-20)
  • On pages 33-35 of my book you’ll discover…

The Secret To Making “The Secret” Work For You!

If “The Secret” isn’t working for you… this is the reason why…

Science has discovered amazing things about brainwaves and frequencies. Understanding how these brainwaves function… and how they affect your subconscious and conscious thinking is the missing link to learning how to manifest your desires into reality.

I’ll explain what you need to know about how your brain, subconscious and consciousness work and how to manipulate them to make manifestation work for you.

But that’s not all, you’ll also discover…

  • How you can synchronize your left and right brain and achieve what scientists call “whole brain functioning” which research shows leads to lower stress, better immune system, greater creativity, better sleep, and more! (pages 25-27)
  • A simple meditation exercise which will allow you to enter alpha brainwaves and even deeper into theta brainwaves in just minutes(entering this state will allow you to access your subconscious and literally program yourself to create the life of your dreams!) (pages 26-27)
  • An exercise you can use to instantly infuse yourself with motivation (use this whenever you find yourself falling back into negative patterns or wanting to quit to give yourself the power to continue) (pages 37-38)
  • What you should consider if your attempts at manifesting your wishes into reality are failing (missing just one of these things could be the reason you’re not successful) (page 40)
  • How to have more vivid dreams… remember them in their entirety… and how to use them to access your subconscious to speed the achievement of your goals (page 45)
  • An incredibly simple exercise you can use to release and eliminate a phobia, past trauma, or any negative emotions (page 39)
  • What you should know about esoteric techniques I learned in the jungles of Bali thatprovide the fastest, most powerful, yet safe method for increasing personal energy I’ve ever found (pages 46-47)
  • What science has discovered about the power of magnetism and how it can be used to help with many diseases modern medicine has no answer for… including Alzheimer’s, arthritis, heart diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome… and even powerful relief for cancer patients! (page 50)
  • How modern science is now proving the existence of energy (ki, chi, prana, etc)… and is unlocking a scientific basis for telepathy, manifestation… and even levitation! (pages 53-59)
  • Plus much, MUCH more!

This just scratches the surface of what's in the book.

Bonus section I

Since I received so many questions about this from people I decided to include a step by step trraining program that will allow you to train yourself to see auras or the human energy field.  

Bonus section II

How would you like to have TOTAL emotional control?
I've included an easy to learn technique that will give you complete mastery over your emotions. This means that you can feel happy whenever you want, or you can activate huge amounts of confidence in mere seconds. You will never have to worry about negative emotions ever again since with this technique you can easily turn them aroun into positive ones.

I give you everything you need to apply the knowledge you already know to make real changes in your life… and many new techniques and secrets you can use to achieve even more.

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Purchase The Zensation Manual – Conrad Raw Course at Brainet. You will get full course. Downloads are quick and at no extra cost.


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