The Longevity Now Conference 2018 – VA



The Longevity Now Conference 2018 – VA


The Longevity Now® Conference kicks off THIS FRIDAY, April 6th, at the Anaheim Hilton.

Our stellar line-up of world-class health visionaries speaking at this year’s event include:


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The Longevity Now® Conference kicks off THIS FRIDAY, April 6th, at the Anaheim Hilton.

Our stellar line-up of world-class health visionaries speaking at this year’s event include:

Dr. Steven Gundry

NY Times best-selling author and renowned cardiologist

Dr. William Davis

Best-selling author of Wheat Belly and his newly released book, Undoctored

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Internationally recognized nutrition expert and six time NY Times best-selling author

Danielle LaPorte

Former business strategist/Washington think tank exec and NY Times best-selling author

Jim Kwik

Renowned brain performance and accelerated learning expert

John Gray

The world’s leading relationship expert and best-selling author

Kyle Cease

NY Times best-selling author and transformational comedic speaker

David Wolfe

Nutrition expert and author of the soon-to-be released The Beauty Diet book

Nadine Artemis

Gifted aromacologist and key speaker at national health conferences

Jason Wrobel

Celebrity vegan chef and wellness coach 

Dr. Billy DeMoss

Chiropractor and passionate wellness speaker

Lou Corona

President and founder of PuraDyme

Raw Solla

Iceland’s #1 raw food chef

Rebecca Gauthier

Conference co-creator and Emcee

13 World Health Visionaries

3 Days of Education & Empowerment

If you can’t make it to our soon-to-be sold out Longevity Now® Conference event and join health enthusiasts from all around the world – DON’T WORRY!

Back by popular demand, we are now offering YOU a special LIVE STREAM broadcast of the entire Longevity Now® Conference giving you COMPLETE access to three jam-packed days of cutting-edge insights with top health visionaries.

Critical alternative health topics will include:

Cardiovascular Health

Optimal Nutrition



Safe and Effective Detoxification

Optimal Brain and Memory Function

Gut Health


Peak Performance

Satisfying Relationship

Super Immunity

Longevity Science


And Much, Much More!

The Powerful Research Our Top-Notch Speakers Share Will Give You And Your Family The Edge To Enjoy The Best Health Ever – Every Day Of Your Life!

Enjoy this life-changing information from the comfort of your own home using your computer, laptop, iPad, or favorite mobile device.

AND if you miss any of the awesomeness – you don’t need to worry – you can STILL experience it ALL – because you will have access to UNLIMITED REPLAYS of the conference. (Video replays will be available approximately four to six weeks after the live event ends.) Watch the presentations at your convenience – whenever and wherever you like!

Take advantage of this very special pricing – and join us for THE BEST EVENT EVER!

Dear Longevity Enthusiast, 

For the past 15 years, we have brought you the top experts in the fields of alternative health, anti-aging, longevity, and nutrition that we most trust and admire. Our goal is for you to maximize your fullest potential to experience extraordinary health and well-being. 

We have seen over the last decade and a half how people CAN achieve their health goals when they are empowered to take charge of their own bodies. With access to the most up-to-date, meticulously-researched information that is simple to understand, easy to implement, and most importantly FUN, you can turn the tide on aging and live your life to the fullest. 

Don’t miss YOUR chance to spend three very special days with some of the most brilliant and innovative health experts in the world as they share life-changing information that will help YOU take YOUR health to the next level!

We invite you to join us on the live streaming Longevity Now® Conference Webcast Friday, April 6th – Sunday, April 8th!

In Health, 

The Longevity Now® Conference Team

World-Renowned Expert Speakers & Topics Include:

David Wolfe

Nutrition Expert

Considered to be one of the world’s top authorities on natural health, beauty, nutrition, herbalism, chocolate, and organic living, David’s new book The Beauty Diet releases April 3rd with HarperOne.

Topic: Advanced Anti-Aging and Wellness Strategies

Danielle LaPorte

Inspirational Speaker & Entrepreneur

Bestselling author, speaker, and former business strategist/Washington-DC think tank exec is an invited member of Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul 100, a group who, in Oprah’s words, “is uniquely connecting the world together with spiritual energy that matters”

Topic: Your Wellness is Your Activism

When cultures are so divided, healthcare keeps us sick, and consumption is a metric of success…your wellness is your activism. Rooted in feminism and spiritual activism, Danielle takes a philosophical deep-dive into:

  • The myths that we (inevitably) fall for on our way to Truth: The Big Lies of Inadequacy, Authority, and Affiliation.
  • The bravery of practicing deep positivity vs. shallow “positive-think.”
  • Why “tolerance” as a so-called spiritual course of action can lead to insane loyalty and foolish compassion.
  • Making our own medicine — from Psych 101, to functional medicine, to the super woo woo…why we need to create wellness support systems that are as complex as we are.
  • Boundaries for spiritual people—the distinction between boundaries that maintain your freedom and barriers that weigh you down.
  • Danielle brings it home with the hottest Truth of all: You are your own guru.

Joel Fuhrman, MD

Family Physician and NY Times Bestselling Author

Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a board-certified family physician, six-time New York Times best-selling author and internationally recognized
expert on nutrition and natural healing, who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods.

Topic: Food Controls Your Lifespan – Slow Aging, Prevent Cancer and Maintain Superior Health For 100 Years

Learn the principles of longevity science and the scientific evidence showing we can slow aging, prevent and reverse heart disease, and win the war on cancer and dementia right now with adherence to a Nutritarian diet-style, rich in anti-cancer phytochemicals.

In this important presentation, Dr. Fuhrman will show you how to:

  • Use Nutrient per Calorie Density to structure dietary recommendations and understand how nutritional science can impact the aging process and prevent disease.
  • Understand the brain-damaging effects of fast food and commercial baked goods, which create mental illness.
  • Understand the differences between various high-carbohydrate foods that affect their influence on health.
  • Identify foods that positively and negatively affect hormones that contribute to disease, cancer and premature aging.
  • Identify the foods with the most powerful effects to lower blood pressure reverse heart disease and prevent cancer and how to incorporate those foods into one’s dietary portfolio.

Steven Gundry, MD

Cardiologist and Holobiotic Expert

Renowned cardiologist, New York Times bestselling author and medical researcher,  Dr. Gundry has developed life-saving medical technology and helped patients to heal themselves and avoid surgery through dietary changes and holobiotic principles.

Topic: Die Young At a Very Old Age – 5 Secrets to Aging Successfully

We can learn how to live our lives with more presence and joy when we look to the “super olds” in our community and learn from their habits. In this thought-provoking presentation, Dr. Gundry will explain how to reevaluate your life following these factors observed directly from the oldest generation:

  • A diet low in animal protein: The common dietary thread is not beans and grains, but a very limited animal protein diet as detailed in The Plant Paradox.
  • Move it or lose it: All super old have a lifelong history of movement, whether physical labor, dancing, exercise, etc.
  • Optimistic Pessimism. This contradictory statement sums up the ability to shrug off the inevitable bad things that happen by realizing that these events hold little power.
  • Spiritual grounding. Super olds connect to a belief system beyond themselves, whether to a deity, a universal energy, a land or a people’s reason for being on earth.
  • Strong Group Connections: Super olds have deep group/friend links whether through churches, social interactions like women’s groups, men sitting on benches gossiping, organized card games, or low impact sports with other people.

William Davis, MD

Cardiologist and Bestselling Author

Cardiologist and author of the #1 New York Time bestseller, Wheat Belly: Lose the WheatLose the Weight and Find Your Path Back to Health has created the Wheat Belly movement towards food solutions that are healthy, delicious, and convenient.

Topic: Undoctored: Why Health Care Has Failed You And How You Can Become Smarter Than Your Doctor

You can manage many aspects of your own health safely, effectively, and inexpensively. And you can obtain results superior to that obtained through conventional healthcare! Cutting-edge information, collaboration, and new health technologies can help you achieve a level of health you may have thought was unattainable.

Undoctored is the spark of a new movement in health that places the individual, not the doctor, at the center. Dr. Davis’ plan contains features like:

  • A step-by-step guide to eliminating prescription medications.
  • Reduce, reverse, and cure hundreds of common health conditions.
  • Tips on how to distinguish good medical advice from bad.
  • Tools to manage your own health and sidestep the misguided motives of a profit-driven medical system.

John Gray

Relationship Expert

Bestselling author and the world’s leading relationship expert, John Gray is the author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Gray’s books have sold over 50 million copies in 50 different languages around the world.

Topic: Beyond Mars and Venus, new relationship in sights to balance hormones for optimal health, happiness and lasting passion

Jim Kwik

World Expert on Optimal Brain Performance

Founder of Kwik Learning and a widely recognized world expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning, Jim has served as the mental coach to students, seniors, entrepreneurs, and educators, and as advisor to many of the world’s leading CEOs and celebrities.

Topic: To Be Announced Soon!

Kyle Cease

Transformational Comedian

Kyle Cease is a keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling author, transforming audiences through his unique blend of comedy and inspiration. He has been a guest speaker at colleges, Fortune 500 companies, and spiritual conferences.

Topic: Evolve and Transform

  • Discover the profitability in playing, the freedom of flow, feeling fully, leaping, letting go of everything heavy in your life and release yourself from your own addiction to your limitations.

Nadine Artemis


A key speaker at conferences, Nadine is a gifted visionary who gathers and works with the purest ingredients and the intelligence embodies in plant juice to inspire people to rethink the traditional concept of beauty.

Topic: The Beauty of Immunity

Our beautiful skin, the moist envelope of the soul, is our largest organ and our principle protector from foreign invaders. How we care for this first line of defense directs the quality of our health and our beauty. Nadine will guide you through the beautiful territory of our skin’s microbiome and immunity, and she will explain:

  • What is cutaneous immunology and how we can befriend it.
  • How bacteria are our best beauticians.
  • What are botanical-biotics and why they are ideal for our skin care.
  • Ways we can engage with the elements for radiant skin and a robust immune system.

Jason Wrobel

Celebrity Chef and Wellness Coach

America’s Healthiest Chef, Jason dishes up a sublime fusion of food, humor, and self-care tips to help you deliciously live to 100. He turns up the heat on powerful everyday superfood ingredients proven to increase your health and longevity.

Topic: Cookin’ Up Confidence

Learn how the right foods and self-care practices can increase your self-esteem, positivity and personal power. Jason Wrobel will reveal:

  • How your daily food choices are linked to confidence and self-esteem.
  • The 3 hormones our emotions rely on and how to support them.
  • The psychology behind addiction and self-loathing.
  • Key nutrients and foods to boost brain function and emotional well-being.
  • How to build healthy daily self-care practices and make them non-negotiable.

Dr. Billy DeMoss


An energetic and passionate speaker who has been a chiropractor and powerhouse within the profession for over three decades, Dr. Billy DeMoss’ love of chiropractic care, community wellness, and global sustainability is far-reaching and his influence is international.

Topic: How to Maximize Human Performance and Increase Longevity Through Your Nervous System (Electrical System)

Learn about the greatest electrical system – your nervous system – and how it functions to serve your health and longevity. Dr. DeMoss will discuss:

  • Interferences to the nervous system and how to remove them
  • How a highly functioning nervous system is like a fine tuned machine.
  • How a higher cellular vibration increases longevity and slows down the aging process
  • Basic nutrients for the cells, nervous system, and body.
  • The importance of achieving normal posture.

Lou Corona

President and Founder of PuraDyme

Sharing the 4 basic principles of healthy living, Lou empowers, inspires, educates, and motivates others to transform their health and personal consciousness. Lou’s continuous self-transformation and love/guidance for those that are seeking to get well is inspiring to everyone who meets him.

Topic: To Be Announced Soon!

Raw Solla

Raw Food Chef 

Iceland’s leading authority on raw food recipes and Longevity Now® Conference crowd favorite, Raw Solla’s worldwide mission is to inspire and educate everyone to eat and enjoy the full body benefits of real, raw food.

Topic: Delicious raw vegan recipes that are simple and easy, yet packed with nutrition

Rebecca Gauthier

Conference Co-Creator and Emcee

Director and founder of The Longevity Now® Conference, the Women’s Wellness Conference™ events, and, Rebecca is working with David Wolfe on The Beauty Diet book, releasing April 3rd through HarperOne.

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