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The Head Movement Training Program – Fight Smart


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Total Size:
Digital products: Get the download link at Account or directly via email.
Support: Lifetime
Download: Unlimited Of Course The Head Movement Training Program – Fight Smart

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The Head Movement Training Program – Fight Smart

Welcome to the Fight Smart Head Movement Training Program. This course will change the way you look at fighting.

Let’s get right into it.

The first thing that you need to do is familiarize yourself with the 5 basic types of head movement, or “slips”.  Each one has it’s own purposes, and will have different results.  For example, a “Rear Slip” will allow you to retreat from your opponent where a “U-Slip” will move you under your opponents attack, keeping you close, and allowing you to rip very powerful counter-punches.

Different slips serve different purposes…

Before you worry about reading your opponent or dodging 50 attacks at once, you MUST MAKE THESE MOVEMENTS SECOND NATURE!  These are not things that you should have to think about, your body should just be able to do them.  They need to be implanted into your “Muscle Memory”.

Muscle memory is like a connection to your brain’s memory stores and your muscles.  When your brain has “told” your body to execute certain movements enough times, those movements become a part of you.

If you played baseball growing up, you can probably pick up a ball and throw it to someone without any issue, and at any time.  That said, if your Dad ever video taped you playing ball when you were four years old, I bet you sucked at it.

Until you repeat a movement many many times, it will not be stored in your brain and body’s data-banks.

Though repetition you will burn these slips into your muscle memory.

For this reason, you’re going to be doing a LOT of reps of the basic ‘slips’.

This is a video you should have already seen on “Straight Slips” and “Up-Jabs”, two staple strikes in this workout.

Once you’ve slipped, it’s time to hit the guy.

The uppercut is an ideal way to do it.  After mastering just these first two lessons, you will be able to defeat 75% of your opponents.  100% of my statistics are complete fabrications.

In this video, I cover three different types of uppercut with varying degrees of devastation, and different purposes.  It is a good video.  Yes.

This video will teach you how to train your brain to work quickly and instinctively, when punches are coming at your face.

Let’s start moving in multiple directions, and adding different slips.

This slip will make any punch miss, but might take you out of counter-punching range.

This is a fantastic way to make a punch miss, and it will work on any punch.  The only drawback is that most times, you’re not in a good position to counter-punch after you make the guy miss.  However, if you check out the “Fadeaway Hook” lesson immediately beneath this video, you can execute a rear slip, and then put your opponent to sleep easily.

Once you have your rear slip working, you can use this technique to put the guy’s lights out the moment that you make his punch miss!

 Now in today’s workout, I will ask you to “Rear Slip Right, and Rear Slip Left”…

But a lot of people have no idea what I’m talking about.

I’ve been asked to explain this movement about 500 times, so I figured that it was time to make a video to clarify.

Now Build What You Know

The following training programs will only be done for a couple of days… then I want you to move to the Head Movement Training Regiment URL which will place a much larger emphasis on combining these individual movements.  (That page will be explained later).  You can print these initial workouts out if you like, and take them wherever you train.

I would recommend that you try to do these workouts pretty much every other day, but it’s more important for you to reinforce the lessons when you watch them.  As soon as you add the slips to your arsenal, I expect you to do the workout that’s associated with them.

Today, is going to be all about Footwork.

The ability to move your entire body around is by far the most important ‘skill’ to have in the realm of martial arts.

We’re going to build fundamental strengths and powers that support the footwork that you need.

This is also going to kick off about 3 full days of intense leg work and soreness.

Hey… not only is this going to be challenging to learn every day, it’s going to be challenging to your body as well.  Every OTHER day would probably be a more sensible training split.

And now… on to Footwork.

Everything… is controlled by your feet, as you’re about to see.

Here’s a Bonus Drill that you might find interesting:

(if you’re still having weight distribution problems, this will fix them.)

This is a drill which will further sharpen your footwork, solve ‘weight distribution’ errors, and make you are far more balanced and solid fighter.

The following is a CORE movement…

in the Head Movement Program.

This is a crucial form of head movement. The U-Slip is the best way to avoid hooks and a damn good way to avoid head kicks. This technique will keep you safe, leave your opponent off balance, and improve your fighting angle… a must watch.

You’re going to do a lot of repetitions of that movement, so HEY… take a look at yourself in the mirror or even make a video to assess your form when doing it.  You’ll learn a LOT from that self-assessment.

The Following is a Concept Lesson:

And it’s one of the most important concepts in all of fighting… but you do not need to execute any of the individual movements in this video.  ‘Double Jabbing’ to the left is not a necessity in the Head Movement Game.

This video simply shows you what qualifies as an ‘attack angle’ or ‘attacking on an angle’ (and I’d like you to take note of each example of this concept that you find in this course… in the name of being a ‘good student’.)

This is a very solid video that introduces one of the most important fighting concepts that you will ever learn.” How do you hit someone and not get hit back?

Now you know how to slip, and you know about taking angles…

Here’s how you blend slips and footwork to craftily take ‘attack angles’ on your opponent, which keep you safe.

This is an incredibly quick, and incredibly effective way to move out from your opponent’s direct line of fire, and stay safe during a fight.

Hey… this is a lot to learn in one single day!

If you were a trainee of mine, I wouldn’t even expect you to get all of this in an hour long private lesson.

You don’t even need to limit yourself to a 24 hour period.  Just focus on the movements that I give you in the workout, put them into your muscle memory, and keep moving forward.

The Workout

Warm Up

  1. 2 Minutes of Blast Steps in every direction
  2. 1 Minute of Blast steps with a floor pinch added, also in every direction.
  3. 2 Minutes of Slide Steps in every direction
  4. 1 Minute of Floor Pinches, added now to your Slide Steps
  5. Bonus – Add 1 Minute of the ‘Floor Pinch and Float’ to your Blast Steps in every direction

Any time that you do a workout and still have energy, I want you to add those 5 drills to the end of it.


Warm up with some shoulder rolls… (the upper body part of a U-Slip)

Plant your feet in a good stance and sink down, pulling your Lead Shoulder back into the Rear as you come up.  (If you’re a righty, your Left shoulder will be pulled back to the rear).

Stay there.

While keeping that Lead shoulder held back in the rear, sink down and pull your other shoulder to the back… returning you to your original stance.

Execute 50 Repetitions of this ‘Shoulder Roll’

(We are simply isolating the upper body aspect of the U-Slip, and building it into your muscle memory.)

Now add the angles and footwork…

80 U-Slips stepping Side to Side

(take two steps on each slip to take your angle.  Step your Right foot first when moving to your right.)

Now add some punches

50 U-Slips (side to side), adding a Hook to each slip

(If you U-Slip to the left, your left shoulder is pulled to the rear, so your Left hook is loaded… throw the ‘loaded’ hook)

20 U-Slips with a Straight Slip Added

Start by U-Slipping to the Right, and then Popping your Right Shoulder forward to execute the straight slip.

20 U-Slips with a Straight Slip Added

Finish by U-Slipping to the Left, and then Popping your Left Shoulder forward to execute the straight slip.

Basic Angle Changes

Execute 20 Angle Changes to the Left and 20 Angle Changes to the right to get used to the movement.

(Your LEAD foot steps to the side of your angle change to start the movement).

3 Minute Round – Shadowboxing

Execute 40 Basic Angle Changes to the Left in the midst of your shadow boxing.  Feel free to work on any other movement during your round, but focus on hitting your Angle Change number

Rest for 60 Seconds

3 Minute Round – Shadowboxing

Execute 40 Angle Changes to the Right in the midst of your shadow boxing.  Feel free to work on any other movement during your round, but focus on hitting your Angle Change number

That’s it…

now you have some experience with U-Slips, Hooking off of them, and basic angle changes.

These are 2 crucial forms of altering your ‘angle of attack’.

Jump to Day: Head Movement Training Day 3.

Continued Slip Training with added Savagery

Let’s another day of beating functional movements, painfully into your body.

I’m sure you want to learn all of the fun mystical stuff that will let you dodge punches like the matrix.  I’m sure you’re sore, like Daniel San after he spent countless hours Painting the Fence, Sanding The Floor, and Wax on Wax off’ing Mr. Miyagi’s belongings.

And yet… we all remember how that turned out. 

If not, prepare to have your mind blown:…and Daniel San breaks into the mystical land of Karate magic.

Look, we just need a little more ‘slip vocabulary’ before I have you tying together magical lyrics of punch-dodgery.

On the bright side, you’ll be able to end a fight, in a single slip after today…

If you land this, it’s game over… no doubt about it.  You make your opponent miss and then send a crushing blow to his unsuspecting body… which also happens to be in the perfect angle for impact.

Now you just did a bunch of U-Slips Yesterday…

You’re probably sore.  You’re going to do more of them today, if you’re not too sore.  Considering how hard you’re going to be on your legs in the near future, it’s worth talking about some damn SCIENCE to help you recover, and help you continue to improve as you add additional techniques.

People who train SMART end up with the best results. (Maybe I should make a website called Train Smart… you can steal this idea if you want.) This video will teach you how to get the most out of the work you do.

The following lesson might be considered Redundant…

(A Fight Smart Core Redundancy)

Look, simply moving to the side can both make punches miss, and improve your angle.  I reference some of the lessons that you’ve seen in the past 48 hours, and encourage you to skip jogging and do some prolonged sideways movement instead.

It’s far more relevant in the fight game… but this might not be the only time you’ve heard these ‘lessons’ mentioned so far, and it will probably not be the last :-/

The literal definition of lateral movement is side-to-side movement… don’t quote me on that, I obviously didn’t look it up or anything.  You don’t want to be in front of your opponent if you can help it, and this is a great way to make your opponent miss.

Now I mentioned the ‘Slide Step’ in the Footwork Video.

However, I mentioned it 10 minutes into the video, and that means 80% of you didn’t see it.

The slide slip is a cool way to enter and exit your combinations, though I must admit, I use it far more as an exit.  This is a simple movement that many people overlook when it has so many practical uses in any type of stand up fighting.  This technique will make your legs stronger, in addition to making you safer.

And now let’s do something fun and exciting with all of this damn redundant information, and inherently change the game in your training!!!

Before you go run out and start tying knots…

Here’s a lesson which shows an ‘attack’ from a slide step… but it’s pretty bold.  I give you a 50% chance of not getting hit, but it fits so nicely with today’s slip rope training.

Here’s a sweet way to enter in an elusive, confusing fashion, and rip your opponent with two power strikes.

Before your workout…Order the stuff that you need to set up your Slip Rope (if you don’t already have it).

Bear in mind, you can tie a piece of string between two trees and that will work.

That said, I prefer large rubberized ‘Bike Hooks’ screwed into studs to attach your rope.  The Presa CP40005 Bike Hooks look like this:

I prefer smooth (and cheap) Nylon rope, as it will be making ‘accidental’ contact with your body at times.

Tip: Try to get it tight while making loops at the end of your rope, and then tighten it further by adding knots randomly in your rope.

If your thighs or butt are still sore from yesterday, take today off.

This entire day is going to center around working your legs, and especially letting your weight drop into your  thighs as you disappear underneath punches.

A muscle pull will set you back a lot longer than a day of rest.  If you’re a finely tuned athletic machine, proceed as you wish.

Start out with…

3 Minutes of Lateral Movement to the Left

Remain in your stance!  One leg should be in the front, one in the back… but you will be ‘shuffling’ sideways in this position.  Occasionally, throw in a blast step and/or a slide step so you get used to triggering these movements randomly.

3 Minutes of Lateral Movement to the Right

Your feet remain in the same stance.  Again, throw in the occasional blast or slide step.  You should be able to do 5 minutes of lateral movement easily after a few months.

Prepare to do some Slip Rope…

(you don’t need to have a slip rope set up yet)

You can always use your imagination until your stuff is up, but that rope really helps to keep you honest. If you’re getting under the rope, you’re getting under any punch.

Facing the end of the rope…

60 seconds U-Slipping Side to Side Under the Rope

…at the end of the 60 seconds, pivot to face the rope.

60 seconds Slide Slipping Forward and Backwards Under the Rope

60 seconds shadow boxing lightly to catch your breath

Switch your Stance

(If you started with your left foot in front, bring your right foot into the front)

60 seconds U-Slipping Side to Side Under the Rope

…at the end of the 60 seconds, pivot to face the rope.

60 seconds Slide Slipping Forward and Backwards Under the Rope

60 seconds full rest

Facing the End of the Rope, Execute 3 minutes of slip rope, Side to Side

  • For the first minute, execute a U-Slip with a Hook Underneath, on every U-Slip
  • (Make sure you fire the hook on your second step)
  • For the Second Minute, Complete the U-Slip and fire your hook after standing… (If you U-Slip to the left your left shoulder will be in the rear, and thus you will fire the left hook)
  • For the Third Minute, you will fire a U-Slip Underneath AND After Standing
  • (Moving to the right will yield a left hook to the body, and a right hook to the head.)

Execute another 3 Minute Round of Slip Rope, Side-to-side

Freestyle your movements.  Sometimes you will simply slip, sometimes add a punch underneath, sometimes add a punch on the other side, sometimes add both.  Feel free to add multiple punches after a slip.

Face the Rope…

Execute 2 Minutes of Slip Rope, front to back…

Add an uppercut (6 Punch) to your forward slip for the first minute.

Add an uppercut – hook (6 – 3 Punch) to your forward slip for the second minute.

60 Seconds Rest

Execute one final 3 Minute Round of Slip Rope

During this round, you will freestyle the whole thing.  Sometimes slip side to side, randomly pivot to face the rope, slip front to back, add uppercuts, add hooks, add everything you can think to add.

Your legs will now have been completely crushed, but U-Slipping will have been burned into your muscle memory.

After another 1000 repetitions, you won’t even have to think about it

  • Head Movement Training Day 4

  • Head Movement Training Day 5.

  • Head Movement Training Day 6.

Partner and Noodle Training

Firstly, there is a TON of improvement to be made in the head movement game without having a training partner.

I do 95% of my training by myself, so it’s not the end of the world if you can’t find someone to swing noodles at you.

That said, at this point in the program, it would be good if we actually got some objects moving at your head.  As I explained in the Flinch Reduction and Training Reactions video, there’s a bunch of neurological development to be made by seeing stuff coming at your face, and moving.

Here’s the stuff I’m ‘looking at’ when assessing my opponent:

This lesson tells you all of the things that actually matter about reading your opponent.  You already know how the slip game works with respect to simply moving your head, now you have to learn when to move your head, and what to look for.  Don’t worry about reading the difference between hooks and straights, I mention it briefly.  As you practice with a real partner, you’re going to see that it’s not very difficult to distinguish between the two an turn your slips into rolls.

And hey… you already saw this video on Day 1, but here it is again, if you need a reminder.

Build your neurological networks, my friend.  That’s what today is all about.

This video will teach you how to train your brain to work quickly and instinctively, when punches are coming at your face.

For the following videos today, you should find a partner.

This doesn’t have to be someone athletic or skilled, convenience is key.  Even without gloves or athleticism, a $1.99 pool noodle can turn a family member into a live look at punch impulses… or the signals that one’s body sends, when throwing a punch.

And you will develop speed in your reactions!

(If you can’t find someone, you need to use your imagination and execute the movements ‘on air’… but try to find someone.)

This video breaks down the form on how to slip strings of straight punches, while moving in… or remaining outside.

So, you can multi-tap the front foot to move in (which I now prefer again for TWO punch movements), or bounce your weight back and forth between feet (which I prefer for more than two punches.) I change my mind a lot with these two preferences.

But Scripting movements to train reactions, may not be as important as visualizing countless combinations, and reacting accordingly.

Head Movement Training Day 9.

Now let’s make it real…

It’s time to start really dodging punches.  You are ready.  Get some big ol’ fat gloves, a mouthpiece, ideally a headgear, and get moving.

After your very first round of that drill, you become an official Savvy Veteran of the head movement game.

Here’s your official achievement badge:

Take a screenshot or something. Savor the moment.  Breeeeeeeeathe it in.

I wouldn’t ever do more than 2 or 3 rounds of actual slipping max.  It’s exhausting.  And hey… looking at the clock while getting punched is damn hard, so get yourself a ring timer or a ‘boxing timer’ app!

A handy piece of equipment that eliminates your need to look at a clock during your workout.

Now, I introduce to you a ridiculously cool training tool:

As I’ve mentioned a few times now:

  • All Slips Work for any punch.
  • You must combine your slips into combinations.
  • The speed of your slip combinations must match the speed of your opponent’s punches.

So, this amazing little gadget will create random slip combinations for you to execute, for a certain period of time.

For today’s workout…

you’re going to print something out from the Magical Workout creator (or just pull it up on your phone).  In this workout, you need to dig deep and see if you can get through one more round, any time you feel too tired to continue.

How many rounds can you do?

If you do 5 this time, do 6 the next time.

I know it’s tough, and trust me I know that these combinations can be tough to remember. But the harder you push, the sharper you’re going to be in a street fight circumstance so give it all you got, and try to get to another level every time.

Add some partner slipping!

If you have a partner, you should both warm up together by doing three rounds using the Magical Combination Maker.

  • First you do 2 x 2 Minute Rounds of dodging his punches, with 60 seconds rest.
  • Next, he does 2 x 2 Minute Rounds, slipping your punches.

And that’s a day.

At this point, I’m sure you’re really starting to feel a change in your game.  Just wait until the next time you go through the program.

Jump to Day: Head Movement Training Day 14.

Well you’ve made it to the end.

And I am proud of you.

Not only do most folks not make it this far, 80% of the people who buy this program never even log in.  You have not only logged in (which is annoying in and of itself), but you have packed a ton of info into your brain and made progress.

Don’t. Stop. Here.

You must never stop training, you must never stop improving.  Do this program TEN times, and you’ll pick up new details and new golden nuggets that you may have missed… or perhaps they just didn’t make sense the first time.

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