The Happy Writer Course – Mike Shreeve



The Happy Writer Course – Mike Shreeve


If you’ve ever dreamed of living the “writers life” where you wake up, answer a few emails from clients, spend 3 or 4 hours writing then take the rest of the day off, this letter will show you how…


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If you’re looking for a way to build a pressure free writing business from scratch, then you’ll love the Happy Writer method where you’ll learn…

How To Make $200 — $400 Per Blog Post Writing For Clients On Topics You'll Enjoy

PLUS: Learn my simple (and free) way to generate consistent work from high value clients with just your Gmail account

Dear friend,  

          If you’ve ever dreamed of living the “writers life” where you wake up, answer a few emails from clients, spend 3 or 4 hours writing then take the rest of the day off, this letter will show you how.

          But first, let me be 100% transparent with you:

          The Happy Writer method you’re gonna learn about here today will NOT make you rich.

         I can promise that nobody in the history of the world has ever purchased a Lamborghini by writing blog articles for clients (even if they did rent a mansion on AirBnB just to fool you)

          You aren’t going to be buying Gucci bags, flying a private jet to the Bahamas, or living in a $4 million mansion on the San Diego coast. 


          What you can realistically do with this method though is:

 Replace your current job with a better than full-time income on part-time hours

 Give yourself a steady stream of side income to help pay some bills or take a vacation or finally have that dream Christmas or pay off some debt

 Support your spouse or loved one with a legitimate writing business that can earn more than most people make with a master’s degree… all without leaving the house

 Give yourself the freedom and flexibility to control how much you work, when you work, and even where you work (my favorite place to write blog posts for clients is while I walk in the woods)

          And on and on…

          So, if you’re here hoping for an overnight solution to buying the penthouse suite in Manhattan, I’m sorry to say this isn’t it. (if you do find that solution though please let me know because I’d love to live in Manhattan!)

          If it’s freedom and flexibility you are looking for, then read on because there isn’t a better way that I know of to achieve exactly that than starting your own content creation business.

A $6,000 Per Month Business

I Ran From The Public Library

          I am often asked, “Mike, why did you choose to get into writing professionally? Is it because you’ve loved reading books since you were a kid?”


          Sadly, my entrance into writing was a lot less romantic than the fulfillment of a childhood dream or even a love of reading (though I do love that).

          Instead, I got into writing because I was homeless, had zero marketable skills (didn’t finish college), and was pretty darn desperate for an income source that didn’t require any upfront investment (I didn’t have anything to invest).

          Here’s what I did:

  •           Step 1. Got a bunch of books from the library on “how to become a Freelance writer”
  •           Step 2. Quickly realized that most of those books only gave general, outdated ideas but nothing specific enough to actually build a career off of (most of those books were just sales letters for high-priced writing seminars)
  •           Step 3. Signed up to sites like (before it was Upwork),,,, etc. hoping that high paying client work would fall into my lap
  •           Step 4. Used the Public Library open computers to write 500-word articles for $5 a pop until my fingers blistered (no joke, actual blisters)
  •           Step 5. Used that hard-earned money to get off the streets
  •           Step 6. Got mega burned out writing $5 articles
  •           Step 7. Wanted to quit (and almost did)
  •           You too can follow my simple 7-step system to overnight writer burnout for only 27 bagillion payments of $97!

          Just kidding.

          To be honest, things got pretty rough.

          I had just barely gotten myself off the streets and was seriously considering going back because I was so miserable churning out low paying content for terrible clients.

          Desperate as I was, I spent the last of my pennies on every “how to become a writer” course you can imagine. AWAI, Warrior Forum, random dudes and dudettes on the Interwebs, overpriced coaches… I bought it all.

          After cutting through all the fat and fluff (and some clearly made up garbage just to sell products), I discovered a surprisingly simple process for writing blog content that stood head and shoulders above most of the drivel writers were producing in my market.

          More specifically, through trial and error, I took that knowledge and developed a method to write blog posts that helped my clients’ businesses grow in ways they had never experienced before.

          A big part of that method also allowed me to write blog posts I regularly charged $400 for that took just a few hours to write giving me an hourly Freelancing rate of around $150/hour doing what I consider pretty easy work.

          Easier than digging ditches anyways.

          I had gone from keyword stuffing SEO articles with “HVAC repair in Phoenix Arizona” to writing semi viral content that was generating sales for clients I cared about.

          The crazy part was that I was achieving this WITHOUT knowing anything about how to write sales copy, how to “persuade and manipulate” people, or having any formal training in “content marketing”.

          Suddenly, my clients started paying me more for the same amount of work because my articles became more valuable to them from a pure business standpoint.

          That was the aha moment I had been waiting for.

I Bought My First New Car By Writing

A Bunch Of Blog Posts About My Favorite Movies

          One of my very first clients to consistently pay me $300 per blog post was a really cool husband-and-wife team who ran an online business teaching screenwriters how to break into Hollywood.

          Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE movies. I am obsessed with them.

          So, you can imagine how incredibly lucky I felt to get paid $300 per post for two blog posts per week where I broke down my favorite movies and offered criticism and opinion.

          Every time my clients published my blog posts they saw an increase in sales of their online products.

          I can honestly say: they loved paying me to write for them.

          And I loved it too.

          In fact, my relationship with that client was so lucrative that I was able to purchase a brand-new car for my wife a bunch of Mother’s Days ago (a childhood dream of mine) all from the money they had paid me overtime.

          Granted, it was a very practical Volkswagen sedan and not a Lamborghini, but I thought it was pretty cool.

          So did my wife.

Copying My Happy Writer Method

Is The “It Needs To Work Now” Fastest Way To Build A Profitable Freelancing Business From Scratch

          “Mike, I want to quit my job as soon as possible what is the FASTEST way to do that?”

          My answer: start writing high quality blogs following my Happy Writer process for businesses you care about.

          Here’s why this is the fastest method I know of (and the one I used to get off the streets):

          1. Requires nearly zero overhead

          Here’s all the tools that you need to run this business at bare minimum:

 A computer connected to the Internet (which you can get from a Public Library for free)

 Access to research (also Public Library)

 A pen and a notebook to take notes (about $1.00 in total if you buy them online)

 That’s it

          If you have all that, you can start today.

          2. It doesn’t take very long to master the skill of the almighty “$400 blog post”

          Don’t get me wrong, it is a skill and you do have to learn it but it’s not like learning how to write 26-page sales letters with advanced human psychology and sales tactics that play.

          It’s not even close to learning Facebook ads and it’s not even on the same planet as learning how to program apps.

          If you can follow a simple structure, a step-by-step process, and are willing to work at perfecting a craft over time, then I believe ANYONE can learn how to write blog posts that generate high fees.

          The secret is knowing three things:

Why clients buy blog posts

How to write strategically

What your blog post should be doing to people once you hit publish

          Get those right and you’re in.

          3. The clients are plentiful and there is practically zero competition

          $335 billion.

          That’s how much eMarketer reports that companies are going to be spending by the year 2020 on digital marketing efforts including content marketing (a.k.a.: building a blog).

          31.7 million.

          That’s how many blogs are being consistently updated in just the United States according to

          27.9 million.

          That’s how many small businesses exist in the United States as of 2010 according to the small business Association.

          There are opportunities everywhere for becoming a highly paid blog writer as long as you know how to write blog posts that actually help companies grow.

          And this is why there’s hardly any competition.

          Very few “writers” treat writing like a professional services business.

          They don’t invest in mastering their craft.

          They don’t understand the real reason that clients hire content writers.

          They refuse to write content that helps clients get sales (instead they prefer to write their “art” and wish on a star that someone will pay them for it).

          They misunderstand the role that blog content plays in growing a business in the 21st century.

          Even more importantly, very few writers know about my Happy Writer method for content creation so they struggle to deliver top tier results to their writing clients.

          And that’s why most “writers” you hear about barely make a living.

          They think they are owed a living because they typed some words on a screen. It doesn’t work like that.

          You need to be able to create blog posts that DO something for a client and their business.

          I can show you how.

If Starting A Writing Business

And Getting Paid $200 – $400 

Per Blog Post Sounds Like 

A Fun Idea To You

I Can Give You The Cheat Codes

For Getting Your First High Paying Client And Delivering The Goods On Time If You Want ‘Em…

          After seeing several of my students in the No Pants Project coaching program land clients wanting to hire them for blog writing…

          … Including Jessica B. who is getting paid $300 to write a blog post for a Public Library…

          … or Justin B. who just landed a client who ordered 5 blog posts per month paying $500 per post…

          … or Carol W. who regularly commands fees of more than $250 per post writing in content in her “sweet spot”

          … or Andrew G. who was recently hired to write blog posts about art…

          …and on and on and on…

          … I’ve decided to offer my Happy Writer system to the public for the first time to help them and you create content for clients that gets incredible results so they keep coming back for more!

          High paying clients who order multiple posts per month from you are a real thing IF you know HOW to write high value content.

          That’s why I am looking for a small group of writers and/or those of you who have yet to discover your Super Power to join me inside of this Happy Writer program now.

          As I said before, this is not the ticket to overnight riches.

          Though this method is incredibly simple to implement and easy to follow for getting high paying clients and delivering them results… It will take work.

          You don’t need to have experience as a writer in order for this to work for you.

          As long as you are willing to follow my instruction I truly believe the Happy Writer methodology can turn ANYONE into a highly paid blog post writer (even if you’re a seasoned word slinger who has struggled with getting paid well in the past).

          Because I’m going to be teaching you how to write blog posts (and get clients) that you can charge $200 — $400 for, this program will be expensive.

          Though, in all transparency, if you’re willing to follow what I teach you can recoup your investment with less than one blog post written for a client.

A Proven Process

For Getting Paid To Write

For A Living

          To help you decide if the Happy Writer program is for you, here’s a few things I’ll be covering in the program:

 Why you NEVER want potential clients to see you as “just a writer” and the 4-step process I use to darn near guarantee I can write my own check (learn how to position yourself as something greater and you’ll be able name your price with clients wanting to get on your schedule)

 A fast and effective way to write blog posts that sell without selling (your clients will love this)

 How to generate countless profitable blog post ideas for your clients without having to guess what topics will work (again, your clients will love you for this and you’ll quickly develop a reputation as a writer who can deliver quick results)

 How to use your clients’ competition to outline 90% of the post you’ll write (effectively guaranteeing your post will outperform and make your client look really good in the market)

 My simple Sell By Helping writing structure that will guide you step-by-step on how to write results generating blog posts no matter what niche or passion you decide to write in (no sales experience needed because you won’t be selling at all… it’s all about teaching your way to the sale)

 A special kind of way to get loads of free traffic to your blog posts allowing you to charge even more for the value you provide (clients LOVE writers who who can bring their own traffic)

 A handful of clever websites you can use to “build” shareable content that frames your client as an expert in their industry (HINT: this is a great way to boost your clients’ ego and keep them coming back for more)

 Where to find one of the best untapped, underutilized sources for getting high quality clients happy to pay $400 per blog post or more (HINT: it’s not a job board, it’s not a Freelancer website, but it is laying in plain view for all to see)

 How to take your entire writing business on the road completely disconnected from your desk (I spend most of my time doing client work in the woods, you may want to RV around the world like one of our students in the No Pants coaching program… I’ll show you how you could and still get work done)

 An ultra-quick way to master the Happy Writer method getting you up to speed and writing high quality blog posts inside of a few days

 How to get better results for your clients by NOT trying so hard (I’ll show you how to reduce stress, remove pressure and overwhelm, and teach you the Zen method to writing so that you can deliver better results for your client)

 My favorite way to write multiple blog posts in a single day so you can take the rest of the week off without sacrificing income (it’s not necessarily easy, and it certainly requires work, but if you only want to work two or three days a week I can show you how)

 How to manage client expectations and balance the feedback and revision loop that comes with being a professional writer

 How to convince your clients that paying $400 for a blog post is a really, really good idea

 How to turn one off blog posts into monthly recurring revenue with multiple assignments per month from your favorite clients

 An admittedly weird – some call it backwards – way of selecting your dream clients to work for (passion is important in the Happy Writer method but you don’t have to be obsessed with the topic to make this work)

 Simple search engine optimization techniques you can employ in your blog writing to ensure that your clients generate results from your work long after you’ve finished (again, if you can offer even small traffic results as part of your blog writing services you’ll break through the $400 per blog post level FAST)

 What Jerry Seinfeld would do if he were to start a blog writing business (HINT: It’s the same process he uses to create jokes that landed him multi-million dollar deals)

 The 3 things every client wants to hear before they hand over $400 for a blog post (get this right and getting new clients is actually kinda fun)

 How to use Frodo Baggins, Luke Skywalker, Katniss Everdeen, Neo, and Harry Potter to write blog posts that give your client a massive boost in traffic and sales (HINT: it’s a little known writing tactic that relies on how the human brain is wired to consume information)

 A list of the best books to read (all available at your library) for mastering the craft of attention getting, results driven writing

 How adding “pillar posts” to your content strategy can have you earning an additional $1,000 per client, per month by exponentially increasing the results your client gets with your writing

Why Every Freelancer Should Add Blog Post Writing To Their List Of Offerings

          There’s a lot to love about being a blog post writer.

          You get to decide when you wake up. You get to decide what time you start working (and for how long). You get to tell people “no” if you don’t want to work on their stuff. You get to earn way more working way less. 

          Those things are nice, but… 

          … It’s the stuff most people don’t talk about which makes blog post writing an essential skill ALL Freelancers should develop. 

          1. Blog posts are excellent “entry point offers” 

          If you’re struggling to get your foot in the door with high paying clients, offering blog posts as a service is an excellent way to bridge the gap. 

          It’s a low investment for your client (just $200 at the low-end), but an incredible opportunity for you to prove your worth, generate results, and build a relationship of trust (while earning pretty good money)

          Additionally, if someone needs a blog post it means they have an online presence (or at least really want to have one)… 

          You offer them a blog post, do a good job, then you can offer additional services like design or marketing or traffic or whatever to complement the work you’ve done. 

          In my personal experience, I can turn more than 70% of the people who content from me into my higher priced services. 

          Those are pretty average results for writers who know how to deliver the goods with blog posts.  

          2. Projects are short and pay is fast 

          At the most it should only take you a few short hours to write a blog post worth a couple hundred dollars. 

          If you really wanted to work hard, you could turn out several posts per day. 

          Having projects that only take a few hours means that you can invoice faster once the project is complete. 

          It means you have more control over your time because you can squeeze the work in around life instead of needing all day chunks to focus. 

          3. One client could keep you busy enough to pay all your bills 

          If you do a good job (a.k.a. follow the Happy Writer method) your clients will almost always ask for more. 

          You may start a project under contract for one blog post a month which moves to one blog post a week, which moves to twice a week, which could eventually move to once per day (if you wanted)

          Additionally, in the Happy Writer program all show you how to turn a $200 blog post contract into multiple thousand dollar “pillar post” side projects all with the same client. 

          DISCLAIMER: while it is 100% possible to have a single client pay you enough to quit your job, I don’t recommend it. One is the most dangerous number in business and with so many easy to get clients it’s a wise move to diversify and have multiple clients. 

          4. The demand for blog post writing has EXPLODED 

          According to various sources there are more than 1 billion websites online. 

          If we assume that .5% of those are actual businesses trying to sell products online then you are looking at 5 million potential clients you could serve. 

          Being a blog post writer in today’s market is like going to a buffet. The sky is the limit and the choices are entirely yours to make. 

Give Yourself A Profitable Skillset

With “The Bible” Of Blog Post Writing

          In the Happy Writer program, I will be taking you from zero to profitable blog post writer in just a handful of video-based modules.

          I’ve purposefully kept this program tight and to the point. 

          I removed the long lectures on writing theory, and have instead replaced them with templates to follow, simple formulas that I use every day, and practical real-world (current) advice on how to successfully run a content creation business. 

          If you judge the quality of a program by how long the training modules are, I think you’ll be disappointed here. 

          You and I have a mission here together in The Happy Writer: 

          To get you writing and selling blog posts as soon as possible. 

          No fluff, no rambling, no unnecessary information. 

          I want you to be able to confidently present yourself to dream clients as an expert who can deliver real-world results with the simple content writing techniques I’ll provide. 

          I want you to become a resource and an asset to clients you enjoy working with. To develop long term sources of income by providing a high-value service to those who need it. 

This Isn’t Just A Training Program

It’s An Entire “Biz-In-A-Box” 

          The Happy Writer is unlike any other Freelancing or writing training you’ve ever seen or heard of.

          Not only will I show you how to craft these blog posts, but I’ll be taking you through 5 sections of building a profitable content creation business from scratch.

          Section 1. Getting started

          To start, I will be helping you to set a solid foundation for building a business that lasts.

          We will cover:

 How to choose the right niche/client group that pays well AND you’ll enjoy working with (this is more important than most people realize)

 How to set up a simple website quickly so you can start earning fast (you need a lot less to get clients than you think and it doesn’t have to cost any money at all)

 A few quick tips on how to complete this program and get results ultrafast (it will take work, but with work comes rewards)

 The 4 ways to quickly determine if your dream writing niche is profitable enough for you to go Full-time

 5 critical questions you’ll need to ask yourself before landing your first client if you want to make sure you’re paid what you’re worth (don’t worry, these questions are actually pretty fun to think about)

 A simple (free) tool you can use to estimate: A. How much of an impact you’ll have on your clients B. How much you’ll be able to charge per blog post

 How to create a potential 6 figure business based around a single sentence (this is a mini-masterclass on positioning and doing it quickly even if you’ve never written for clients before)

 The ONLY 5 things every freelance writer website needs (more than this and you are overcomplicating)

 What the real purpose of a writer website is (get this wrong and you’ll look desperate which is the fast path to lower writing fees)

          Section 2. More than a writer

          Once your foundation is in place, I will train you on how to become more than just a blog post writer, and to position and frame yourself as a highly valued member of a results driven team.

          We will cover:

 How to generate the right kind of attention for your clients (it’s not just customers you should be writing for)

 An in-depth look at the role of the content writer in 2018 and how your services can be leveraged to grow client businesses (HINT: most blog writers think their only job is to write blog posts… That’s why they struggle to get high fees)

 The #1 thing standing in your way of clients wanting to pay you over and over again… and how to overcome it (it’s all about the shrinking human brain)

 My multipoint framework for writing content in a way that facilitates sales for your clients (it’s all about structure, structure, structure just like good screenwriting)

 An easy 5-minute exercise you can do daily for two weeks to make yourself better than 95% of other writers at the most important skill content creators need to master (if you can give me 5 minutes a day for 14 days you’ll see what I mean)

 The 3 “fail-proof” content types clients will happily pay you good money for (combine these 3 into a single strategy for maximum results)

 I’ll show you a quick way to impress your clients while giving yourself complete control over what you write (if you hate clients breathing down your neck, you’ll love this!)

 Why writing just for your clients’ audience is a BAD idea (if you don’t know who this other group is you should be writing to you’ll be selling your client – and yourself – short)

 Your 4 letter “job description” that perfectly sums up the psychological process you’ll be leveraging to build your clients’ businesses using simple writing techniques (this is a 100+ year old tactic used by some of the wealthiest writers in the history of the world)

 How to develop high value content strategies and how to work with clients to integrate these strategies for maximum results (this is key to going from “writer” to “critical member of our growth team” and all the financial benefits that come with it)

 The 3 part “consumption” formula for turning your simple blog post ideas into winning assets for your client (HINT: It has a lot to do with how goldfish think…)

          Section 3. How to write client loving blog posts

          After you get a solid footing on your role and how you’ll add value we will focus on the techniques of writing posts that turn strategy into actual results.

          We will cover:

 The very few types of posts that generate the best return for your clients and how to write them (I’ll do over the shoulder walk-through’s of real blog posts that are performing well that you can use to template and learn from)

 The psychology of edutainment and how to use helping information to create a windfall of sales for your clients (forget everything you know about sales copy, this is about real conversion on the human level)

 The tools and processes I use to write multiple blogs, emails, plus all of my sales copy, fiction, and other writing I do each and every day (Pro Tip: productive writers are wealthy writers)

 How long your posts should be (depending on which type you choose) where to put links (to increase sales) and even how much space to put between letters to maximize readability

 How to use the “crooked line” test to measure how well written your post is (and how well it will perform)

 Specifically, what clients are looking for in the 3 major post types and how you can make sure nearly everything you submit is LOVED by clients (even if you’ve never written before in your life)

 How to match voice and style so that readers can’t even tell it was you who wrote (I once used this little trick when writing for a celebrity-who-shall-not-be-named and he was so impressed that he called me multiple times to come work for him full-time — but I was already too in love with my Freelancing lifestyle to say “yes”)

 How to extract the maximum amount of financial benefit for your client in each and every post that you write (client first businesses are always more financially successful)

 A strange (but proven effective) way of getting traffic for your client using pop-culture references, your own personal obsessions, and the Almighty Netflix (the best part about being a blog writer is getting paid to watch and read cool stuff)

 And a TON more stuff (this is the biggest section of the course) but honestly, I’m already tired of writing this sales letter so you’ll just have to believe me when I say this section is PACKED with goodies 😉

          Section 4. How to add extra value to your client

          Once you have the core skill set and feel confident about delivering the goods to your clients, I’ll show you advanced things you can do to both increase how much you earn per client but more importantly… I will show you how to add tremendous value to the work you’ve already done.

          We will cover:

 How to use your blog posts to create a cascading effect of traffic that lasts long after your client has already paid (if you can create long-term assets for clients, you become a long-term asset for clients)

 A simple copy and paste template you can use to get big-name influencers to share your content with thousands of viewers (this is called “endorsed traffic” and is at least 10X more valuable to your client than any other source of traffic ever)

 How to do search engine optimization without doing search engine optimization (HINT: the more slang you use the more traffic your client gets)

 The one thing you must NEVER say if your client asks for a content plan (too many writers fall into this trap and it just leads to disappointment from the client and the writer)

 How to hire virtual assistants (if you want) to turn your writing business into a full-fledged traffic and conversion business helping clients with 90% of the sales getting process

 A few service ideas you could offer in addition to your blog writing that could help you increase your monthly profits per client (the key is to keep the “trust line” moving)

 And a few more things that are pretty cool (this section is pretty short on purpose – you’ll see why in the program)

          Section 5. Clients & Money

          Now that you have your foundation built, an understanding of your role, a skill set, and a game plan… It’s time to get some clients!

          In this section we will cover:

 The different types of blog post clients you may come across and even the different business models you can expect to build with this skill (understanding the blog post landscape = an unfair advantage in the marketplace)

 Where to find high value clients (not job boards, it’s not Freelancing sites, it is definitely not Craigslist)

 How to get paid, when to get paid, and how much to get paid in a way that’s easy for your clients (so they do it faster and more often)

 An old school (and kinda weird) way of getting clients to say yes to more than one blog post project at a time (with the right client you can even book yourself months in advance using this technique)

 How making one simple adjustment to your daily work schedule can earn you several thousand additional dollars per month (it’s called “pay yourself first”)

 The “80% Close” that I use to get prospects to say “YES!” to my writing services even if we’ve just met (HINT: it’s all about selling without selling)

 3 little tweaks you can make TODAY to start generating high quality referrals ready to buy

 The conversations I have with clients that turn them from a “maybe” to a “heck to the yes please” without having to even get on the phone (HINT: They need you more than you need them)

 And a whole bunch more good stuff but I think you get the picture…

          Just 5 simple steps, a little bit of knowledge and training, and you could have a successful Freelance writing business just weeks from now (depending on how much work you put in).

Perfect For People Who Are Hungry

For Financial And Lifestyle Freedom

But Don’t Know What To Offer

          Look, I get it.

          You want to start a business (maybe even NEED to start a business) but you have no idea what to offer, you aren’t sure what people are going to buy, and you struggle to identify what skills you could use to share with the world.

          Been there, done that, and nobody gave me a T-shirt 🙁

          I can promise you, without any hesitation, that your best bet is going to be writing.

          All you have to do is be willing to learn the simple (yet effective) art and science of writing blog posts that help clients get results.

          If you’re willing to do that, I can help with the rest inside of The Happy Writer.

          I will walk you through step-by-step via video modules and textbased handouts (including templates) the entire blog post writing process from soup to nuts including the all-important business aspects of making this profitable.

          I’m convinced that The Happy Writer program in and of itself would get you profitably writing within a matter of weeks (if you work really really hard and focus) but I want to give you every opportunity to succeed.

          That’s why…

I’m Throwing In A Few Extra Tools

Because I Really Want You Build A Lucrative Content Creation Business

          I have 3 awesome bonuses for you today if you purchase during our beta launch:

          Bonus #1: Freelancers Content & Copy Toolkit

          This 700+ page PDF contains all the templates, swipe files, and extended training you’ll need to write really good blog posts but also…

          … To offer additional writing services such as email writing, sales letter writing etc.

          It’s all contained in this guide.

          Headline formulas, content structure ideas, mini-lessons on how to write an e-book etc. etc.

          There is not a more robust resource on this planet for writers who just want to get the job done and aren’t interested in reinventing the wheel every five minutes.

          Yours free during this beta launch (normally $97) .

          Bonus #2: Top-Secret Client Getting Method

          In the core training I will teach you blog post writing specific things you need to know to land clients, but in addition I’m going to give you my templates and process for ultra-fast client getting completely free.

          To date (as far as we can measure) this process has brought more than $60,000 in brand-new, first time client work to the various students of the No Pants nation in just the past few months.

          You will get access to the same process completely free if you purchase before Sunday (normally $395).

          Bonus #3: One Client Work Critique

          Here’s the deal:

          When you get a client, and before you send them your first blog post I will personally critique your work to ensure the best quality possible.

          This offer is limited to the first 25 people who purchase the Happy Writer before Sunday.

          While that seems like a lot of people, please note that we have almost 25,000 people on the email list who will be getting multiple emails this week to purchase this program. I imagine this offer will go pretty quick.

          Additionally, please limit your critique submissions to ONE. Please only submit content which is for client work. I will not critique personal blog posts or practice blog posts.

          I require at least 3 full business days’ notice to turn your critique around.

          I will be doing full and complete video critiques which take up to 20 minutes long – which I normally charge $400 for – you will get completely free if you are one of the first 25 to purchase.

          Offer valid for 45 days after your initial purchase of The Happy Writer.

          $400 value yours free if you are one of the first 25 to order.

Generous Guarantee

Means You Take Zero Risk To Purchase

          I am offering a LIFETIME guarantee on The Happy Writer.

          Here’s how it works:

          If you purchase this program and put in the work, documenting 

each step of the way…

          If you follow my processes and templates as I have provided (without overcomplicating, complaining, or trying to reinvent)…

          If you put forward a good honest effort* and follow my client getting ways…

          … and you still haven’t earned back the cost of this program I will provide you with TWO things:

You and I will meet together for a FULL week of one-on-one speed mentoring for free (normally $500)

If, after doing all the work and meeting together for a full week of one-on-one speed mentoring you STILL can’t get it to work… I’ll issue you a full refund.

          I do NOT want serial refunders, whiners and complainers, blamers and those who shirk personal responsibility to purchase this program.  

          I don’t need the money, you don’t need to be spending it.

          But, if you are serious, determined, and truly want to build a Freelance business using The Happy Writer method as shown to you today…

          … I am prepared to go the distance to help you make that a reality.

          You need to put in the work.

          I won’t do it for you.

          You’ll need to try. You’ll need to get outside of your comfort zone.

          You’ll need to learn something new.

          If you are willing to do that, I’m willing to commit my time and resources to helping you make this happen.

If You’re Ready To Rock

I’m Ready To Help

          Hundreds of thousands of companies need your help right now.

          They are waiting for someone like you to help them stand out and generate more business online through content marketing.

          There is a massive shortage of GOOD writers who can deliver results (the market is flooded with bad writers).

          I can help you to become that one in a million writer whose content generates real traffic, real attention, and real sales for your clients.

          I can even teach you how to turn that skill into a job replacing income.

          I won’t be able to teach you how to get rich writing blog posts but I can teach you how to have a life of freedom, flexibility, and consistent (predictable) income by simply writing blog posts in the style I teach.

          If you’re struggling to find a superpower that will give you lucrative opportunities to serve others…

          If you’re currently a Freelance writer wondering where all the good clients are…

          If you’re just someone who is tired of their job and wants to start a business but doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel (would rather use a proven business model)

          … Then The Happy Writer program with all of its bonuses is right for you.

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