The Complete Bone Health Solution – Kevin Gianni



The Complete Bone Health Solution – Kevin Gianni


Every year over the holidays, Annmarie (my wife) and I spend at least a month in Connecticut and New Jersey with our families. Each year, it seems, that more and more members of our family are learning a little more about health. This is great news…


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The 5 Myths You Need to Know to Keep Your Bones Healthy and Strong (No Matter What Your Diet!)

By Kevin Gianni, Health Author

Every year over the holidays, Annmarie (my wife) and I spend at least a month in Connecticut and New Jersey with our families.

Each year, it seems, that more and more members of our family are learning a little more about health. This is great news. (We'd like to think it's because of our influence – but I'm sure you know family doesn't really listen to what you have to say about diet.)

What's not so great is that there was a new reoccurring theme with family members this time around that we'd never discussed with them – osteoporosis and how to prevent bone loss.

Two very close family members of ours had recently started taking bone building pharmaceutical drugs to help prevent bone loss as they age. The drugs were prescribed without any other comment except, "here, take this every day to prevent bone loss."

Both family members did start taking the drugs as recommended, but found very quickly that they were experiencing side effects from them. One experienced aches and pains, the other said the drugs made her foggy.

When we spoke to both of them on separate occasions, Annmarie and I explained some of the dangerous side effects from all bone building drugs that includes a risk of fracture! (Isn't that what bone building drugs are meant to prevent?)

Both family members were interested in what we had to say and asked if they had a natural option. Something that they could try that wouldn't have all the nasty side effects.

We sat down with them and gave them a very simple and specific protocol to protect and prevent bone loss using only natural foods, supplements and specific exercises. This protocol was based on the knowledge that we've gained over the last 10 years as well as what we've learned from others who have reversed their own bone loss and the natural doctors who helped them along the way.

Both family members are at very high risk, so it was important to make sure they had a plan as soon as possible, did the safest most effective protocol AND they followed through with it.

In fact, you may be wondering if you're high risk, just like them.

If you can answer "Yes" to any of these questions, chances are you need to start putting together a plan to make sure your bones stay healthy and strong for life:

  • Are you over the age of 35? (Female AND Male)
  • Do you exercise less than 5 times a week?
  • Does your diet include beans, grains, rice, meat, eggs, dairy or nuts?
  • Do you experience stress?
  • Have you ever fractured a bone before?

Like I said, if you can answer "yes" to even just one of these questions, it's important that you put together a well thought out plan for bone protection now, before its too late.

The problem is who to turn to…

Your Doctor Probably Doesn't Know Some of the Natural Solutions to Preventing Bone Loss – Even Your Natural Doctor!

Some of you may think that I'm anti-doctor.

This isn't exactly true.

I think a well trained MD, ND or even nutritionist can actually assist in giving sound advice about what approach to take when it comes to preventing your bones from getting brittle or – worse – so weak they could snap when you fall.

The challenge is most doctors don't even know what we told our two family members.

I think it's really a shame that such intelligent people weren't given the right tools to help solve a very solvable problem.

Some natural doctors and nutritionists aren't even that up on the most recent research and promising natural science that has shown good results.

Others suggest certain supplements and foods that – while completely well intentioned – just aren't potent enough to do what they're supposed to – slow, stop and reverse bone loss.

When this happens, you end up only masking the issue and spending way too much money on something that won't do the job long term.

Did You Know? Even People Who Eat a Healthy Diet Rich in Vegetables Can Suffer from Bone Loss Too.

Recently on a trip to Sarasota, Florida to visit our colleague and friend Dr. J. E. Williams, I asked him about bone loss and his experience.

For those of you who don't know who Dr. Williams is, he's an author and 30 year practitioner of natural medicine. In those 30 years, he's had over 100,000 patient visits – many of these patients have beginning or advanced osteoporosis. (Even in their 40's and 50's!)

Some of what he told us, was exactly what we expected.

Some of it was a little shocking.

While we were talking he rattled off the 5 biggest myths about bone health that he's been fighting against for all those 30 years.

Here they are:

Preventing Bone Loss and Osteoporosis Myth #1

Myth: Osteoporosis is a calcium deficiency disease.

Osteoporosis, is in fact, not a calcium deficiency disease. While building bone does require calcium, this is only part of the picture.

True: Calcium supplements alone don't work. Plant sources of calcium are important in bone health, but are not the complete solution.

Preventing Bone Loss and Osteoporosis Myth #2

Myth: Osteoporosis is incurable, and the only way to treat it is with drugs.

This is very far from the truth. In fact, Dr. Williams has a record of stopping bone loss and improving bone density that is documented in his practice. Approximately 80% of those people didn't use drugs at all.

True: Drugs have profound side effects. Natural methods do work.

Preventing Bone Loss and Osteoporosis Myth #3

Myth: Osteoporosis is simple bone loss and it happens to everyone during aging.

This again is not true. Bones are meant to be strong for your entire life. Anyone who tells you that your bones are naturally going to get brittle and break, has not studied the bones of some of the longest lived people in the world. Their bones tend to be strong and dense up to the very day they pass away.

True: Osteoporosis is a highly complex disease that is a combination of many systems in the body including hormones, digestion and more. Bones should last a lifetime.

Preventing Bone Loss and Osteoporosis Myth #4

Myth: Osteoporosis is only a problem with women.

Dr. Williams has told me that men too can show signs of osteoporosis, but it is rarely diagnosed since everyone assumes this is a disease that affects only women. In fact, Dr. Williams told me that sometimes even he misses possible bone loss with men at the initial consultation or first round of testing because this myth is so ingrained in our belief system.

True: Osteoporosis can and does occur in men.

Preventing Bone Loss and Osteoporosis Myth #5 (The Most Shocking to Me)

Myth: An alkaline diet completely prevents or cures osteoporosis.

I was under the assumption that eating lots of green vegetables, drinking green juices and other mineral rich foods can reverse or prevent bone loss or cure osteoporosis. Apparently, I wasn't exactly correct. Dr. Williams has seen many patients on healthy plant based diets that have very poor bone density – even though they feel great on their diet. While an alkaline (or high plant based) diet can help, you must not assume that your diet is working and not get your bone density tested.

True: Metabolic acidosis increases bone loss, but you can't rely on just diet.

So What Can You Do to Prevent Bone Loss Before It's Too Late?

Osteoporosis and bone loss are scary.

Many times a fracture of a hip or bone as you age can be the final straw that debilitates you.

When you're losing bone, your internal body pH is also acidic which can cause inflammation.

Inflammation has been shown to be the cause of many diseases – including cancer.

So as you age and the longer you don't have a plan for preventing (or reversing) bone loss the greater chance you have of something happening to you that could greatly decrease the quality of your life.

After I was finished talking to Dr. Williams about his experience, I asked him if we could put together a program that could help.

I wanted something that I could give my family members, so they could understand what really works – when it comes to preventing bone loss…

Like I said, Annmarie and I couldn't bear to hear that our family members were taking drugs when they had never tried some of the approaches that Dr. Williams uses successfully – with no drugs at all.

So Dr. Williams and I collaborated (once again) to create a program that explains bone loss and osteoporosis in a detailed protocol – including herbs, foods and supplements – so you can take control over your own bone health.

The program we created is called "The Complete Bone Health Solution" and it is a comprehensive audio and PDF course on how you can successfully prevent and reverse bone loss and osteoporosis naturally.

It also gives you access to some of the specific protocols Dr. Williams has given his patients over the last 30 years – including some of the newest cutting edge science that really works.

In this program you'll discover…

– Why many MDs and natural practitioners mistreat osteoporosis and bone loss and confuse their patients more than help.

– One ingredient in some of the healthiest foods that can cause bone loss if you eat too much.

– A powerful supplement that has been used to help improve bone density – that's been tried and tested for years.

– Specific foods that you need to avoid if you want healthy and strong bones.

– Why you need more than just calcium to build strong bones.

– The most effective herbs to help provide your body with essential bone building raw materials.

– How your hormones can contribute to bone loss and the best ways to balance them.

– Specific foods that are good for building bone.

– Dr. Williams' tested herbal and natural supplement protocols for prevention and reversal of bone loss.

– And much more…

NOTE: This program is NOT ONLY for the individual, but also for practitioners who want to understand the bone health in complete detail and how to work with patients using a protocol and testing methods that have worked for many years.

The program explain and give you complete natural protocol details – including herbs, foods, and supplements – for these specific bone health issues…

  • Osteoporosis
  • Weak / Brittle Bones
  • Prone to fracture.
  • Bone Loss
  • Low bone density.
  • Acidic blood pH
  • And more!

The digital program contains 2 hours of lecture material with transcripts, two course booklets, PLUS…

  • A complete discussion of herbs, supplements, and foods for preventing and reversing bone loss.
  • Complete protocols for specific bone loss issues.
  • A complete course outline for easy browsing.
  • How to test your bone density, so you know how strong your bones are.
  • And more!

(PLEASE NOTE: The audio quality of this program is even better than the previous programs with Dr. Williams because we recorded it live and in person!)

Here's where you can get it now and learn how to take care of your bones with protocols that really work…

This is great, but how is this going to be any different from all the other information I've seen about preventing bone loss? Will it work for me?

This program is different because it is a compilation of the best treatments that Dr. Williams has used over 30 years in practice.

This is real, no fluff information.

It's also information that has been tested and has worked on people just like you. This is not a course based on theory or scientific studies done on rats in a University basement.

It's the kind of information that works in the real world.

Plus, Dr. Williams and I are so convinced it will work for you, we're willing to take the risk off of you…

Let Us Take The Risk – Your Purchase is 100% Guaranteed!

When you buy "The Complete Bone Health Solution" now, we'll give you 60 days to decide if you want to keep it.

That means if you don't find this program valuable, we'll completely refund your money, no questions asked!

Many people have been confused or even misled by natural treatment, conventional treatment or even non-treatment.

In fact, our family members were in this boat…

They'd spent plenty of time wondering if they had to take medications their entire life or wondering if what they were eating and doing was right or not.

The reality is most of the bone health recommendations don't really work – natural or conventional – or they're only a small part of the picture.

What does work, and what you can trust, is 30 years of hands on experience with patients using the exact same protocols that helped them prevent and treat their own bone loss.

The information contained in the program has worked for thousands and thousand of patients with all stages of bone loss and have been tested and refined over and over again on real people.

This is not theory.

It's real, live, honest-to-goodness information that could change your health dramatically.

Here's where to get the "The Complete Bone Health Solution" Program now…

Here's where you can get it now and learn how to prevent or reverse bone loss from someone who's done it for thousands of people…

P.S. I'm glad you've made it this far… because if you have I know you have an interest in having great health. If that's the case, please give this program a shot. I'm sure you'll love it…

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