Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 Advanced – Guaranteed Google Page 1 Rankings Today



Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 Advanced – Guaranteed Google Page 1 Rankings Today


Who are obsessively dedicated to putting out amazing content to delight your little corner of the internet but are still day-dreaming of that elusive “Your Mediavine application has been approved!" email.


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To All My Talented, Side-Hustlin' Bloggers Whose Pinterest Impressions Dropped By 50% For No Good Reason Last Month …

Who are obsessively dedicated to putting out amazing content to delight your little corner of the internet but are still day-dreaming of that elusive “Your Mediavine application has been approved!" email.

Who are wishing your Amazon affiliate dashboard was brimming with new sales every morning when you wake up.

I’ve got a question for you

Did you ever wonder why the Google gods smile down on some bloggers sending them thousands of free visitors every single day allowing them to rack up affiliate sales, email subscribers and instantly get approved for Mediavine even though they just started their blog a few months ago…

… while you're busting your butt every week cranking out valuable content, but can't escape the ghost-town that is page 12 of Google while barely earning enough from your blog to cover last month’s Subscribe & Save order of your little-one’s box of Pampers?

If you think it's because they have …

  • Five hours every day to research a million new post ideas, write 10,000-word blog posts, and send 25 guest post pitches to people who have never heard of them just to get backlinks…
  • An established blog with 300 posts already published and a decade of blogging experience already under their belt…
  • A PhD from Stanford to understand all the over-the-top tech and SEO mumbo-jumbo… 
  • Hundreds of extra dollars sitting around to invest in 14 different overpriced SEO tools…

You'd be wrong.

Why SEO is Such an Overwhelming Time-Suck to Most Side-Hustlin’ Bloggers…

Here's what you need to know about ranking high in Google in 2019 (and beyond) without feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of information overload.

The days of pumping out 500-word blog posts in 20 minutes stuffed to the brim with keywords then building spammy backlinks from garbage sites just to get your domain authority higher are OVER.

And don't even get me started about just popping keywords into Yoast and praying for the green lights to appear.

You see …

With RankBrain (Google's new algorithm), featured snippets and E-A-T—Google has gotten a LOT smarter.

And with more & more bloggers finally realizing they can’t rely on Pinterest for ALL their traffic anymore (#smart), they're now turning their attention on SEO.

Which makes ranking high on Google search results an all out battle.

So it's no wonder people love shouting…

You can’t rely on Google anymore!

I can’t even with all these Google updates!


Here's the truth, friend: SEO is a long way from being dead.

It's just that doing SEO the old way is dead.

How to Escape the Wrath of the Google Algorithm Gods

1. STOP believing that keyword research is about brainstorming one random keyword and letting the Yoast plugin take care of everything else.

Despite what you may have heard, there is a right way and wrong way to do keyword research—and if you don’t know the secret to uncovering literally thousands of golden keyword opportunities, you’re going to waste hours spinning your wheels guessing if what you’re doing is actually going to work. (#spoileralert … it’s not).

2. STOP believing that SEO is so hard, overwhelming, and is gonna take up so much of your free time that you’re never going to see your first-born kid again.

If you’re a busy side-hustlin’ Pinterest blogger who’s got little kids to look after, a full-time office gig, and a Tailwind queue you have to keep feeding lest Pinterest take away all your traffic, then how are you going to find the time to learn this SEO thing?

Here’s a little secret: once you finally know how to do SEO the right way, it all becomes second nature and you’ll begin to weave all the tips and tricks you’ve learned into your blogging routine—and you'll get access to my "One Hour a Day of SEO" framework to keep you on track.

3. STOP believing that just because you’re new to SEO, you can afford to ignore Google.

Have you been told that because you’re a new-ish blogger that you should forget about SEO and Google and focus on other, easier things (like Pinterest)?

There’s one little problem with this approach: the whole time you’re focusing on Pinterest, Google is still watching. They’re indexing your blog, judging your content quality, grading your on-page SEO, and paying super-close attention to how readers are interacting with your site.

And if you have SEO issues with your site—maybe your site speed is slow, maybe your theme isn’t mobile-friendly, maybe your content isn't up to par (the most likely culprit)—Google is going to ding you for it and bury you deep in the search results.

Stupid%20Simple%20SEO%202 0%20Advanced%20%E2%80%93%20Guaranteed%20Google%20Page%201%20Rankings%20Today%2001 - esyGB Wiki

4. STOP being afraid to put yourself out there to get links and mentions from other big sites in your niche

Did you know that the #1 most important factor to ranking in Google isn’t your amazing content but actually the backlinks you’re able to get back to your blog? 

If you don’t know how to get high quality links from high authority sites, you’re going to have a heap of trouble ranking in Google.

5. STOP writing content that Google hates

If your idea of “quality content” is still pumping out 500-word blog posts 3x a week just so you can say to your Facebook blogging friends that you’re “posting consistently”, then you need a new approach to creating epic content that Google loves to rank. 

Getting Your Blog to the Top of Google and

Cashing Mediavine & Amazon Checks is Easier Than Ever (Because Most Bloggers Still Have No Clue How To Do SEO)

Look, if you’re on this page then you already know ranking and banking in Google to attract a steady flow of traffic, followers, and email subs is the key to growing your blog into the substantial source of income you’ve always known it could be.

The type of income that allows you to …

  • Pop into your kiddo's 1st grade show-and-tell unannounced on Thursday morning to surprise them because you're no longer answering to anyone but yourself now since you've quit your 9-5.
  • Not hesitate for even one second as you hit add to cart on that new Coach bag you've always wanted but weren't quite sure you could really afford (#nowyoucan)
  • Finally hire that VA you've always needed to take care of those little day-to-day tasks that were eating away at your time but now that you're running a real biz you know is totally worth the investment.

But what you might not know is that there's a simple three-step SEO system that has the potential to …

  • Get you (and your blog) featured on huge websites like Forbes, The Penny Hoarder, and Business Insider (like my students have).
  • Help you create content that ranks, bring in thousands of free visitors a day on autopilot, and put you in the position where big brands are reaching out to you to work together.
  • Let you generate a steady stream of passive cash from Mediavine and Amazon because once your posts are ranking at the top of Google you can ditch fillin' up your Tailwind queue all day long.

And it's called …

The ABCs of SEO


Establish yourself as a true authority in your niche that Google trusts (and ranks) because you've proven yourself to be an expert.


Build links from the biggest websites in your niche so you can increase your domain authority and crush your competitors.


Effortlessly pull together a list of golden keywords and pump out amazing content that shoots to the top of Google.

Over 1,000 bloggers just like you have used my premium training course to finally overcome their SEO paralysis to confidently create the type of amazing content and backlinks that Google loves … 

Who Is This Guy To Be Teaching Me About SEO?

Look, it's no secret that SEO "gurus" don't exactly have the best reputation in the online marketing world … and for good reason. 

Nowadays, every Neil Patel and Brian Dean wannabe is selling some kind of "bulletproof" system promising you the moon without actually having any SEO experience or results to show for themselves.

The thing is, I've been making money passively with SEO for more than five years now, including my first $5,000 month from Amazon Associates all the way back in December 2014:

Stupid%20Simple%20SEO%202 0%20Advanced%20%E2%80%93%20Guaranteed%20Google%20Page%201%20Rankings%20Today%2002 - esyGB Wiki

Up until today when I'm still cashing $4,000 and $5,000 checks from Mediavine and Amazon month after month on auto-pilot …

While still working my demanding 9-5 office job and helping to raise my two little adorable kids at home.

Stupid%20Simple%20SEO%202 0%20Advanced%20%E2%80%93%20Guaranteed%20Google%20Page%201%20Rankings%20Today%2003 - esyGB Wiki

Stupid%20Simple%20SEO%202 0%20Advanced%20%E2%80%93%20Guaranteed%20Google%20Page%201%20Rankings%20Today%2004 - esyGB Wiki

At the same time, giving bloggers in all different kinds of niches—from personal finance to printables to homeschooling to Disney to mental health and vegan recipes and everything in between—the confidence and process they need to finally get over the SEO-sized hump that had always been holding their traffic and earnings potential back.

Get Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 Advanced – Guaranteed Google Page 1 Rankings Today, Only Price $77

So if you're ready to join the 1,000+ other bloggers just like you who have finally conquered SEO and confidently hit "publish" with each new post and get authority links on the regular…


Stupid Simple SEO 2.0

The most easy-to-follow (yet in-depth) SEO training program laser-focused on catapulting your amazing blog posts to the top of Google over and over again. 

After Implementing the Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 System, You'll Have…

  • A Google Sheet jam-packed with hundreds of golden keyword ideas after implementing the keyword research technique that walks you through over-the-shoulder how to identify prime ranking opportunities
  • A homepage layout and site structure designed to keep Google happy and users on your page
  • A step-by-step process for researching, outlining, and optimizing all your blog posts so there’s no more guesswork involved on whether Google will rank your post or not that only takes a few minutes to put together
  • A guest posting pitch template proven to get “yes” replies so you won't feel awkward or like you're wasting your time reaching out to people … just to get ignored
  • The ability to reach out to and pitch your story to journalists from some of the biggest publications on the internet who are eager and willing to talk about—and link back to—your blog
  • The “plug and play” affiliate marketing content framework I use to rank affiliate-type keyword posts that generate thousands of dollars passively from Amazon (month after month)

But more than that, Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 will finally give you the confidence that you can master this SEO thing and have it finally click

Let's take a look under the hood at all the simple yet comprehensive, actionable, and over-the-shoulder video trainings you'll get instant access to. 

Module 1: Making Your Blog Lightning-Fast & Google-Friendly

We're going to start out with the three most important factors for immediately getting in Google's good graces.

We're covering things like making sure your blog is secure, mobile-friendly, and most of all, lightning-fast.

And if your blog is taking forever to load, I'll show you some quick, actionable steps for speeding it up asap.

After this module you'll have all your boxes checked on the three things Google wants to see before letting you pass "Go". 

Module 2: Crafting An Optimal Site Structure & Homepage Design

Do you know the most powerful page on your website?

If you guessed your homepage, you'd be right. The way you set up your homepage can drive some serious SEO "juice" to the rest of your blog, helping it rank … if you have it set up the right way. 

You see, chances are your homepage is the one page on your blog that has the most links pointing to it … but if you aren't spreading that link juice around to your most important (and profitable) posts, you're leaving some serious rankings, traffic, and earnings on the table. 

After this module you'll know the best way to set up your homepage, menu items, and category pages. 

Module 3: How To Do Keyword Research The Right Way

I'll come right out and say it: everything you've been taught about doing keyword research is probably wrong.

If you're sick of "brainstorming" random keyword ideas only to realize you still can't figure out a "good" keyword vs. a "bad" keyword, you'll love this module. After you're done, you'll have:

  • A master spreadsheet filled with golden keyword opportunities that will fill your editorial calendar for months
  • A process to confidently be able to figure out if a keyword is too "competitive", or if you have a good chance of actually ranking for it
  • My #1 secret for going back and updating old blog posts to make sure you're leaving no keyword opportunity uncovered

Module 4: The Secret To Creating Epic Content That Google Loves

Do you know the one thing that allows you to become an authority in your niche, attract backlinks with ease, and bypass even the biggest websites in the search results?

Writing epic content that Google loves. 

You see, most bloggers make the rookie mistake of focusing on quantity over quality with their content, leading to them posting a bunch of thin, low-quality posts that Google hates.

After this module, you'll know how to:

  • Research and outline your blog posts so you're covering every possible angle
  • Easily find long-tail keywords with my super-simple hack that doesn't require any paid tools
  • Set up your on-page SEO the right way with my easy-to-follow 9-step process (checklist included)
  • Finally use the Yoast plugin the right way (and when it's totally fine to ignore it)
  • Do a content audit so you can get rid of any low-quality posts that's causing Google to hate your blog

Module 5: Getting Started With Link Building 

Backlinks are the most important factor when it comes to ranking in Google, and after this module you'll know exactly why. 

You'll learn why reaching out and asking for links is a lot like asking to join someone's Pinterest group board (#notsohard), and you'll come away from this module knowing that it's okay to put yourself out there so long as you're providing value.

More than that, you'll know the five things to look for that make up a "good" link, and the types of links you don't want any part of. (Paid links, anyone?)

Module 6: How To Swipe Your Competitors' Best Backlinks

When you're just starting out building links for the first time, the best approach to take is to see what's working well for other bloggers in your niche, and then swoop in get those same links for yourself.

Because if they can get them, then why can't you?

In this module you'll come away with a giant spreadsheet of link opportunities handed to you on a silver platter, and my go-to process for going through all the data and identifying the best prospects. 

Module 7: How To Build Links &  Relationships With Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of my bread-and-butter link building techniques—it not only allows you to get high-quality, relevant links to your blog, but it gives you the chance to build real, long-term relationships with other bloggers in your niche, which is huge

In this module, we're covering everything from finding the best guest posting opportunities, to sending the perfect guest post pitch so your prospect has no other choice but to say yes (templates includes, of course), and how to actually write your guest post so you can be sure you'll land your link.

After this module you'll have the confidence and process in place to reach out to other bloggers to get featured on their sites and exposed to their audiences. 

Module 8: How To Create "Linkable Assets" That Get Links & Shares

Do you know the types of content other bloggers and journalists love to share? We're talking linkable assets: epic guides, infographics, and custom surveys and statistics. 

The thing is, if you want to get your content featured on the biggest sites in your niche, you have to know the right angle to take and how to pitch it.

After this module, you'll know how to:

  • Brainstorm the perfect idea for your "linkable asset" 
  • Actually get your linkable asset created (including the Fivver gig information for the guy I use to create my infographics)
  • Send the perfect pitch email to your prospects (templates included)

Get Stupid Simple SEO 2.0 Advanced – Guaranteed Google Page 1 Rankings Today, Only Price $77

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