Square Secrets Bundle – Paige Brunton



Square Secrets Bundle – Paige Brunton


You don’t even know where to start with building your web design business. “Portfolio? Pricing? Marketing? Umm… help?!”

You haven’t had the courage to call yourself a “web designer” yet. Designing sites is more just a thing you do in your free time, it’s not your “real job.”


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Afraid to start for fear of not landing a single client?

Worried you won’t be able to deliver an amazing site & experience even if you do land a project?

Sound familiar?

You don’t even know where to start with building your web design business. “Portfolio? Pricing? Marketing? Umm… help?!”

You haven’t had the courage to call yourself a “web designer” yet. Designing sites is more just a thing you do in your free time, it’s not your “real job.”

You’re creeping all the big Squarespace designers online, and the comparison game is getting to you, hard!

You’re struggling to get even yourself to believe you can do this, let alone family & friends.

You’re so over the corporate world. Working from home and setting your own schedule? Yeah, now that is more your thing!

You’re stressing over getting any client at the moment, let alone one of those magical ideal client unicorns everyone keeps talking about.


You’re trying to piece together how to start a web design business on your own with no help and it’s leading to massive overwhelm and confusion.

Nothing out there seems tailored exactly to what you want, to learn to become a successful Squarespace website designer!

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step of the process in building your web design business.


What it will feel like when you open your inbox to an inquiry from one of those dreamy, ideal clients!

Imagine working from home. Yep, couch or super adorable home office, you can work from anywhere!

Commuting? That’s something the rest of the world deals with, but not you!

Imagine doing creative work daily which you actually enjoy and that puts your design eye to good use!

Imagine having a job that supports your work-life balance dreams, instead of trampling all over them

10 AM dentist appointment?

”I’ll take it!”

Yoga class at 2 PM?

”I’ll be there!”

Imagine taking a vacation any darn day or week you please, because YOU set the schedule and have complete control over your day!

Imagine bringing in a full-time income all while doing something creative you L.O.V.E!


“How do I create a portfolio without any clients?”

“I don’t have a degree in tech, how will I get potential clients to take me seriously?”

“How do I price my services right and decide what should go in my packages?”

4 years ago I was fresh out of college and had hopped on a flight to Germany. But without speaking German, my job options were well… none.


Being a web designer seemed like a decent way to make a great living, all from my laptop.

I just had two problems:

  • I had never run a business before
  • I had NO professional web design experience

But I was determined to figure it out and after a LOT of trial and error I started landing projects worth up to $9,000! (And I’d do a couple in a month!)

Finally, I could live life the way I wanted to! I genuinely felt like I’d struck work-life gold.

But I didn’t just want to keep it to myself, I wanted for every girl who has similar dreams and is willing to do the work to have this too!

That’s why I created my step-by-step course, Square Secrets Business™!

An online course that is

Your complete Squarespace web design business blueprint!

Business strategy ✓ Marketing plan ✓ Processes ✓ Systems ✓ Confidence ✓

You bring the web design skills and I’ll bring you a complete business game plan that will have you ready to begin working with clients and turning that web designer dream into your full-time job!


  • You’re spending the whole day trying to find clients, doing tons of ‘marketing tasks,’ but at the end of the day, you still feel like you didn’t make any real progress.
  • You don’t have a game plan of the next steps in place for when you do land a client. You’re secretly worried you’ll totally blow it.
  • You’re stuck in the comparison game, spending hours looking at other designers and wondering if you really have what it takes.
  • You’re clueless with setting up and organizing a business. Smooth-as-silk processes and systems? Yeah, those are NOT things you have right now.


  • You’ve nailed a system for attracting clients, are booked months in advance AND you even started a client waiting list!
  • You have a clear process for your projects, meaning no more reinventing the wheel for every client and creating yourself more work than needed.
  • You sit down at your laptop knowing exactly what to do in order to grow your business.
  • Your 9-5 is a thing of the past. Now you earn more, completely control your schedule and work-life balance is actually a thing you have.


  • 6 core Square Secrets Business™ modules
  • 12+ hours of video lessons
  • 2 bonus mini courses
  • Bonus monthly Q+A calls
  • Bonus student Facebook community
  • 15+ essential recommended resources + systems
  • 4 done-for-you templates
  • 6 workbooks and checklists
  • Future tech tutorial updates


  •  A start to finish plan
  •  Couldn’t-be-simpler tutorials
  •  Fill-in-the-blank resources
  •  Done-for-you templates

Module 1: Business foundations

  • What you really need to know about picking a niche and differentiating yourself in the Squarespace world
  • How to create a killer portfolio, even if you haven’t had any clients yet!
  • Strategic portfolio building that attracts the exact type of clients you want
  • How to design a completely customized web design process that serves both your clients and works around your life
  • How to create packages that fit both with your area of genius and your clients’ needs perfectly
  • The exact formula to price your services for both the value you provide and to support your life and business

Module 2: Finding clients

  • What you really need to know about short-term strategies to get clients now and long-term strategies for getting clients to come to you consistently over time
  • The pros and cons of common marketing strategies
  • How to pick the one strategy for landing clients that serves your unique life situation and talents
  • Guest expert interviews with the biggest names in Squarespace web design + online business on exactly what their marketing strategies that have them booked out are, and how you can replicate their success

Module 3: Locking down sales

  • My exact rinse and repeat process for holding free consult calls that book clients and the questions you need to ask right away to save yourself serious headaches down the road
  • The red flags to look out for on a consult call to save yourself from working with the cray cray clients
  • You landed a client, YAY! … Now what?! Exactly the steps to take once your potential client says ‘yes!’
  • The tech of collecting payments and signing contracts lightening fast, so you never lose a sale because of a clunky system
  • The one magical file you need to send to make your client think ‘darn, I made a great decision!’ and keep your project on track
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how to use a CRM to automate this entire sales process

Module 4: Designing sites for clients

  • Exactly how to collect content and onboard your client, including the steps and tech to make it all happen as simply and quickly as possible
  • How to tweak the web design process when designing for clients as opposed to yourself
  • The practical tech considerations you need to make when creating sites for others (accounts, logins and passwords, picking plans, etc.)
  • How to set boundaries and collect client feedback in a way that doesn’t make you crazy
  • A behind-the-scenes look at an offboarding process which makes your client feel cared for, eliminates back and forth emails and gets you an on-time final payment
  • The vital key steps you need to take to keep your project on schedule and complete it on time, every time.

Module 5: Long-term business success

  • Done-for-you templates and repeatable processes so you can do less busy work and more design work!
  • A plug and play finance tracking system so you always know your numbers and don’t have a panic attack come tax time
  • Exactly how to pay yourself a consistent salary even when your business income is all over the place
  • Designing your week to balance design work, marketing tasks, internal projects and business tasks

Module 6: Legal & taxes

  • The two vital things you really need to do from day 1 of starting your business
  • The bits you definitely want to cover in your client contract
  • Business insurance. What it is and why it’s a good idea
  • Eveything you need to know about and prepare for tax-time
  • How to get help from the legal and tax experts who understand creative, online businesses – for free!

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Purchase Square Secrets Bundle – Paige Brunton Course at Brainet. You will get full course. Downloads are quick and at no extra cost.


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