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The effects of interlinked pages getting both homepage and external link distribution means that silo sites rank extremely fast for their keywords. In fact, rank much faster than you’d expect with fewer links than you’d expect too with a silo site.


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We Know You're So Fr3@Kin' Sick Of Building SEO Sites…


  • Creates Unique Content + Video
  • Finds HIGH PR Links

Siloing is a very powerful SEO technique. Your silo site is laid out in specific organizational structure that helps search engines discover the themes of your website.

It redistributes link juice from external URLs throughout your site because all of the pages on your sites are interlinked. This means when one of your pages gets a link, it passes link juice to the other pages on your site.

The linking structure of a silo also provides powerful homepage links to the other pages on your site.

The effects of interlinked pages getting both homepage and external link distribution means that silo sites rank extremely fast for their keywords. In fact, rank much faster than you’d expect with fewer links than you’d expect too with a silo site.

1.Push Button Super Hero

Expand quickly into new niches with perfectly silo’ed pages that rank uber-fast; are fully monetized and instantly created for you based on the keywords of your choice. There’s no need to think about how to set up your silo structure because SEO Zen does it all for you:

  • Anywhere from 1-6 highly keyword-relevant pages can be created a single go and linked together to form a perfect SERP crushing silo
  • Video content reduces bounce rates by keeping your visitors engaged for longer—a huge ranking benefit.
  • Option to add just articles, just videos or combine both on your pages.
  • SEO Zen creates a chain lightning effect effectively supercharging your site through internal link juice distribution for maximum SERP climbing power.
  • New pages are automatically added to your site’s menu bar for you, however you have complete control over which pages appear in the menu bar.
  • You can completely edit your silos, adding or deleting pages at will—no other software on the market gives you this option.
  • Pages appear in the menu bar of your site, creating powerful homepage links to all of the content of your site—but you have total control over which content appears in the menu bar.

2. Intergrated Article Spinning Via Spin Rewriter's API

Give the search engines exactly what they want in terms of unique content with more speed and ease than you dreamed possible—get your life back from the content creation treadmill once and for all.

  • Make articlesunique adding relevant synonyms and unique variations of the original content via Spin Rewriter’s API.
  • Spinning is a 100% white hat and safe method to create unique content—you need never worry about running foul of Google with this technology.
  • No need to ever manually rewrite content to make it unique, a huge time saving benefit.
  • Articles spun with SEO Zen’s onboard spinner pass Copyscape 100%, creating completely unique fast ranking content.

3. Instant Monetization

Your chosen keywords are instantly monetized with SEO Zen. In-text affiliate links are added as the silo site is built, so you never have to go back to monetize after the content is created for you. This feature of SEO Zen alone is a massive time-and-headache saver.

  • Anchor text feature allows the user to create anchor text based off any words that appear in the content SEO Zen creates for you.
  • Pages and posts on your site not created by SEO Zen will not be affected by anchor text links—they’ll remain just as you created them.
  • Option not only to add affiliate links but also to link to the URLs of your silo page.
  • Links appearing in curated posts and articles are changed to the outbound links of your choice—gives you complete control over where your visitors are sent but you still enjoy the convenience of not having to write your own content.
  • Generated articles use the best, most common sense locations to place your affiliate link to make them look natural to your visitors.
  • Links are rotated out for you, creating a natural link profile that keeps you from being labeled as “just another affiliate site”.
  • SEO Zen uses a smart formula that detects which posts belong to specific categories on your site, enabling you to replace all outgoing anchor text links appearing within the category with your own finks.

4. Bring It Fresh Will RSS

Content is brought to your site on schedule from RSS feeds, satisfying Google’s insatiable demand for fresh daily content. You get set it and forget it convenience with SEO Zen: Once your feeds are set up, you need never touch them again to have juicy fresh content delivered to your site like clockwork.

  • The RSS feature grows your site quickly – remember the more pages your site has, the more long-tail keywords it can rank for.
  • All this fresh content creates a hot firestorm that keeps them coming back over and over again to your silo site, indexing your content fast and getting your links out there for your prospects to see.
  • Most RSS content syndicators only publish article excerpts, but SEO Zen publishes full articles including images and YouTube videos (if available with the article).
  • RSS feed articles are automatically spun to pass Copyscape for you, giving you a huge competitive advantage over sites using unspun RSS content.
  • Affiliate links are automatically added to the RSS content for you—no worries about having to go back in and add in your affiliate links later.
  • No worries about getting duplicate content penalties. The same article from an article directory, RSS feed or YouTube video is ever published more than once on your site.

5. Social Signals SEO Module

Getting Likes, Tweets, Plus Ones, Shares and Pins send signals to Google that you have great content. Social shares are increasingly important as ranking factors . . . that’s why we’ve integrated social sharing features into SEO Zen’s pages.

  • Your curated content will be shared and linked to, bringing you additional traffic from social networks without you having to lift a finger.
  • Social sharing creates a more natural link profile for your site.
  • With the social analyzer mdule, you can see at a glance how many social shares your posts and pages are receiving so you can track your best performing pages and posts.
  • Create new silo pages based on the performance of your most shared posts for even more viral potential.

6. High PR Links Module

Getting high PR links back to your content is still vital to ranking, no matter what you’re hearing these days—SEO Zen makes it so simple to grab them.

  • Paying for high PR links is very expensive—this module will pay for SEO Zen all on its own.
  • This module seeks out high PR sites in your niche and filters them according to link type (EDU, GOV, CommentLuv, etc) and PR ranking so you can quickly collect the very best high PR links in your niche.
  • Generate extra income by creating highly-coveted, niche specific link packages for your clients as an added bonus.
  • SEO Zen displays sites in order of PR rank, so you can leave your comments on sites with the highest page rank for the biggest SEO benefit.
  • High PR links combined with the silo structure of your site creates an impossibly powerful SEO weapon that cuts to the heart of what it takes to rank and stay ranked in 2013.
  • The links found by this module are 100% completely safe and will boost your sites high in the SERPs with lightning speed.

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