Sales Mastery Academy – Victor Antonio



Sales Mastery Academy – Victor Antonio


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  • Lesson 1: How to Deliver an Effective Sales Presentation
  • Lesson 2: Setting up a Sales Scenario
  • Lesson 3: Knowing Key Player's Mindset
  • Lesson 4: What Buyers Want to Hear From You
  • Lesson 5: Sales Proofing Your Presentation
  • Lesson 6: Using ROI Calculator
  • Lesson 7: Anticipating & Tackling Buyer Resistance
  • Lesson 8: Mapping Out Your Strategy
  • Lesson 9: Sequencing the Presentation
  • Lesson 10: Buyer Motivation(s)
  • Lesson 11: Presentation Narrative
  • Lesson 12: Key Messaging Approach
  • Lesson 13: Planning the Outcome

Sales Mastery Academy

Sales Training On A Virtual Learning Platform

330+ Videos to Take You From Prospecting To Closing

After building a successful 20-year career as a top sales executive and becoming President of Global Sales and Marketing for a $420M company, Victor Antonio became a globally sought-after sales speaker and trainer.

A New Way to Increase Your Sales Velocity

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A convenient virtual platform with access to a library with the most useful and relevant content in today's market.

NEWEST COURSE: Negotiation and Persuasion

Negotiations and business conversations have the potential to quickly turn into conflict, misunderstanding, and losing situations. However, when your counterpart, client or prospect is in a collaborative state of mind, you're both more likely to come out with a win-win scenario with no bruised egos or brute force pitches. 

Learn why 'side-tracked' thoughts are hurting your negotiations, how mirroring can get your client to talk more, and why you want to funnel for a 'no' instead of a 'yes'.

Watch Lesson #1 in Negotiation and Persuasion for Salespeople:

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Purchase Sales Mastery Academy – Victor Antonio Course at Brainet. You will get full course. Downloads are quick and at no extra cost.


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