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Rapid Publishing Keywords

How to Find Profitable Keywords and Niches in 48 Hours or Less Even if You've Failed Before!

Kindle publisher "stumbles across" a simple yet effective method of finding keywords and niches quickly and easily!

Keyword research was always difficult for me, I would spend hours and even days looking for keywords, that was until I simplified the process.

Hey everyone, I'm Michael and this photo is from when Kindle publishing was a lot easier.

Since that time it has become more competitive resulting in my royalties suffering. Bit by bit they slowly decreased and I desperately started seeking new keywords to publish books in.

I would search for hours upon hours sometimes even days.

That led me to come up with some mediocre keywords which didn't really help my situation.

I knew there had to be an easier way.

I continued on and felt as if I was constantly hitting my head against a brick wall.

Nothing was working!

It wasn't until I realized that I wasn't going deep enough to find keywords with very little competition.

That is when everything changed!

In a matter of days I went from finding ultra competitive keywords to keywords where I could compete with little to no effort.

This blew my mind and I knew I was onto something.

The first time I tried these steps it took me 2 days to find a 10 low competitive keywords.

I thought I should try it again.

I tried a different niche and lo and behold I found 8 keywords in just 24 hours.

I thought it was a fluke, so I tried it again and BOOM, same results!

I knew I was on to something.

Despite this there are some big reasons why I originally failed with keyword research and how you can make sure you don't make the same mistakes I did…

The 3 Reasons Why I Used To Fail with Keyword Research…

Mistake #1. I didn't choose one niche!

I was trying to publish books in more than one niche at once and that just overwhelmed me to the point that I took no action!

I didn't know which niche to focus on and which keywords I should start publishing in. This led me to waste 1,000's of hours on something so simple.

This is one of the reasons why I stopped publishing for so long!

Mistake #2. I Tried Too Many Shortcuts!

I was always looking for the quickest route to success, the hack or method which would give me that instant over night success.

Which ultimately led me to huge amount of wasted time which I should have been concentrating on specific principles which worked.

Mistake #3. I Didn't Know How To Find Less Competitive Keywords

I was publishing in keywords which had competition, this cause my books to rank for keywords but after time they would start to lose their first page ranking.

I tried to sustain them with AMS ads but it was a constant battle to get my books ahead of the competition


Rapid Publishing Keywords

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Finding Keywords and Building your Niche in 48 Hours or Less


10 Modules and Video Trainings That Will Simplify Everything!

Over 2+ hours of video walkthroughs and tutorials with a professional publisher!

Just sit back, watch, take notes, and learn everything a publisher needs to know about keyword and niche research.

With It, You Will Learn How to…


Comprehensive keyword research training for newbies. I know how daunting keyword research can be. It was just over two years ago that I had to learn it too. This course covers everything from finding regular to low competition keywords easily while effectively assessing the profitability of every single one!


Learn how to create a customer persona to hyper target your customers, find the most relevant profitable keywords, and know exactly who you're selling to. I also teach you how to do highly targeted research which helps you discover more significant keywords!


Discover how to efficiently maximize your time like an expert and concentrate so intensely that you'll feel like a Buddhist master meditating. Once you learn this technique you will be able to find keywords effortlessly.


A niche is an incredibly powerful way to quickly create books which are all relevant to each other allowing you to sell more than one book. Learn how to create your niche which has many similar books and let your customer know your books are for them.


Take a peek inside the course…

Get Rapid Publishing Keywords – Michael Harbone, Only Price $47

Course Curriculum


  • Welcome & Mindset (0:43)
  • Join The Facebook Group
  • How To Effectively Use This Course

Strategies, Objectives and Expectations

  • Simplify The Process (1:15)
  • How To Get the Most from This Course (1:46)
  • What is a Niche (1:36)
  • What Are Keywords (1:47)
  • Where To Find Keywords (4:00)
  • Why You Need To Start With One Broad Niche in Mind (3:09)
  • Find More Keywords In Less Time (Productivity Hack) (3:36)
  • Step by Step Process (1:16)
  • Action Steps – Select One Niche (0:37)

How To Find Keywords Quickly

  • Niche Stealer (6:01)
  • Keyword Quicky (6:14)
  • The Rabbit Hole Technique (5:53)
  • In The Details Method (7:37)
  • Niche Keyword Expander (2:22)
  • Finding Keywords (Live) (26:55)
  • Action Steps – Find Keywords (0:19)

How To Find Keywords If You Don't Have A Niche Yet

  • Keyword Idea Search (7:18)
  • Keyword Stealer (6:00)
  • Neon Light Method (9:31)

Keyword Profitability

  • What Makes a Keyword Profitable and Why Do You Need Them? (3:21)
  • How To Check The Keyword is Profitable (2:44)
  • Quick Checking with KDSPY (3:57)
  • Assessing The Competition (4:07)
  • Entering Competitive Niches (1:40)

Developing Your Niche & Customer Persona

  • Why You Need To Create a Customer Persona (4:20)
  • Choosing Relatable Keywords (13:17)
  • Customer Research & Extra Keywords (10:02)
  • Finalizing Your Customer Persona (2:30)
  • Action Steps – Persona Creation (1:01)

Cutting The Competition

  • Why You Need To Find Less Competitive Keywords (4:08)
  • How To Find Less Competitive Keywords – Method 1 (3:28)
  • How To Find Less Competitive Keywords – Method 2 (10:15)
  • How To Find Less Competitive Keywords – Method 3 (2:19)
  • How To Find Less Competitive Keywords – Method 4 (2:10)
  • Action Steps – Find Less Competitive Keywords (0:32)

Filtering The Keywords

  • Extra Profitability Checks (3:29)
  • Keyword Levels Explained (11:45)
  • Action Steps – Finalize Your Niche (1:28)
  • What To Do If Your Keywords Aren't Profitable? (5:26)

The Next Step

  • What's Next? (0:42)
  • The Next Step In Your Kindle Publishing Journey (5:10)
  • How to Write Effective Titles and Description Which Sell (4:48)

Bonus Lesson

  • 10x Keyword Research (3:49)

{BONUS LESSONS} Keyword Research For Low Content Books

  • Low Content Keyword Research (12:48)
  • How To Find Long Tail Keyword (3:21)
  • How To Steal Competitors Keywords (11:24)
  • How To Check If a Keyword Is Profitable (9:11)

Tools & Resources

  • Tools To Assess Sales Volume (1:46)
  • Niche Creation Process Step by Step
  • Keyword Profit Checklist

Become an Affiliate for Rapid Publishing Keywords

  • How to Make Money Selling This Course (4:26)
  • Create Review Articles and Videos (6:42)
  • Examples of Review Articles and Videos (6:04)
  • How to Get Your Affiliate Links
  • Other Affiliate Matters and Instructions
  • Rapid Publishing Keywords Affiliate Images

Get Rapid Publishing Keywords – Michael Harbone, Only Price $47

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