POFU 2019 Live Recordings



POFU 2019 Live Recordings


Grow your business, add more clients with ease, and learn about the "SEO Shield" that will take 2020 and beyond by storm…


Grow your business, add more clients with ease, and learn about the "SEO Shield" that will take 2020 and beyond by storm…




In 2018, POFU Live "wowed" attendees with it's high level of sharing, details, and insider information….2019 kicked it up a notch:

"Topics absolutely superb"

"It's amazing the brain trust that comes…"

Step By Step -> Process Driven Results

Day 1


Bradley Benner

  • Holistic Marketing For Branding & Business Growth
  • Why you need to know this for 2020 and beyond
  • The "low hanging fruit" you can use to smash results for yourself and clients


Kathryn Jones

  • How to design aesthetically extraordinary funnels that convert without any coding, Photoshop, or graphic design skills
  • Exactly how to "bolt on" $10,000+ per month to your existing client base (or start from scratch!)
  • ​The science of using design to increase conversions


Adam Bensman

  • Magnetic Client Attraction & Sales: How to acquire more ideal clients by crafting an irresistible offer and differentiator your services
  • What most people are doing – and why you should NOT be following the crowd
  • Exactly how to craft your unique message to make clients come to you. Normally this is a service that Adam charges $1000's for!


Rob Beal

  • Offer Creation
  • How to use Adam Bensman's client attraction and multiply results with better offers
  • Why this matters, and what you can do to easily make changes in your offers that will let you get better results with less effort – clients, products, or anything else

Day 2


Hernan Vazquez

  • What A 10 Million Dollar Marketing Agency Looks Like…How To Grow It From Scratch…And Why You Might Not Want To Have One!
  • Inside look at the exact process flows used for 8+ figure agencies 
  • Step by step EASY process for driving highly interested clients directly to you

Chris Pillwien

  • Aligning Your Compass…To Get Your POFU Treasure
  • Do you want to reach POFU and get what you want? Do this…
  • The exact worksheet and instructions to set the RIGHT goals and ensure your success (money, life, and more)

Jeffrey Smith

  • The Power Of Questions
  • ​From the Master of On-Page SEO – what's working now
  • Easy wins for your SEO!


Marco Benavides

  • It's ALL In Your F*CKIN Head!
  • What you can do NOW to start seeing better success fast
  • Where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them

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