Paid Traffic 2.0 Training – Maxwell Finn



Paid Traffic 2.0 Training – Maxwell Finn


If however you are looking for cutting edge Facebook ad strategies that you have never seen before taught by someone who truly cares about you and is going to be with you every step of the way then you are in the right place!


The Only Training Program You Need To

Acquire More Customers And Leads Profitably With Facebook Ads In 2019

If you are looking for an outdated course that teaches basic strategies found for free on YouTube or to learn from someone who doesn't care about your success and won't be there to answer your questions and personally audit your ads then this is not the right program for you. 

If however you are looking for cutting edge Facebook ad strategies that you have never seen before taught by someone who truly cares about you and is going to be with you every step of the way then you are in the right place!


I Was Too And Decided To Do Something About It…

Nowadays it seems all you need to become a guru and sell a course is a few pictures of your flashy car, house and some "real" screenshots showing results. The problem with most courses on the market today is that they are out of date, teaching generic cookie cutter strategies and have 0 support for students.

This is because most course creators are professional talkers, not media buyers and care more about their wallet getting fatter than their students'. 

I've dedicated the last 2 years of my life to helping tens of thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs around the world profitably scale their businesses with the most cutting edge paid traffic strategies. To accomplish this, I have spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars pushing the boundaries of platforms like Facebook and documenting the winning strategies I discovered step-by-step.


Introducing Paid Traffic Training!

I came out with my very first course, Ad IQ Academy, in the summer of 2017 and had no idea what to expect. Incredibly the course went on to generate over $1M in profits and help over 4,000 students! I was blown away and decided to have Team Unicorn double down on our education and training business. Since then we have launched courses for Google, LinkedIn, Instagram and SEO. We've also launched Unicorn Academy, which includes daily live trainings with some of the world's top marketing experts. I've run masterminds and spoken on stages at the biggest marketing events around the world. Through all of this, we have helped tens of thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs just like you!

While doing all of this training I have also been scaling our internal agency business along with launching a few internal brands. Why am I telling you this? Because I 110% believe that you can't be a great teacher unless you are also an active practitioner, especially in the world of digital marketing. Just in the last few months Facebook has made multiple HUGE changes that have basically forced us to rewrite our playbooks. Put simply, things that used to work a year ago do not work anymore. 

Paid Traffic Training isn't just a course. It's a comprehensive and personalized training program built on a foundation of regularly updated step-by-step video lessons sharing what's working for us TODAY.

Video Library

Paid Traffic Training isn't just a course. It's a comprehensive and personalized training program built on a foundation of regularly updated step-by-step video lessons sharing what's working for us TODAY.

Live Trainings

Once a month, I host live Q&A training where I answer questions from students. This includes answering questions about Facebook ads, marketing strategies, Facebook ad audits, and website reviews. 

Networking Group

Be a part of an active community where everyone is collaborating to reach the next level. You can post questions, get help, and meet entrepreneurs.

Curriculum of Paid Traffic Training

1 - esyGB WikiBefore Going Live

Too many marketers want to start scaling and trying advanced strategies right out of the gate. That's a big mistake! You need to have a strong foundation before you even start testing your ads. This chapter dives into exactly what I do before launching a new ad account or offer.

  • Getting into the right mindset
  • Setting up the right CBO rules
  • My 3 part creative process
  • Finding Unicorn ads for inspiration
  • Understanding the customer satisfaction score

2(1) - esyGB WikiTesting And Cold Traffic Strategies

The days of throwing up some ads sending ice cold traffic to an offer page are over. This means we need to work smarter and think outside the box when it comes to warming up traffic and finding the perfect audience.

  • Identify all KPIs for your offer/business
  • Structuring your campaigns
  • Using contests for top of funnel
  • Using dynamic creative
  • The reverse targeting strategy

3(1) - esyGB Wiki


Optimization And Middle Of Funnel Strategies

How do you take an ad or audience that was working in a small budget test and start to get real sales/lead volume that is actually profitable? That is what this chapter in the course is all about. I share some of our newest and most powerful pre-scaling strategies.

  • How to do free + shipping right
  • The Bankruptcy/IPO method
  • CBO pain point segmenting
  • Cost cap bidding strategies
  • CBO retargeting strategies

4(2) - esyGB WikiScaling And Advanced Strategies

Everyone wants to spend 5 figures plus a day profitably, but very few marketers ever get to this point. Why? Because they have no blueprint or structured system to follow. This chapter will give you exactly that. See how we scale ad accounts step-by-step and get one step closer to profitable 5 figure spend days!

  • The lottery method
  • Long term retargeting (Tortoise Method)
  • Post-purchase retargeting sequence
  • Advanced lookalike strategies
  • International scaling strategies

In Case You Were Curious Who Is Teaching This Course


Loot, Drugz and Coins. What do these have to do me?

I was born into a family of entrepreneurs, and I was raised to have an eye for creative opportunity. I attended prestigious Babson College, top-rated for entrepreneurial education. While there, I started "Loot!" a mobile platform that connected brands with fans and customers. My first e-commerce endeavor, Startup Drugz, ushered me into the potential of Facebook advertising. Startup Drugz hit a $500k run rate in just six months.

I co-founded my first agency, Quantum Media, with Jeremy Adams and Kevin Harrington (the original Shark from Shark Tank.) The agency ran Facebook ads and sales funnels for several Fortune 500 companies, including 3M. While at Quantum he sold over $4M of Trump coins during the presidential election, winning a "Two Comma Club" award from ClickFunnels.

I have inspired and mentored ten startups in the past decade. I'm passionate about helping everyday entrepreneurs succeed. My Facebook course and brainchild, Unicorn Academy, have generated over $1 million in profits and have educated over 4,000 students. Small businesses, multinational companies, and non-profits have all experienced the purpose, passion, and persistence that define me.

When I'm not helping businesses grow, I'm speaking, writing and educating about entrepreneurship and profitable marketing strategies. I'm a regular contributor to major publications like AdWeek, and a popular speaker on podcasts and at worldwide marketing events.

I'm a top-rated, proven entrepreneur, I loathe the status quo, like the color blue and is 2% of the right kind of crazy.


It's Not A True Sales Page Without Some Bonuses

Ad IQ Academy Course

Some Made Up Value FREE

Get instant access to my first course on Facebook ads, which has helped over 4,000 marketers create more profitable ads since launch. This course includes over 100 video lessons along with a library of every weekly live training I did for over a year. While the platform has changed significantly since I first created this course nearly all of the strategies are still just as effective today as they were the day the course came out. 

Building Profitable Funnels Masterclass

Some Made Up Value FREE

The best paid traffic strategy in the world won't make you money if the landing page and funnel is awful. That's why I am adding my 2+ hour masterclass on building high converting funnels as a bonus. Learn the secrets behind our top converting landing pages and funnels like our Trump coin funnel, which generated over $4.5M in just 3 months.

My Top Funnels & Landing Pages

Some Made Up Value FREE

Our team has built hundreds of landing pages and funnels over the years for a wide range of industries and objectives. From webinar funnels to high ticket sales funnels we've put together a list of our top funnels that you'll get instant access to. You can download these funnels directly into your ClickFunnels account.

A Unicorn Innovations Shirt 

Some Made Up Value FREE

We decided to throw in our iconic Unicorn Innovations shirt at no extra cost. We got a lot of compliments when we wear our shirts outside of work and decided it was a nice bonus for our Paid Traffic Training members.

Donation To The Hope Now Foundation

We've teamed up with the  Hope Now Foundation to get underprivileged kids in the Orlando, FL area ready for the upcoming school year. Every year the Hope Now Foundation rents out the Amway Arena and puts on a huge back to school bash which provides kids with backpacks, school supplies, toys, books, haircuts, dentist checkups, fun activities, and more! This has been an effort we've supported and donated to for the past few years and we are honored to donate a percentage of proceeds from Paid Traffic Training to this amazing cause.

Stay tuned as we make our announced donation to the foundation sometime after our launch is completed.

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