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Nurture a Loyal Customer Base – Ben Griffin


Question: Are Your Email Open Rates In the Toilet?

Don’t feel too bad. You’re not alone.

According to a report by Campaign Monitor, the average email open rate has dropped by 56% since 2009.



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Question: Are Your Email Open Rates In the Toilet?

Don’t feel too bad. You’re not alone.

According to a report by Campaign Monitor, the average email open rate has dropped by 56% since 2009.

And it’s no surprise.

Between promo tabs, spam filters, and the onslaught of new competitors every single day, there are just TOO MANY roadblocks and too… much… dang… NOISE.

In 2017 alone, 269 BILLION emails were sent per day, and that number is expected to grow to 333.2 billion by 2022. Ouch.

The problem for email marketers is clear.

It’s harder than ever to get our messages seen by the subscribers who matter most.

We Figured Out How To Fix Our Email Open Rate Woes

Yes, there IS something you can make your audience take notice and get them to look at your emails again.

You can launch an email newsletter.

Wait, don’t laugh.

I get it. Email newsletters are sooo 2006, right?

Nope. 🙂

The True Story of How DigitalMarketer (Nearly) Tripled Our Email Open Rates

Back in September of 2019, our open rates were in steady decline, too.

In fact, it got so bad that at one point our open rates were in the single digits.

Oof, talk about a punch in the gut.

As marketers, we work so friggin’ hard to build up our subscriber lists. And for what?! What’s the point of having a list if no one is opening your emails?

We seriously considered deleting our entire list and starting from all over again.

Maybe you’ve been there too. But with almost nothing to lose, we decided to try this one last thing, something we hadn’t even thought about in almost 10 years.

Eureka! A 24.7% Open Rate

It worked!

Our last ditch effort to “kick it old school, circa 2006” was to start sending a weekly newsletter again. And it was the difference-maker—it almost TRIPLED the average open rates we had been getting with promotions and content announcements alone.

In retrospect, the solution couldn’t have been more obvious.

Companies like TheHustle, TheSKIMM, and Morning Brew have spent the last few years building their empires by delivering industry-centric news and content in the form of an email newsletter.

Email was experiencing a renaissance right under our noses! But most modern marketers were too busy chasing Instagram Stories, TikTok, or whatever the latest fad-of-the-week was to notice that the single-best revenue channel was back, and better than ever.

Social Media didn’t kill email.

Slack didn’t kill email.

Millennials couldn’t even kill email (in fact, it turns out they like their inboxes just as much as their parents).

So the only question left is…

What’s Your Email Newsletter Strategy?

You read this far. So either a newsletter isn’t a part of your current email marketing strategy, or you have one in place that isn’t getting you the results you were hoping for.

But here’s the thing… We did all the work for you.

We did the testing, we found the format and structures that work, and we created the templates that you can use to get better open rates and increased engagement with your email marketing efforts.  

And all of it is wrapped up in our Nurture a Loyal Customer Base with a “Value-Driven” Email Newsletter Workshop where you’ll learn exactly how to create your very own weekly Email Newsletter that will…

  • Increase open and click through rates
  • Improve email deliverability
  • Generate more email traffic
  • Decrease unsubscribes
  • Build trust and authority with your audience
  • Improve your email marketing ROI

And the best part is that ANYONE can follow this process—even if you’re a so-so writer without a lot of time on your hands.

Look, email marketing isn’t going anywhere, but it’s up to you to get your declining open rates out of the proverbial toilet and back to where they were a decade ago.

I didn’t know it at the time, but creating a newsletter was the #1 most important thing I could do to turn around our business for the better… It’s a proven strategy that anyone can apply, including you.   

Just click the green “Get Instant Access” button to get started building your own Email Newsletter.

Get This Workshop for…

Just $295

Get Instant Access

Get This Workshop for Just $295

Get Instant Access

Here’s What We’ll Create Together

In this workshop, you’ll create an email newsletter that delivers consistent and valuable content that trains your subscribers to open and read your emails…all in about 30 minutes a week. When you implement this newsletter strategy in your business, you’ll start to see increased open & clickthrough rates, improved deliverability, increased trust and authority in your market, and more traffic & sales from promotional emails.

Here are just a few of the benefits  of what you’ll receive from this on-demand workshop:

  • A SWIPE file of our “Core 4” newsletter templates that you can put to use immediately—especially if you HATE to write or are still learning copywriting
  • How to get 2x – 3x your email open rates and create goodwill among subscribers with the use of a value-rich email newsletter…
  • Why newsletters build brand awareness and authority…even if you don’t have a massive list!
  • How to position your newsletter in a way that makes people EXCITED to read it (HINT: treat your newsletter like a product—because it is one)…
  • How to use “candy content” to make your newsletter more fun and interactive (think of it like the crossword puzzle in a newspaper)…
  • Applying the “CR-VR” method to every newsletter you write, ensuring your audience receives clearly constructed content that holds their attention and keeps them reading from the Subject Line down to the Postscript
  • The common mistakes that doom most newsletters to mediocrity and how to avoid them (we even made one of these mistakes at first)…

Workshop Description

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create an email newsletter that increases email traffic, improves deliverability, and positions you as an authority in your market. Follow along as Ben Griffin walks you step-by-step through the process we use to create DM Insider, and by the end you’ll have a template for a value-first newsletter of your own that gets people excited to see your name in their inbox. Follow this strategy, and in as little as 30 minutes a week you’ll start to see increased open rates, fewer unsubscribes, and most importantly: MORE SALES anytime you hit the “send” button on a promotional email.

What You'll Learn


  • Why a value-first newsletter is so essential for ANY company that ultimately wants to generate more sales from email marketing
  • The 4 types of email newsletters and how to determine which one makes the most sense for your market
  • An easy-to-follow system (we call it “CR-VR”) to audit your newsletter and ensure you’re delivering real value to your subscribers
  • 4 copy-and-paste templates that make crafting your weekly newsletter quick and easy


Get This Workshop for Just $295

Get Instant Access

Workshop Preview


Why Your Business Needs a Value-Rich Newsletter

Every few years, someone comes along and claims that “email is dead.” Meanwhile, smart companies who know what WORKS continue to invest in email because they know it’s the still the single most profitable marketing channel online today. And in part 1 of this workshop, Ben will explain why a value-rich newsletter is the single best way to nurture your email list, keep your audience engaged, and help make sure your email marketing continues to deliver a strong ROI.


Opt-In Pages & The “Core Four” Types of Newsletters

After hours of research, we discovered that the most effective email newsletters fit into 4 categories. And in part 2 of the workshop, Ben will walk you through each newsletter type, show you examples of companies that are doing it right, and help you decide which type (or combination of types) makes the most sense for your business. As a bonus, you’ll get our 4 newsletter templates to make it as easy as possible to create a newsletter layout that’s attractive and effective.


The “CR-VR” Method for Writing a Valuable Newsletter

Believe it or not, you DON’T have to be a great writer to create a value-rich newsletter that works. You just need our “CR-VR” method. Using this process, you’ll have a quick & easy way to make sure your newsletter meets all the most important criteria for delivering true value that keeps your audience opening, reading, and clicking on your emails.


Tools for Sourcing/ Writing Your Newsletter Content

You may think a great newsletter requires hours of time spent writing and researching. But we’re happy to tell you it doesn’t! And in part 4 of the workshop, Ben will show you how to find great content for your newsletter (the easy way). Last but not least, he’ll share the most valuable tips and tools he uses to quickly and efficiently write our very own newsletter, DM Insider.

Ben Griffin

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