Million Dollar Info Blueprint – Rich Schefren, Dave VanHoose & Dustin Mathews



Million Dollar Info Blueprint – Rich Schefren, Dave VanHoose & Dustin Mathews


“Join An EXCLUSIVE Group Of The Best, Brightest & Most Successful Internet Marketers, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners This April For A Special One Time Only Event With Rich Schefren”

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Dear Fellow Info-Marketer, Real Estate Seminar Speaker, Entrepreneur and All Top Professionals,

If you're currently selling from stage, a seminar promoter, an information-marketer using the platform or online webinars in any way to boost sales for yourself or your clients…

…then I'm sure you've noticed a massive shift in habits and response of your target markets, customers and clients!

Here's what is going down…

Your buyers and clients have been seduced by the same old one-trick pony shows too many times. They've become jaded, over saturated and turned off…

…what was once a bullet-proof "closer" bounces off of them like they were covered in Teflon.

In fact, today… your audience, clients and buyers want a deep personal connection with you…

When that happens, they will…

  • Trust You
  • Bond With You
  • In 2012, we can change your sales model to an unstoppable conversion engine – ready to make you a flood of cash from platform speaking, promoting seminars, high-end coaching programs and online webinars…

Here's what it's all about…and how we are going make this year a complete "game changer" for you!

Hi there, my name is Dustin Mathews.

Along with Dave VanHoose we form MVP and Associates. Together we have over 25 years combined experience in the seminar, webinar and marketing industry.

  • We've over-flowed rooms for over 2000 wildly successful live events.
  • Delivered over 3000 presentations – for all markets and niches.
  • Raked in tens of millions of dollars from live stages and on the Internet.

The most successful information-marketers in the world call on us as "hire guns" to create massive profit windfalls. It's even earned us the nick name…

The Info-Marketer's Secret Weapon

…and wc over deliver to earn that title time after time!

You see, my partner and I have cracked the code to generating enormous profit opportunities from seminar rooms and online webinars… all presented in an exciting, enjoyable, seamless flow. You'll be thrilled to witness a breath-taking rush of eager, raving fans, customers and clients who passionately want what you have to offer.

“Because Of The Amazing Amount Of Rich Content We Are Going To Cover, We Are Going To Limit Attendance To Just 300 Movers And Shakers… Who Want Genuine Prosperity In 2012.“

Here's just a small taste of what we are going to cover at the 2012 Million Dollar Info Blueprint Event!

  • How to sell from stage as a dynamic, rock-star platform speaker using Jedi Master-like NLP and hypnotic language triggers to have people beg you to take their money and join your coaching programs.
  • Orchestrating the back of the room for maximizing your profit opportunities, increasing your close ratios and how to never risk a lost sale.
  • Selling high end, ultra-high priced coaching and mentoring programs your students will literally stand in line to join. (This usually freezes our clients in their tracks…we'll show you how to make it glide into stunning long-term profits!
  • Filling seminar rooms on a moment's notice using proven online and offline strategies that drive hordes of eager potential clients and buyers into your seminar seats.
  • Generate rock solid multiple streams of recession-proof income in your Info-Marketing and Speaking Business. Create a lasting fortune with your unique products, services, and coaching programs positioned for maximum exposure online or off-line.
  • Getting your ideas out of your head and into a cash-pulling, best-selling book the fast and easy way… while becoming a respected authority in your industry or marketplace.
  • Igniting public relations fire-storms that dominate pnnt, TV and radio media to build instant credibility and new leads into your business or product launch.
  • How you can create the "Ultimate Experience Wow Factor" Event that makes seminar and webinar attendees loyal, lifelong raving fans and repeat buyers. This is one of our shining gems. We've developed this alongside one of the most successful info-marketers of all time who will share his incredible insights at this event. (I'll tell you more about him in a second, but this single shift in how you do business is a true "game changer" – ensuring a lifetime of prosperity for the savvy insiders who put these strategies into action.)

Meet the Wizard of Seminar Speaking

Get The Top Speaker Secrets Of Master Mass Persuasionist Dave VanHoose!

Dave Vanhoose is hands down one of the most successful stage speakers in the world – possessing the magic ability to take any presentation to maximum sales conversions within a 24 hour period.

With over 3,000 presentations personally delivered, Dave has tested and fine-tuned every element of his pitch down to the smallest detail for maximum returns.

And at 7-Figure Speaker Empire he'll share with you his proven techniques of a master closer.

  • How to increase your income by 6 and 7 figures with a single masterfully crafted proven pitch for stage or Webinars. You'll witness the minute-to-minute steps of a Master Presentation… and how to create "a sales magnet" for yourself and your business.
  • The essence of a persuasive presentation and why so many speakers do this wrong and never achieve the success they desire.
  • The difference between public speaking and profitable speaking. If you want to make senous cash from speaking engagements and webinars, then youll need to know the difference. (HINT: The Standing Ovation Is The Kiss Of Death For Sales!)
  • Creating instant rapport and credibility, ihe audience will only buy when they know, like and trust you. You'll discover how to instantly connect before you step on stage – And hven Before You Walk Into The Room.
  • Using "embedded commands" and the power of suggestion to bypass conscious resistance, and speak directly to the subconscious mind…directmg your audience to take action as soon as possible.
  • You'll learn the 3 "must do" things you must constantly "anchor" from the stage. This means "anchoring" yourself and your product (even the back table) where the audience automatically associates YOU with Profitable. Life Changing Experiences.
  • Gain the subtle unconscious cues that increase sales. Discover why body language, voice inflection, pitch and even where you stand on stage all make major differences in your dosing rate and sales success.
  • The art of "gauging" your audience and increasing participation with trial closes.
  • The small tweaks in your presentation that can make you a rock-star instead of a "who is this guy?" speaker. Dave has tested even the smallest details over the years, and has discovered The Magic Formula ANY seminar or webinar Presenter can master. (HINT: the color of your shirt can create a boost in sales.)
  • How to automate your pitch, record it once, and have it make money for you… over and over again.
  • Emceeing and the secrets to controlling your crowd…even in the toughest situations. How the right introduction can make all the difference to your sales numbers and response.
  • Where to place testimonials. How to use them properly, and when best to use live testimonials from raving fans – and more importantly, when not to use them.
  • Using "Presuppositions" to have your audience banish their own resistance, and make the logical decision themselves to huv what vou are selling right now.
  • How to duplicate yourself as a 6 or 7 figure speaker. (Dave reveals how he cloned himself times 10 to create an army of master stage speakers selling his product on his behalf.)
  • Know the key psychological triggers of every audience you speak to. How to find hidden hot spots and prime motivators that lead to sales and commitment to your coaching programs.
  • Power Closes that work without fail. You'll see them in action, know when to use them, when not to use them and how to model them for your own pitch.

Here's where I shine. (And my dients and students love me for it!)

Getting Butts In The Seats (And Eyes On Webinars)

When I entered the marketing game…I put my heart and soul into making a big difference in the industry!

I've been responsible for filling 200 events a month, running several consecutive million dollar product launches, and have mastered the art of getting butts in seats and eyes on webinars – using both online and offline marketing strategies.

I'll show you how to fill your room or webinar – fast, easy and cheap, using proven direct response marketing that never fails.

  • How to leverage multiple marketing channels the right way. (Take my word for it, there's a lot more to it than just email) 111 show you how to use newspaper, direct mail, even local community clubs to guarantee standing room only at your events and webinars.
  • Product launch secrets that bring in millions in revenue, tens of thousands in new customers and rapidly build massive response email lists.
  • Creating the perfect event plan. I'll show you how to lay out your event, session by session, for maximum revenue.
  • Gain the latest technology you need to use to run your marketing on autopilot. I'll give you the complete low down on what databases you should use, how to track affiliates the right way…even how to make money while you sleep with your e mails.
  • Email Lists from the ground up. How to build your list lighting fast – using paid and free traffic. You'll learn what opt in offers work best, and how to keep your list wanting more.
  • Killer Copywriting Secrets that engage, influence and most importantly, sell the heck out of your products.

''I'll Reveal The Skills To Control"Social Consciousness” And Unleash The Ultimate Experience To Create Raving Fans And Sell Ultra-High-Priced Programs”

Here's the exciting information we're thrilled to share with you when you join us at Seven Figure Speaking Empire's Million Dollar Info Blueprint 2012 Live Event.

We've developed these strategies alongside one of the most successful information marketers of all time. (He'll be there to reveal his secrets with you. You'll learn more about him later.)

You'll be among the first to learn these strategies outside of our private $10,000 per day clients. Just so you know, our exclusive inner circle who are applying these strategies are seeing amazing results, with over $2,500 per head events and even FREE ROOMS selling ULTRA HIGH PRICED coaching and mentoring.

We'll dive in and show you how you will create an amazing experience that leaves an immediate impact on your audience, has them begging you to take their money, and gives you a lifetime raving fan that'll come back again and again for more. (And bring you a fresh herd of new customers.)

I'm going to expose it all. You'll discover…

  • Why selling “the crap out of people" pitch after pitch is no longer the answer, and how to sway the "social consciousness" and group thinking of the room in your favor – even before they step into the conference hall.
  • How to place yourself in an immediate position of power – on and off stage, in media, and online so you'll possess an aura of expertise, confidence, magnetism, and strength.
  • How to create multiple touch points on and off stage that leave positive impressions and build trust from the first contact. Remember, the attendee's event experience doesn't start on the first day of the conference – it begins the moment they touch down in a strange city. We'll show you how to choreograph the perfect scenario for the seminar attendee that keeps positive feelings flowing the entire event…and leaves a lingering glow long after.
  • How to position your best sales people as super consultants – and even have your audience line up at the chance to buy your "sales superstars" meals for the chance to spend time with them.
  • Wicked dever tactics using attendee's hotel room to reinforce buying decisions. We'll show you how playing testimonials on the dosed circuit TVs… placing welcome gifts when they arnve… and other sneaky hotel room tricks are proven to dramatically increase back of the room sales.
  • Throw stellar networking parties the right way. (And why you shouldn't attend them yourself.)
  • Using VIP registration to get a 30% boost in revenue… and to quickly spot the top players in the room.
  • Zeroing in on your top prospects in the room Mow to identify them, focus in on their key needs and directly address their desires to ensure a sale.
  • How to close fast for your high priced mentoring From taking applications, to applying heavy scarcity – say exactly what will "seal the deal" for your future clients!
  • Badge strategies, VTP ribbons, and special lanyards that apply subtle dues of exclusivity and top status. (Remember, everyone wants to be on the inside.)
  • How to build out a high-end coaching program, or if you don't want to do it yourself… smart ways to outsource your program to companies you can trust and teach your students the right information.
  • Pricing tactics that work for you, your event, your product and your people to get maximum dollars per head.
  • How to use and set-up your pre-event content, or the "get something now" strategy, for positioning high-end sales at the back of the room before they attend the event.
  • Setting up exciting "mastermind" panels to have your students do the selling for you. (This is a great way to lock in social proof and the "I can do it too" factor.)
  • Youll learn not only how to have full command of the front and back of the room, but control every moment during your event for maximum impact, persuasion and response.

Mike Filsaime

Many of the people Mike has helped with Internet marketing have gone on to have incredible success in a very short amount of time after working with him. Many of them are now Internet millionaires working full-time with their new businesses.

Mike believes in continued learning and makes every attempt to stay on the cutting edge by studying the latest books, courses, and systems on the subject of marketing. Mike is also a student and studies from from every successful person that is blazing the trail in their field.

Mike Filsaime is a known as a leader in the industry along other experts such as John Reese, Jeff Walker, Jeffrey Gitomer, Frank Rumbauskas, Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, Yanik Silver, Brad Falon, Andy Jenkins, and his one time mentor. Rich Schefen.

Mike has been fortunate to spend personal time with people such as Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Joe Vitale, Tony Robbins, and Dr. Robert O. Young. He has even given marketing advice to the Director of films at Robbins Research International as well as Trump University. started out with list building using Viral Marketing methods. Revenue was generated as an affiliate by promoting products via email with reviews and recommendations of quality products that could help online business owners.

Mike started to teach his methods, and from 2003-2009, Mike made a name for himself as an “Internet Marketing Fxpert." changed focus in late 2009 to focus also on S.A.A.S. (Software As A Service) websites as well as teaching marketing. If you take a look around our website, you will see many services that help online marketers to be more profitable with their online businesses.

Our company has over 1 million active members on our email newsletter and thousands of members on our print monthly newsletter called MDC Monthly that costs $29.95 per month.

Sales and Company Stats

Between 2005-2010,, Inc. and Mike Filsaime's other online companies generated over 30 million dollars in revenue. In 2007-2009, the company generated annual sales each year. 2011 and future years are expected to be near $10,000,000 – $20,000,00 in annual sales as the company starts to focus on reaching mass market through the use of media buys such as print advertising, radio, and Television etc., Inc. Is located on Long Island in NY In a 5,500 square foot office with 8 employees by Mike's side as well as 16 virtual employees world wide (9 in the U.S. and 5 international) for a combined team of 25 people including Mike himself.

Mike Filsaime envisions growing a $100 million company in the years to come and is hoping to bring people along with him as he mentors people on their journeys to success.

“I’ve Got One More Surprise Guest Speaker For You… He’s A "Multi-millionaire Maker" Like No Other, And He Is So Good At What He Does, He Stays "Behind The Curtains” And Completely Stealth. Dave And I Call Him…”

“The Incredible “Mr. X”

Mr. X is someone you want to meet… and absorb every insight he will share with you at the Strategic Profits LIVE 2012 event.

He is dedicated to helping you finally scale your business from the 6 or 7 figures a year range… up to the $10 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR range.

Mr. X is going to "Go Deep." We've talked him into sharing insider strategies you won't get at any other event. He's the REAL DEAL… and you'll walk away with a 25,000 Ft. view into multi-million dollar life-time wealth building.


But it doesn't end there, because that's not all we have in store for you. As a matter of fact, you'll never know what speaking veterans will be in the audience willing to drop pearls of hard-won wisdom from years on the road.

That takes me to…

The Ultimate Networking Party, and you're invited.

Here's where you can rub shoulders with the best of the best in the industry. You'll have access to the top players in the business…speakers…promoters…info-publishers. Just the JV's you can line up from the networking party alone can mean an additional 6 or 7 figure increase in the next 12 months.

We have some other surprises in store, you're not going to want to miss a single moment!

So with everything we've revealed… we're laying it all on the line for you.

You see, these strategies, tactics and formulas for creating massive revenue at will from coaching programs, webinars and filling seminar rooms didn't come easy.

So as you could imagine, the investment in this event isn't a small one.

We've poured a massive amount of “prep time" Into this…

We are committed to making the Million Dollar Info Blueprint 2012 Live Event an experience you'll remember and profit from for years to come.

Plus, we've decided to keep the room size limited to 300 select guests to protect the integrity of our closely guarded, highly-effective strategies.

But if you register for this event before the deadline of April 7th, I'm going to raise the curtain for you and allow you access to our treasure vault… the entire bag of tricks…

Frankly speaking, it's an outrageous, screaming deal for our best live event ever!

The only other way to get this information is through personal consulting with us. And our one-on-one power-days are $12,000 each, and booked out several months In advance.

At this event, you'll gain access to everything we've developed through our decades of combined experience and success creating tens of millions of dollars in revenue… and all in just three days.

You'll leave the event a master persuasionist, and be given the tools and tactics to command, control and conquer any room, marketing launch, coaching program or webinar presentation.

These strategies, when applied to your business, are sure to create windfalls of 6 and 7-figures easily, as we’ve seen time and time again for our clients.

And because we're so sure this experience will be unlike any you've ever had – and we're so confident in our Million Dollar Info Blueprint Event 2012 – I'm placing my personal guarantee that you'll be…

“Join An EXCLUSIVE Group Of The Best, Brightest & Most Successful Internet Marketers, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners This April For A Special One Time Only Event With Rich Schefren”

Not only are we going to reveal EVERYTHING that we’re doing to create EXPLOSIVE success in the emerging economy – We even convinced Rich Schefren to come out of ‘event retirement’ to join us and share his “Insider Secrets for creating Automated Wealth Systems”

Top Professionals,

If you’re currently selling from stage, a seminar promoter, an information-marketer using the platform or online webinars in any way to boost sales for yourself or your clients…

…then I’m sure you’ve noticed a massive shift in habits and response of your target markets, customers and clients!

Here’s what is going down…

Your buyers and clients have been seduced by the same old one-trick pony shows too many times. They’ve become jaded, over-saturated and turned-off…

…what was once a bullet-proof “closer” bounces off of them like they were covered in Teflon.

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