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Master Her Mind – Bobby Rio & Rob Judge


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What if you knew exactly what she secretly fantasizes about? What gets her dripping WET, turns her on, what she absolutely can’t resist?

Discover exactly why she’ll let some guys bang the shit out of her the very first night… While she makes other guys wait weeks just for a kiss on the cheek.

What are the “red flags” she looks out for that makes her go ice cold, lose interest, and abolish you to the friend zone prison…


We’ve recorded a series of â€œClosed Door Confessionals” called

Master Her Mind.

And these interviews are NOT your typical Cosmopolitan Magazine shit.  We got these girls liquored up and spilling the dirty laundry…




    • Dirty Secret Revealed #1: How a guy can get the “upper hand” and “power” by making her work for your attention…
    • Dirty Secret Revealed #2: Where to target to make her SQUIRT
    • Dirty Secret Revealed #3: Why you must immediately knock her off her “pedestal” if you want her to take you seriously
    • Dirty Secret Revealed #4: The exact point in a conversation you MUST slow things down and get SEXUAL (or risk being friend zoned)
    • Dirty Secret Revealed #5: What to say to get her back to your place so she doesn’t feel slutty
    • Dirty Secret Revealed #6: Want to do her anal? Do it THIS way…
    • Dirty Secret Revealed #7: A Sneaky move she does when she wants you to kiss her (most guys miss THIS)
    • Dirty Secret Revealed #8: By the middle of your first date she already knows if she’s going to sleep with you THAT NIGHT… (don’t miss these signs)
    • Dirty Secret Revealed #9: Almost all of the girls listed THIS as her biggest turn off (and chances are you do it unconsciously)

Get Master Her Mind – Bobby Rio & Rob Judge, Only Price $37


    • The secret spots on her body that she’s praying you touch (Listen in as she reveals all her hidden erogenous zones)
    • 3 Secrets of Kissing that make it impossible for her to stop Plus, learn the kissing mistakes that are an instant turn off
    • Is she faking orgasms? You’ll learn how to tell if its real… and the secret to bringing her to an explosive climax every single time
    • Can you tell if she’s turned on or not? If you’re relying on the clues most men do, you’re getting seriously incorrect information
    • How to find her G SPOT
    • Women’s biggest complaint about oral sex – it’s what you’re not doing that makes her feel less than enthusiastic
    • Why some guys bring out her â€œanimalistic side” while other guys make her feel like she has to act virginal and innocent (and she hides her sexual side from them)
  • And plenty of stuff too explicit to print
  • He said THIS and she immediately went from wanting to f$%k him to wanting to be his friend (NEVER make this mistake)
  • When a guy walks into a room THIS is the first thing she notices about him(its NOT what you’d think) And it instantly tells her if he’s worth talking
  • The Creep Alarm: Subtle things guys do that set off the “creep alarm” and quickly kill any attraction she might be feeling
  • She gives THESE hints when she wants you to kiss her
  • If you confess your feelings to her before THIS HAPPENS you’ll NEVER be her boyfriend
  • The ONE THING that you can do to satisfy her in bed
  • What she wishes guys would do when they “can’t get it up.” (it’s actually more common then you think- but there is a RIGHT WAY and a WRONG WAY to handle the situation.) Plus, she reveals the exact line you can say that will make not getting up TURN HER ON and get her begging for a “Rain Check”
  • Wanna know what 4 of the girls biggest APHROSIAC is? (it’s NOT what you think)
  • Give her THIS compliment and her panties are soaked within seconds. HINT:It’s not her eyes or any other body part – but it even MORE SEXUAL in sneaky sort of way
  • One simple line he said to her that had her arching her back and slipping her panties around her ankles SECONDS after saying no to him…
  • Their most memorable hook ups and exactly what the guys did that drove them so wild and had them so attracted to him
  • The subtle (and not so subtle) signs they’ll give guys that let him know their down to bang
  • The “dirty talk” that drives her crazy – and the sad ways guys mess this up and totally kill the mood
  • The awkward ways guys try to get out of the friend zone (and a much better strategy if you ever want to see her naked)
  • Sex with Strangers: the truth about one night stands – and why most guys miss the obvious clues these girls want to sleep with them
  • What to say to get her back to your place (so she doesn’t have to feel like a slut)
  • Is she flirting or just being nice? These girls reveal when you should make your move… and when you should walk away…
  • Decode her texts – how to ‘read between the lines’ of every text she sends you to know (listen to her explain how annoying it is when a guy doesn’t grasp that she just wants a booty call)
  • When you cross that line from “persistent” to STALKER – and the warning signs that its time to move on

Get Master Her Mind – Bobby Rio & Rob Judge, Only Price $37

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Purchase Master Her Mind – Bobby Rio & Rob Judge Course at Brainet. You will get full course. Downloads are quick and at no extra cost.


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