Kombucha University – Mike Greenfield



Kombucha University – Mike Greenfield


A recent study by The Harvard Medical School discovered that the probiotics inside kombucha can cure everything from allergies, arthritis, asthma, GI issues, and even help with weight loss!


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About this course

Kombucha Is One Of The Healthiest  (And Most Expensive) Liquids On The Planet

‍A recent study by The Harvard Medical School discovered that the probiotics inside kombucha can cure everything from allergies, arthritis, asthma, GI issues, and even help with weight loss!

But if you’re anything like me, spending $5-$8 a bottle is just too expensive to buy kombucha regularly from the store.

Not to mention most store bought kombucha is pasteurized, which completely KILLS the good bacteria that give you all the health benefits and unique tasty flavors!

Which is why the ONLY way to truly enjoy kombucha is when it’s brewed at home.

‍Here’s the problem…

‍‍Brewing Kombucha At Home Is Weird And Uniquely Challenging!


Now if you’ve thought about brewing your own tasty booch before, or tried and failed, trust me, you’re not alone.

The thing is, the fermentation process of brewing kombucha can be a bit weird and uniquely challenging.

I remember the first time I saw a SCOBY, and was a bit freaked out to add bacteria to something I’d be drinking.

Or not covering the lid properly and having a massive fruit fly infestation in my tiny kitchen!  (My wife wasn’t happy about this one, lol)

But being the Pro Home Cook that I am, I was committed to cracking the code and brewing “The Ultimate Booch.”

I Became Obsessed.

‍I started trying all sorts of different flavors. Ginger. Mango. White Peach. Berries picked from the farmer's market. Berries picked from the PARK!

I dove into the science behind how fermentation works, interviewed kombucha company founders, and turned the process of brewing kombucha into a predictable science.

Every batch.  Every ingredient.  Knowing, with confidence, exactly how long you need to brew, when’s the best time to bottle for an explosion of flavor, healthy bacteria, and effervescent carbonation…

To nowadays, every single batch I brew is a winner, and there’s never a time I don’t have a fridge chock-full of delicious AND healthy drinks like this:

Here's where most people go wrong

‍I started recording kombucha brewing videos for my Pro Home Cooks YouTube channel, which in total have more than 3 million views and rank #1 on the topic:  

And while countless people come up to me in the streets, thanking me for inspiring them to successfully brew kombucha at home…

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Again and again I see people making the same mistakes:

  • Not knowing when to bottle for peak carbonation, so the overall taste and experience falls flat
  • Getting fruit flies or moldy SCOBY because they’re using the wrong equipment
  • Adding the wrong amounts of ingredients at the wrong times and ruining the overall flavor profile
  • ​Coming up with all sorts of excuses about the size of their apartment, not having enough time, or temperature changes that are easy to fix when you know what you’re doing

And the problem is, YouTube videos alone will never give you everything you need to brew "better than store bought" kombucha consistently at home.

‍‍If You Know How To Boil Water, You Can Brew “Better Than Store Bought” Kombucha From Your Very First Batch!

Instead of wasting weeks relying on hope and trial and error, frustrated and confused when your brew falls flat…

I’ll show you how to bottle your booch for ideal carbonation, and create flavors that will wow your friends and family – Tasting better than anything you’ve ever bought from the store.

On top of that, I’ll show you how to get started for less than a 6 pack of bottles, and how you’ll already be saving money from your very first batch! (And living a much healthier life!)


The Most Comprehensive Kombucha Brewing Course Online

When you follow my system, it really is as simple as brewing a batch of tea, adding ingredients at a very specific time…

And with push button ease, you’ll know exactly when your brew is ripe and flavorful, and how to easily batch it for maximum carbonation and flavor.

PLUS, as your "Kombucha Sommelier," I'll give you loads of artisanal recipes that you'll never find in a store!

Here’s how we’ll brew “better than store bought” kombucha together…

Setting Yourself Up For Success


Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned pro, after Section One, you’ll be well on your way to “leveling up” your kombucha brewing game…

CRAZY FOR KOMBUCHA – Discover the hidden vitamins, minerals, and organisms inside kombucha that are proven to increase your energy, digestion, and overall feelings of vitality and happiness

‍‍EXPERT INTERVIEWS – Learn cutting edge kombucha brewing techniques and the hottest flavors from the CEO of one of the most successful kombucha companies

QUICK-START GUIDE – No matter what your brewing experience, I’ll give you the proven path to success so you can immediately jump in and start creating delicious kombucha from your very first batch

Building Your Brew Kit


Having the right brew kit is essential for success, by the end of Section Two, you’ll have everything you need to start brewing like a pro…

SIMPLE SETUP – I’ll show you the “tools of the trade” and how to build your first kit for less than $50 total

PRO TOOLS – Looking to go pro and truly wow your friends?  I’ll show you the Cadillac Brewing Kit I use for maximum flavor and continuous brewing

GUARANTEED GREATNESS – Fruit flies, failed experiments, flat bottles, be gone!  I’ll show you the common mistakes I made when starting out to speed up your learning curve

Mastering The SCOBY

Knowing how to grow and care for your SCOBY is a “make or break” skill for brewing the perfect booch, after Section Three, you’ll know exactly how to harness it's power so every batch you brew is a winner…

SCOBY SKILLS – Discover the art and science of growing your SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) to harness maximum flavor and carbonation

SCOBY FROM SCRATCH – No matter where you live in the world, there's no need to wait weeks to get a SCOBY in the mail, I'll show you how to make it for free in less than 20 minutes

THE SCOBY HOTEL – Use this advanced technique to always have a SCOBY readily available for continuous kombucha brewing, and unlimited bottles of tasty booch in your fridge

Brewing Fundamentals

This is where the rubber meets the road!  By the end of Section Four, you'll have your brew fermenting, and know EXACTLY when it's ready for bottling…

YOUR FIRST FERMENTATION – Discover the best place in your home to setup your brewing kit, proper cleaning techniques, and my "ninja labeling tactic" that guarantees your first batch is a success

THE 10X TEA METHOD – Cut your brewing prep by nearly 90%  (Instead of taking 3 hours, you’ll be brewing your next batch in under 30 minutes!)

THE DAILY CHECK IN – Holding your hand every step of the way, I've recorded videos for every day of the brewing process, so you'll know exactly what your brew should look, smell, and taste like before moving on to the bottling phase

Bottling Your Booch


It took me months of trial and error and dozens of failed experiments to discover these secrets.  But instead of wasting all that time yourself, you'll have a proven gameplan for success by the end of Section Five!

THE TASTE TEST – Learn this simple 3 step process to know exactly when your brew is “ready” for bottling and carbonation

FUNDAMENTAL FLAVORS – Get the 3 flavors that every Kombucha Brewer must know how to use, and one ingredient you should ALWAYS leave out

MAXIMUM CARBONATION – Just as we did during the brewing phase, I've recorded day by day snap shots for how your brew should look, smell, and taste so you know, with confidence, when it's ready to drink and share with friends!

Advanced Brewing Strategies


MAD SCIENTIST MIXES – Get my fool-proof strategy for mixing ingredients, including specialty items from the farmer’s market, so you never run out of ideas for new and unique flavors

THE KOMBUCHA SOMMELIER – Discover the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity so you can match your unique kombucha flavors with your favorite meals

UNLIMITED BOOCH – Learn the advanced process of “Continuous Brewing” so that you have an unlimited supply of kombucha and never worry about how big of a batch you need to brew (This is where the PROs play!)

It’s Time To Join Me Inside The Probiotic Promised Land

‍There’s a reason fermented foods like kombucha are growing in popularity, and it’s because the science speaks for itself.

Humans naturally evolved before refrigeration, and study after study are showing the amazing health benefits of fermented foods.

One of the quickest, easiest, delicious AND cheapest ways to get in the fermentation game is brewing kombucha at home…

Which is why I look forward to seeing you inside Kombucha U so we can take this fermentation journey together!

It all starts by clicking the big orange button below…

And I’ll see you on the inside!

Course Curriculum

Kombucha 101

  • KombuchaU Overview (6:33)
  • The Healthiest Drink on Earth (Interview with a Kombucha Pro) (9:25)
  • Setting Yourself Up For Success (8:30)
  • Single Batch Brewing vs. Continues Brew (what's better for me?) (6:27)
  • Section 1 Quiz


  • How to Get ed for Under $50 (9:36)
  • My Ticked Out Kombucha Brewing Kit (The Dream Kit) (7:37)
  • My Kombucha Nightmare Story… (6:07)
  • Section 2 Quiz

All About The SCOBY

  • The Life-Force of Your Kombucha (9:21)
  • How Do I Get My Hands on My First SCOBY? (4:51)
  • How To Grow a SCOBY from Scratch (6:10)
  • Your Kombucha Secret Weapon (Hotel SCOBY) (7:42)
  • Section 3 Quiz

Brewing your first batch

  • Intro to Brewing! (1:40)
  • Preparation for Brewing (3:28)
  • The Concentrated Tea Method (Cut Your Brewing Time In Half) (21:46)
  • The Daily Check in (Your First Fermentation) (6:24)
  • Section 4 Quiz

Your First Bottle of Kombucha

  • The Taste Test (How To Tell When Your Ready To Bottle Your Brew) (7:29)
  • My Fundamental Flavors (Plus A Sneaky Method for Perfect Carbonation Every-time!) (15:51)
  • Done Carbonating? (Refrigeration Trick) (3:22)
  • The Final Taste Test! (11:30)
  • Section 5 Quiz

Taking Your Kombucha Brewing to the Next Level

  • Intro To Advanced Brewing (3:22)
  • Some Kombucha Science for Dummies (6:07)
  • The Continuous Brewing Method (4:39)
  • Brewing the Tea Blend & Adding to Your Continuous Brew (4:13)
  • Advanced Flavoring Techniques (7:41)
  • SCOBY Maintenance (Key to Long Term Brewing Success) (6:36)
  • Section 6 Quiz

The Ultimate Flavor Guide

  • New Lecture


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