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I'm techbul and yes… I know how hard it can be to find and target the right keywords. Over the last few years I have improved my rankings tremendously and as a result I've grown my businesses successfully using keyword researching and SEO as one of my primary traffic sources.


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Get Hundreds Of Keywords With A Single Click Of Your Mouse!



  • Powerful and intelligent software that will uncover hundreds of keywords for you – and these will be longtail untapped keywords!
  • With just a dick of your mouse you will have 1000s of profitable keywords nobody is ranking for, but everybody is searching fori
  • 100% Hummingbird -proof: Because it deals with questions, rather than keywords, Keyword Buddy works perfectly with the Hummingbird update
  • Easy-ttMise:This effective software is so easy to use that even newbies can use it without getting lost!
  • Get Youtube Keywords too! Works with Keyword Planned

It Doesn't Matter Which Niche You're In… This tool will find you keywords with ZERO competition and a lot of searches!

If you want a passive online income for years to come, Adsense and SEO represent one of your best options out there.

Everyday people are searching for solutions to their problems on Google and desperately click on ads that present them with that "quick fix". It's a virtual goldmine and it's getting better with every click.

The Problem However…

95% of the people building websites and trying to monetize them target high competition keywords such as "lose weight" or "make money". They are literally THROWING their time and money down the drain…

… it's great to have a goal – but unless your budget is in the multiple tens if not hundreds of thousands for an SEO campaign – you are NOT going to get there.

As a result a lot of people became skeptical about making money with their websites… was SEO dead?

Does Any of this Sound Familiar?

  • You put in hours building your website, doing keyword research and writing super high quality articles, just to realize that nobody reads your article, since it is buried in Google's search results
  • You pay a lot of money for that "Secret" SEO method that is supposed to take you to the top, but instead nothing happens
  • Or even worse, you start seeing some traffic, but nobody clicks on your ads
  • …And all because you've been targeting the wrong keywords all along!

Isn't It About Time That Keyword Researching Was Simpler and Less of a Risky and Unpredictable Gamble?!?

Dear Discouraged Website Owner,

I'm techbul and yes… I know how hard it can be to find and target the right keywords. Over the last few years I have improved my rankings tremendously and as a result I've grown my businesses successfully using keyword researching and SEO as one of my primary traffic sources.

Even though I'm seeing huge results right now, it wasn't always that easy for me.

In fact:

When I first started doing keyword research and SEO, I lost a lot of money. I was no different than a lot of similar website owners just starting out.

I would do long hours trying to research the perfect keywords, crafting those amazing articles and then waiting…

I Expected Traffic To Start Flooding… But that Just Wasn't the Case

Actually, instead of starting making money, I was losing it by paying hundreds of dollars for SEO campaigns that promised to deliver that "magic bullet". It seemed like a dead end.

I was facing the same set of problems most marketers are facing when doing keyword research:

Chasing high competition keywords that would require thousands of dollars to rank for

  • Choosing keywords that don't focus on commercial intent
  • I would be spending long hours trying to find keywords with decent search volumes, good CPC, and yet fail miserably to pick out the best ones
  • I was thinking 'There's just no good keywords left"
  • I was starting to believe that Google was another traffic source and that I would never be able to make money from it…

but then I got this crazy idea that changed everything!

There ARE ways to get just as high quality traffic as the ones coming from top tier keywords like "weight loss" – without the hassle of spending weeks targeting tough keywords…

Let me ask you a SIMPLE question:

How would you like to target 10 keywords that get 1,000 searches a month instead of 1 that gets 10,000 searches?

A lot of you would say you'd rather stick with that 1 keyword that has the most searches…



That 1 keyword is nine times out of 10 going to be a LOT harder to rank than smaller ones, often more than 10x harder…

That 1 keyword will most likely have a ton of advertisers who are taking up valuable organic result spots.

That 1 keyword can be hit by a Google update and your rankings disappear… If 1 out of 10 gets hit you're only going to lose 10% of your traffic – NOT 100%

You see – it's a lot better to rank for multiple smaller, easier keywords than one large, hard keyword.

However – how do you find those keywords…

"It can take days to find that 1 great keyword, if I want 10 -do I have to take weeks?!"


Mytool is a revolutionary piece of software that will find those keywords for you. To put simply- it will change the way you rankyourwebsites and the keywords you choose…

But don't just take my word for it – here's what previous customers have to say:

  • "there's so many ways to take this i'm so excited by what i'm seeing here. Excellent tool and will be a massive help to any marketer's arsenal.”
  • "All I can say is wow!! This tool rocks! Thanks techbul for creating this awesome software!"
  • "This is one of the best keyword tools I have come across so far"    ..

Keyword Buddy is an amazing tool that will do all the job for you – in a very special, unique way, so that you find keywords that a lot of people are searching, but nobody is trying to rank for.

Let me explain

When you launch the software, it will take any of your ideas and turn them into thousands of keywords. For example…

The tool will replace the * with various letters in Google Auto-Suggest and come up with a ton of keywords like "how much is an iPod" or "How do I get a free iPod". These are two examples of keywords people are actually searching for.They are long-tail and highly targeted. Even more important, they are very easy to monetize, and not a lot of people know about them, so they're easier to rank!    

As you can see, the tool will produce a list of thousands of keywords that are extremely relevant to your niche AND easy to rank.

Blit Walt, There’s Morel


Idea Generator will suggest possible queries for your niche, by simply inserting your main keyword there. This is absolutely amazing for taking keyword research to the next level, and harvest thousands of keywords from every angle of your niche.


By clicking on any of the harvested keywords, you will get vital information about it right within the app. You will know how many times a keyword is searched for within 1 month, the CPC and the KEI, which is an index to measure competition. Completely integrated with the new Keyword Planner!

But I am not going to charge you that. In fact, it's going to be much less than you think.

Much less than what my friends in this industry told me to sell it for

Much less than any other keyword tool out there

But before I tell you the price let me tell you what sets us apart from the competition.

“There are hundreds of keyword tools out there 4 hat makes yours special*

To put simply, the other keyword tools don't focus on commercial intent.

There is no point ranking for "white paper" when you can rankfor"buy whitepaper"…

… You see, long tail keywords yield a higher CPC per visitor meaning you profit more!

And it's completely working with the Hummingbird update. You see, Google said that with the new Hummingbird update, questions have become more important than keywords. And that's exactly what Keyword Buddy provides: Hundreds of questions people are actually searching for, at the click of a button.

It's completely integrated with the new Keyword Planner.

And you can even pull suggestions from Youtube!

You can also download the list as either text or csv to input into any of the keyword tracking software out there so you can easily see how all your keywords are doing!

And last but not least – the price…

I'm not going to charge you a monthly fee or a high $xxx sum…

If you get this today – you're going to pay AS LITTLE as $17…

The reason I say'as little' is because I'm launching this as a dime sale…

… I want you to take action, I've given you a great starting price so jump in today and get ranking for those keywords no-one else has even seen!

It's simple, just click the button below and take the leap!

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