Instant Traffic Formula – Seth Young



Instant Traffic Formula – Seth Young


This traffic system is so simple that you are probably ALREADY using it without realizing its incredible traffic-generating power! 

When you are ready to learn how to drive massive volumes of traffic to your current or future business, please read the important message below.


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Attention All Struggling Marketers:

Discover the Simple System That

Drives Massive Free Traffic…


Finally: A complete, easy-to-use, step-by-step traffic system that works FAST.

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Big traffic, starting immediately!

This traffic system is so simple that you are probably ALREADY using it without realizing its incredible traffic-generating power! 

When you are ready to learn how to drive massive volumes of traffic to your current or future business, please read the important message below.


From the Desk of: Seth Young

Dear Friend,

I know how busy you probably are, so thank you for taking the time to read this page.

As a token of my appreciation, I would like to tell you about my shockingly-simple technique for bringing tons of targeted, FREE traffic to your website, blog, or almost anywhere else.

Whether you are a complete newbie looking to start making money online… or a seasoned veteran trying to increase your revenues… or anything in between…

Whatever your situation, what you probably want the most is…


Just like everyone else, what you need is more of the RIGHT KIND of traffic.

And I want to show you how to get it.

Simply put, I have developed a method for generating an incredible amount of traffic with little effort. Even if you don't have a website.

What's more, it is fun, and it won't feel like "work" at all.

I know that you might find all that hard to believe.

But that is probably because you have been conditioned to believe the following traffic MYTHS:

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939 free visits from one traffic source to one page

Traffic Myths (and Facts)

Myth Fact
Myth #1: You have to PAY for traffic with a lot of your time and/or money. NOT true.
Myth #2: Traffic-building is RISKY: You might not get much traffic, and it might take a long time to start coming. Doesn't have to be true.
Myth #3: Google can change their algorithm tomorrow, and BOOM! Your traffic is GONE! Definitely true, but Google is not the only way to get traffic.

The good news is that there IS a better way to generate traffic.

A Better Way to Bring Traffic

I want to show you a better way:

  • A traffic method that does not require Google at ALL, but paradoxically can help your search engine optimization in a totally white-hat way.
  • A traffic technique that lets you directly reach huge numbers of potential customers.
  • A system that can drive traffic to your website, blog, affiliate link or just about anywhere.

My system is:

  • EASY

    No technical skills needed, no research, no complicated spreadsheets or special software. Just pick a web page — or even an affiliate link — and then drive traffic to it with a few clicks and keystrokes. I will also show you the best way I have found to create a blog or website and quickly add awesome, free content. And then you can drive traffic to it.

  • FAST

    No waiting for months to see if Google will like your web pages. Once you are set up, you can send traffic to just about anywhere in minutes. Minutes.

  • FUN

    No "hard work", no forcing yourself to do things that you hate. Just be yourself and do whatever it is that you love. Not only will you have fun and get lots of traffic, people will respect you for it too. (Yes, I am 100% serious.)

  • FREE

    No need to pay for ads, no outsourcing, no software to buy, and you don't even need to own a website. (But if you have one already, or set one up with my instructions, that is even better.) Just lots of free traffic from free websites to wherever you want.


    Just about ANYONE can do this. In fact, tens of MILLIONS of people are already doing it, on a small scale, without realizing they could do it on a larger scale to make money.

  • And most importantly:

    Yes, it works, big-time! Like for my assistant Esther: She had ZERO experience doing this kind of thing and had to start completely from scratch. She put in 2 months of part-time work, gradually increasing her traffic payoffs. She then sent more than 19,000 free, targeted visitors to one simple blog post… which took about 10 minutes to create. 

Esther generated over $62 in ad revenues from those free visitors. That is income she can recreate over and over and over again! And she has barely begun monetizing her pages. 

And get this: Esther has already landed her first paying client. The client pays her regularly to send traffic to new content on the client's website.

Wouldn't you like to learn how to drive 19,000 visitors to your website, like Esther did?

Now you can:


Instant Traffîc Formula

With Instant Traffic Formula you will learn the exact same method I taught Esther, which enabled her to drive 19,000 visitors to just one blog post. I will teach you exactly how to do it yourself by showing you real examples of my own, right on your computer screen.

You will see just how simple it is when you join, but for now I will give you one big hint about what makes Instant Traffic Formula so different from what you have seen elsewhere:

People, Not Algorithms

PeopleThe key to Instant Traffic Formula is that you will interact directly with your audience. I will show you how to use free, easily-accessible tools to quickly reach a lot of people and send them almost anywhere you choose.

NotIn contrast, search engine optimization puts Google between you and your potential customers, so you have to worry about what Google wants instead of what your potential visitors and customers want.

AlgorithmsWith Instant Traffic Formula you will have fun getting better and better at giving people like you what they want. The more you help them, the more traffic you will generate and the better you will become at making money from that traffic.

Which Traffic Method Sounds Better To You ?

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I have used a basic version of my traffic formula for years to drive instant traffic to my websites.

It worked! I was able to generate traffic spikes to many, many different pages whenever I liked.

As a bonus, I often saw a sustained increase in Google traffic directly to my pages. Like this:

traffic1b - esyGB Wiki

I drove traffic to my sites this way so many times that I have long since lost count.

Still, I wanted MORE traffic. I tried different strategies to accomplish that but saw no significant benefits.

Then I finally cracked the code on how to change my traffic stream to a traffic TSUNAMI:


After years of using my system to generate traffic at will, I found two simple changes that caused my traffic numbers to EXPLODE.

Together, these two changes enabled my assistant Esther drive 19,000+ visitors to a single blog post, as I wrote about above.

That's roughly 190 TIMES more traffic than I was getting before!

Here is the traffic graph for Esther's post:

esther spike2b - esyGB Wiki

[Esther's big traffic score: Traffic started the day the blog post was created, with 19,460 visits in the first 23 days.]

When you join Instant Traffic Formula I will show you EXACTLY how it is done!


I don't blame you!

I can understand why you might be nervous about whether Instant Traffic Formula will work for you.

Unfortunately many products and "systems" for making money online really are garbage. If you have spent your hard-earned money on these before you probably know what I mean.

The good news is that I have specifically designed Instant Traffic Formula to avoid the problems that plague other Internet Marketing courses.

Let's compare the other guys' products to Instant Traffic Formula:

Their Products The Result   Instant Traffic Formula The Result
Might be a scam! You lose money, waste time and look foolish.   Definitely works! (And there is a money-back guarantee.) You are successful and feel great!
Take a LONG TIME to deliver results, if ever. People get tired and frustrated… and QUIT.   FAST! Delivers traffic within hours, and maybe even minutes. You are stoked! It works!!
Are too hard, boring or complicated for most people. You become bored and overwhelmed… and QUIT.   It is simple and fun. You look forward to doing more!
May require you to do things that are dishonest or unethical. You have a conscience… so you QUIT.   Works best when you give people like yourself what they actually want. Other people like and respect you.
Assume you are very good at marketing. If you don't have marketing experience, it doesn't work… so you QUIT.   You just need to be yourself. You can do it!
Leave out critical steps in the process. You get stuck… so you QUIT.   Clear, step-by-step teaching with real examples. It works!
Require paid ads to get traffic. You lose money… so you QUIT.   Massive amounts of completely FREE traffic. $$$$

I hope you see the pattern:

Instant Traffic Formula solves the problems so many other courses have.

But to be fair, my system starts out with a clear advantage over the competition.

After all, it is easy to succeed when you are just giving people what they want. Which is exactly what Instant Traffic Formula is all about.

How the Course Works

The course is simple: I share with you the exact system that I use to drive massive traffic and make money from it. I leave nothing out.

I will take you step-by-step through every aspect of the process. You will not have to figure anything out on your own. I will show you right on your computer screen how to do everything you need to do by setting up real-life examples of the system. Just follow along and do what I do.

Plus, you will find that I am a gifted teacher, with a knack for explaining things clearly. I will also share amazing "tips-of-the-trade" that will help you succeed faster.

I am a successful teacher both online and offline, and it is my goal to wow you with powerful, useful information

Here Is What You Will Get When You Join Instant Traffic Formula:

1) The Big Picture: How the system works.

A detailed overview of the how the system works. Make sure you are sitting down, because when you find out just how simple it is you are going to kick yourself for not figuring it out yourself. 

2) How to set up your own free blog

I will show you how to quickly create your online presence with a free blog. And I will show you how to add awesome content to it which will only take about 10 minutes per post. 

3) How to Create your Own Website, Fast and Cheap

Have your own great-looking website on your own domain in no time. (Optional but recommended.) Again, you will be able to add awesome content that people will love, fast! 

4) Driving Traffic

How to set up your traffic system from scratch. Creating online assets and optimizing your traffic generation. How to reach your audience and get them to click over to your site. And what to do and what NOT to do in order to get the powers-that-be to help you in your traffic quest. 

5) Tracking Traffic and Monetizing Your Site or Blog

Learn how to monitor your traffic levels so you can know what works best for you. Plus how to maximize your earnings when the traffic comes. 

6) Email Marketing

How to capture your visitors' email addresses so that you can bring them back to your site and sell them products later on. Your email list is an asset that can definitely be a revenue multiplier for your new business. 

7) The Next Steps for Growing Your Business

This is just the beginning! Once you are receiving lots of traffic and making real money from it, you are going to want to know how to get more. Find out the best ways to move forward once you have your initial success.

How much is this worth to you?

How much is Instant Traffic Formula worth?

Component 1: The Traffic System

Everything you need to know to generate tons of traffic whenever you want, just like my assistant Esther and I do. The same exact system that enabled Esther to quickly start driving traffic… to keep increasing her traffic until she sent 19,000 visitors to just one blog post… to earn $62 in revenues from that one post… and to land her first paying client… all with just 2 months of part-time investment.

Value: $997

Component 2: Creating Your Blog or Website

How to create your own online property (or enhance an existing one) and pack it with awesome content in no time.

Value: $47

Component 3: Tracking and Monetizing

My best tips on how to understand your traffic and make as much money from it as possible — based on my 20+ years experience doing just that.

Value: $147


Total Value: $1,191

But even though Instant Traffic formula is worth $1,191 or maybe even more, I am NOT going to charge you $1,191 for it today.

I am going to be straight with you — my business advisors have told me that since this is the first time I have created a product in this field I have to prove myself with a low price. Even though I have created and/or sold many products in other niches before.

I know that Instant Traffic Formula is worth so much more. But I trust their advice so I am doing what they told me.

That is why you can acquire the entire Instant Traffic Formula package for the ridiculously-low, one-time payment of just…


You read that right! Get immediate access to the whole course for a one-time-payment of only $197. That's not much more than my assistant Esther earned from ONE blog post! And a LOT LESS than she has been paid by her first traffic client.

esy[GB] offers you many favorite options. Give us a hint, we'll help you find the latest course. You can buy the Instant Traffic Formula – Seth Young course at the best price. You will get full content similar to salepage. Downloads are quick and at no extra cost.


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