Influencer Mastery Live – Billion Dollar Disrupter – Ed O Keefe



Influencer Mastery Live – Billion Dollar Disrupter – Ed O Keefe


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The Billion Dollar Disruption and Domination Mastermind! 

Influencer Mastery, Traffic Mastery, And Extreme Brand Building  

How To Create Top-Selling Products in Gigantic Markets and Crush the Old School “Good Ol' Boy Companies with Influencers, Advanced Media Buying Strategies, and Publicity! 

JoshandEd min - esyGB Wiki

Josh Elizetxe is the mastermind behind SNOW Teeth Whitening and leader in Influencer Marketing, and has done 1 billion in ad spend by age 23.

nick min - esyGB Wiki

Nick Shackelford, the best media buyer in the world who runs Facebook ads for some of the biggest brands in America.

anthony min - esyGB Wiki

Anthony Sarandrea

is recognized as one of the top customer generators in the world. Snapchat’s founder Evan Spiegel said Anthony is one of the “entrepreneurs changing the world”.

Screen Shot 2019 01 22 at 15.00.51 - esyGB Wiki

Colin McGuire is a 28 yr old entrepreneur who has been building e-commerce brands and creating highly resourceful customer acquisition strategies for 9 years.

van min - esyGB Wiki

Van Oakes who is a legend in the ecomm space and is the VP and Marketing Director for at Diesel Power Gear.

Mystery Guest #1… 8-figure earner who is on fire right now. 

Mystery Guest #2… is destroying the ecomm game right now and can help you scale like nothing you've seen before. 

Spend 2 full days with the “Steve Jobs” of Internet Marketing World, Josh Elizetxe, CEO and Founder of SNOW TEETH WhiteningNick Shackelford who manages $3,000,000 a month in profitable Facebook Ad spend… 

…PLUS Anthony Sarandrea is one of the best customer generators in the world, specializing in the financial services space and running a team that has driven over 1 million customers in 2018.

…PLUS Colin McGuire who formed the agency, Boomn, which has grown to 12 full-time team members and grossed $18.25MM in 2018 for their portfolio.

…PLUS Van Oakes who is going to show you how he uses give-aways to build raving fans and buyers… results: $6K spend turned into $108K in revenue!

…and Ed O'Keefe, who has sold over 1,000,000 bottles of his product Marine-D3 and helped launch dozens and dozens of successful clients into the Supplement, Health, Beauty Market. Investor and Advisor to KNOWFoods as well as newly founder in Uncommon Nutrition

Plus, 2 MYSTERY Multi-8 Figure Entrepreneurs that will "peel back" the curtain in this small private setting.

Dear Friend, 

You hear the stories, watch the Facebook videos, and read the articles about guys and gals spending $10,000 $20,000 or even $100,000 a day PROFITABLY online…

But was the last time you were actually invited to sit-down in a small setting with the ACTUAL individuals… who can take you "Behind-The-Curtain," and literally hand you the road map to your billion dollar health empire?

Why Disrupting a Billion Dollar Industry, Getting Paid A Ridiculous Amount To Exit Your Business, and Doing It While Getting "Cash Rich"… Has Never Been More Possible Than RIGHT NOW! 

Big brands are scared, because YOU and I know something that they do not. 

Let me explain with a quick story: 

"I have no clue how any of that D2C (direct to consumer) stuff works!” the person said to me from across my desk. 

 "Wait! What?” I thought to myself. I was stunned. Here is a guy who sold his company to Coca-Cola for $200,000 and is now investing HEAVILY in health brands… but he admittedly doesn’t understand how to acquire customers online. He continued…

“But we are looking at investing in fast-growth online ecommerce companies right now! 

“Let me get this straight," I thought to myself. He doesn’t understand online marketing at all… yet that is the business they are in… and they are investing millions and millions of dollars right now in these type of businesses??!"

But he isn’t the only person. 

Check this out…

A week after that, another venture capitalist told me: 

“I’ve sold many companies that grew in retail, but the big brands (e.g., Coca-cola, Kellogg, etc…) don’t want retail brands anymore… they want brands that are growing direct to consumer. But have no idea how you guys generate customers online…"


I this really happening? Can WE (you and I) join the wave of online brands selling for crazy multiples to these clueless, highly-funded private equity funds, VC, or gigantic brands that are seeing profits and market-share get stolen exponentially by small fast growing ecommerce brands?

Short Answer: YES! 

AgFunder Co-Founder Rob Leclerc Agrees:

“Big food companies lost $4-billion in market share last year,” he says. “Those companies are scared. They don’t know how to deal with all of the change.”

BUT… what Josh Elizetxe knows… and what Nick Shackelford knows… and what my MYSTERY Guests KNOW is not ALWAYS going to be a “new” thing. 

But it IS right now! 

There has never been a bigger “if you snooze you're gonna lose moment…” than RIGHT NOW!

Why Influencers COMBINED With Performance Based Advertising Is Like Your Secret Super-Power 

Influencers have always helped brands grow–going all the back to Ronald Reagan doing ads for Chesterfield Cigarettes.

But, the company NIKE hit the jackpot when Michael Jordan became the face of their brand AND simultaneously the best player that ever lived (no argument I’m from Chicago).

Infomercial company Guthy Renker has sold BILLIONS of Beauty products like Pro-Active, Cindy Crawford's skin line, Tony Robbins Personal Power, and many more using INFLUENCERS + Media Buying.

However, their model required millions to get started… not anymore!

All you need is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, a product, an Influencer, and a PROVEN SYSTEM

Just look at these results: 

Peter Wellington's watch company goes from Zero to $3 Billion in less than 3 years off the backs of Influencers. 

Daniel Wellington 1 Billion Article - esyGB Wiki


Dr. Axe’s Supplement and Protein brand gets funded with $103 Million Dollars.

Just a few years earlier, he started as a blogging chiropractor, then had a team build a phenomenal content platform…THEN partnered with a proven supplement brand. 

Dr. Gundry, a lead spokesperson for Golden Hippo, went from a "nobody" to being EVERYWHERE and helping Golden Hippo become a Multi-Hundred Million dollar empire with no signs of slowing down! 

Quest Nutrition sold for $400 Million in less than 5 years. 

Kellogg just got acquired for $600 million dollars in just a few years. 

2 Day Billion Dollar Disruption and Domination Mastermind Content and Format! 

Here is an outline of what will be covered in the rare event in order to help you take advantage of the timing in the market!

  • Topic #1: The New Billionaire Disrupter Model! How Highly Motivated Performance Marketers Can Disrupt Billion Dollar Industries with Their Ecommerce Brands! (Josh Elizetxe)
  • Topic #2: The Influencer HALO METHOD and Tsunami Method! This includes the secret formula of identifying the perfect influencer for your brand… how to negotiate the deal so it’s the ultimate win-win and not looking like a rookie or lose money unnecessarily… 
  • Topic #3: How To Create An Army Of "Micro-Influencers" To Help Grow Your Brand Without Daily Management… learning what tools, team, and systems are in place to identify, recruit, and get “Ambassadors” 1000% excited about promoting SNOW absolutely free… while the most engaged ones may end up making money! And how Josh is indirectly, but aggressively, attacking the Billion Dollar Brands… in order to get higher valuations when exiting!  
  • Topic #4: Facebook/IG: Preparing To Scale! Whether you are spending $100 – $10,000K a day! The Formula For Testing and Optimizing Your Campaigns! How he turns Influencer content into SUPER Highly Profitable Ads and Scales Them… Plus So Much More! (Nick Shackelford) 
  • Topic #5: The Greatest Health, Beauty, and Ecommerce Funnel Ever Created! Five proven 7 and 8-figure funnels that are killing it in multiple channels! Their secret? Good conversion rate with HIGH Average Order Value! (Ed O’Keefe & Nick)
  • Topic #6: $20,000K a day On Snapchat, Google Display Network, or Native? YEP! How to grow your brand rapidly and profitably using multiple channels! (Mystery Guest Speaker)
  • Topic #7: “Making Every Month Black Friday & Cyber Monday! The NEW Secret Art of Launching Every Month Without Losing Your Mind! (Nick Shackelford)
  • Topic #8: Total Business Optimization! We’ll walk through a 360% model of what you need to be thinking about and how to take advantage of each leverage point in your business! (Josh, Ed, Nick, & Collaborators)
  • Topic #9: Secret Bald Guy Who is A Bad Ass Media Buyer! Daily buys millions of impressions for everyone from lead gen, ecomm, and viral content arbitrage! (Mr. Guest Speaker)
  • Topic #10 Millions of Visitors a Month With SEO! How to create TOTAL Market Domination the Right Way! Is SEO dead? Well, I’m gonna introduce you to one of Josh’s partners in their lead gen business that does $10s of millions a year. They invest 20% of their profits into acquiring properties and SEO. Counter-Intuitive? Well… I told you this would blow your mind! 
  • Topic #11 Preparing To Sell For Maximum Dollars! Josh sold his first company at the age of 23 for multiple 8-figures. He created an environment where he had businesses competing to acquire his business allowing him to exit by being paid TOP DOLLAR. (Josh Elizetxe) 
  • PLUS much more topics I’ll add after surveying the attendees (YOU). The format is gonna be awesome. 

Here's The Plan: 

Where: Luxurious Mansion in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Capacity: Only 40 seats available. We do this because this isn't an "event" but more like an intimate training that's 100x more effective for attendees.  

How Many Speakers? Only 5 to 6 speakers total. After speaking to Josh and Nick… we agreed that we wanted to go DEEP and give you very specific action steps that can be implemented and measured for results as quickly as possible. 

Pre-Work: You will get an immediate run-down of action steps to take BEFORE you ever show up in Arizona. This is important because we want people in the room who can literally get their RETURN ON INVESTMENT… while being in the room! 

One of the presentations we will group present is called: “Business Optimization Domino Effect!” By fixing just 1 thing in a couple of places… you can guarantee a wildly faster profit and cash flow.

What You Can Expect In Scottsdale!

2.) Mastermind and Small Group: This might cover a topic we’ve laid out like: “How can you take this same facebook contest that generated $600K on $100K spend and apply it to your business?” 

Then you’ll not only have your ideas, but also the ideas of those around you. 

After Josh takes you through his very specific TOP-SECRET INFLUENCER Identifier strategy he calls: THE HALO METHOD! 

3.) Workshop: There will be times where you have an opportunity to IMPLEMENT exactly what is being taught… in real time. The GOAL is to have the pre-work done… and even real data… so we can optimize campaigns, finalize deals with influencers, and so much more AT THE EVENT! 

There is nothing worse than leaving an event with 12 pages of notes and expecting yourself to get back to the real-world and be effective. This model of teaching, workshopping, and masterminding will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before! 

Plus you’ll have PLENTY of time for to get all your questions answered whether it’s on the side or during a session. 

Everyone will be accessible for the full 2 days. 

In fact, the night of the 6th we will throw a great dinner and party for everyone who is attending!

WARNING: This Is Not Cheap.

By now, you get the idea that this isn’t for any ol' "internet marketer"… or someone looking for a “hack." 

This is for the entrepreneur looking to have a massive advantage in an ever increasingly crowded market… while experiencing powerful success! 

I’ve gone to extreme lengths to bring this crew of guys together and frankly they’ve gone to even further lengths, millions of dollars of investment, and 10,000+ hours to acquire the wisdom and knowledge that you are being given an opportunity to learn from in person. 

While I believe you should spend ANYTHING to get in the room for these 2 days. $25,000 would easily be a fair dollar amount. 

$10,000 is a bargain for the years of wisdom and systems that you will literally be downloading. BUT… I settled at what I would consider the best price of your life opportunity. 

Your Investment is just: $5,000 SOLD OUT! 

Get the livestream for only $1,497!

You can break it up into 2 Installments. 1 Payment today and the 2nd 15 days later. 

P.S. For Those Who Feel The Money, Time Commitment, Or “Too Busy” Is A Concern…  

5 Ways You Will Make Your Money Back In The Room! 

1.) The Pre-homework will open your eyes to things that you aren’t thinking about right now! You will get the same level of questions that Nick, Josh, and myself would want to know if we were investing in your company and gonna work with you as a partner. 

The questions alone will open your eyes to profit opportunities that I guarantee you are not thinking of right now. 

2.) Vision Expansion Listening to Josh talk about his Brand, his Strategy, and seeing the entire picture from start to finish of how he is disrupting the BILLION DOLLAR industry! 

Watching Nick set-up and lay out a Facebook campaign designed to do millions a month will have you dreaming about completely different levels of potentiality for yourself! 

3.) Facebook Ads for Scale! If you are running facebook or instagram ads right now and either crushing it or struggling…Nick will walk you through how he takes brands from ZERO to $200,000-$400,000 revenue days at 3-5X ROAS! 

You can have your computer open and make changes RIGHT THERE! 

4.) Adding More Channels, Thinking Internationally! You have a winner… don’t know how to move to another media channel or even go internationally. Think: Snapchat, Hulu, Native, Push Notifications, and Google. This will be discussed… and you will prosper because of it! 

5.) Top Secret, Side Conversations, Business Deals, New Friends and so much more! Listen, this room is real world bad asses only. The price point helps keep it that way… AND …the content is not for newbies who are looking to make an extra buck. 

This is the world of empire builders, world changers, and individuals who are pro’s (or at least have the guts and commitment to be there soon!) You want to be here it’s gonna be lights out… f’n fantastic!

If you decide to join us…I can’t wait to meet you! 

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