High Ticket Hybrid – Mariah Coz



High Ticket Hybrid – Mariah Coz


Right now, you believe your clients must have an hour-long phone conversation in order to invest $5K, $10k or $15K+ in your program.

I'm here to tell you:



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The High Ticket Hybrid System: Enroll High Ticket Clients Without Sales Calls, Live Events, or Crazy Tech

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  • Expiring Bonus: 1:1 Launch Debrief Call with Mariah (when you enroll now)
  • Pay in Full Bonus: 30-minute 1:1 Strategy Call with Mariah


Design, deliver & sell a scalable high ticket group coaching program, without ever doing a sales call.


Right now, you believe your clients must have an hour-long phone conversation in order to invest $5K, $10k or $15K+ in your program.

I'm here to tell you:


There is a way to sell your transformational, high ticket $10k+ programs without sales calls.  

It is an empowering enrollment experience…meaning it's actually a better experience for both you and your potential clients. 

The process and system itself is simple and elegant to execute once you learn it.

Imagine what it will feel like when you are…

  • Creating a hybrid-style group coaching program that serves your best clients at the highest level…  
  • Adding a new revenue stream where one client is worth 10-20 normal course sales…and is just as easy of a no-brainer to sell.  
  • Doubling your course business without needing twice as many leads by adding a high-touch, high ticket group coaching offer that builds on the courses you’ve already created.  
  • Seeing your clients actually show up and get the results they desire, because your program is designed to create the environment for them to thrive in and they are massively committed.  
  • Enrolling up to 5, 10, even 20 clients a month (at a $5k-$15k price point each) using the power of systems and automation, without ever wasting an hour on a 1:1 sales call.  
  • Eliminating “bad-fit” clients easily and quickly with a superior process that allows you to only enroll the best clients without ever having to talk to them on the phone. 
  • Finally feeling like your work is creating the deepest impact for your best clients, and having real connection to the results you help co-create with your clients.

Get High Ticket Hybrid – Mariah Coz , Only Price $397

What would it mean to you to stop doing sales calls for your high ticket offers?

Imagine being able to enroll people into your program effortlessly with a few minutes of high touch connection with them, but no need to ever get on an hour sales call again?

Imagine eliminating the need to hire an expensive, commissions based sales team eating into your profit, and instead invest in a trained and trusted coaching team to wow your clients.


High Ticket Hybrid combines creating a Hybrid Course & Coaching Program with a Hybrid Sales System to deliver major results to your clients, at a premium price point, without sales calls.

I’ve held these secrets close over the last 2.5 years about how I have been able to:

  • Sell a high ticket, high-end coaching program for $10k+ without sales calls using the power of systems and automated funnels. This is unheard of in this industry, and you probably didn't realize it was possible!
  • Design a high ticket “hybrid” program that combines my course and group coaching elements to create a no-brainer offer that gets amazing results for clients. 
  • Hire a dream coaching team to deliver the high-touch elements of the program and delight my clients, so that I am not the bottleneck in the scaling of my high-end offer (My program can have hundreds of clients in it at a time without diminishing the experience of each client).  

Go from "that's impossible" to "that's my new normal" with the High Ticket Hybrid system.

What's included in the High Ticket Hybrid Program:

Access to the 12-Month High Ticket Hybrid Program & Curriculum

This program is very intentionally designed to be a 12 month container, as it will allow us to create your high ticket group coaching program (or optimize the program you currently sell) and then build and optimize the evergreen sales funnel for it. This gives us time to update your program, launch your funnel, and optimize everything!

Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Mariah

Each week, we have high level coaching calls together. This is where we will discuss strategy, overcome challenges, go deep into developing your million-dolar mindset and fix any issues in your program delivery, business model, sales or funnel.

Weekly Critique & Review Your Work

Each week, you will submit your work for feedback and critique. This is where we actually look at the assets you’re creating and give you feedback on everything from your webinar slides to your application page and your program structure. This is how you get our eyes on your business directly. We give you actionable, expert feedback on your copy, structure, strategy, and more.

Private Client-Only FB Group

Connect with the other high-level members of this exclusive program, surround yourself with successful 6- and 7-figure business owners, ask questions and get support in our private group. You'll meet ambitious friends, network with other experts, and see the inner workings of high 6 and 7 figure businesses.

Our Full Curriculum, Template & Standard Operating Procedures Library:

Access all of our resources, downloads and higi-impact training videos inside our private portal. Includes access to more than 40+ Templates, SOPs, Manuals, dashboards and “done for you” documentation on everything from on boarding new clients, selling without sales calls, hiring a team of coaches, and so much more.

Here’s what we’ll do together in the High Ticket Hybrid Program:

  • Design your own High Ticket Hybrid group coaching program to be totally scalable from Day One (so it doesn’t take up a bunch of time) that serves your best clients at the highest level.
  • Determine the messaging, positioning, price point, timeframe and core outcomes of your high ticket offer that makes it an irresistible no-brainer even at a super premium price.  
  • Design the elements of your unique program – how many calls should you include? What milestones could you incorporate? What content should be included?  
  • Create a program where the delivery does NOT take up all of your time, even though it delivers a high-end experience to your clients and gets them incredible results.
  • Hire a team of coaches to delight your clients and deliver your program, so that you are not the bottleneck in the growth of your own program.  
  • Install all of our operations related to managing a high ticket program into your business. This is huge – we will be actually giving you ALL of our internal SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and templates related to how we run the program including Airtable Base templates (our client management system that is life-changing and magical), our internal documentation and processes for everything related to running a high ticket group coaching program (it’s like a done-for-you coaching manual).  
  • Create your evergreen sales system for enrolling high ticket clients WITHOUT EVER DOING A SALES CALL (because yuck, those suck) while still making sure only the best perfect-fit clients get into your program.


Design a hybrid group coaching program that is a no-brainer offer even at a premium price point (you’ll be charging $5k-$15k for your offer) including your pricing, what to include in your program (and not to include!), the positioning and the messaging. We will help you structure an offer that is low-maintenance for you, while delivering an amazing experience and results to clients.

Even if you already have an existing high ticket coaching program, many clients make some impactful tweaks to their program (pricing, timeframe, or delivery) that will make it infinitely easier to sell and deliver. We'll make sure your program is as streamlined and irresistible as possible. 

*Includes templates for outlining your scalable coaching program, pricing, and more



Deliver your program in a way that doesn’t take up all your time. Just because you’re offering a high ticket, high-touch group coaching experience doesn’t mean you should be spending a ton of time delivering it! You can get results for your clients without spending all day in delivery (I currently spend about 4 hours per week on my high ticket program). You’ll create your client management system with our templates, learn how to deliver great group calls and how to run an effective client group – as well as all the little details we do in our program to delight our clients and create raving fans for life.

We’ll make sure your program delivery is streamlined, evergreened, and as automated and organized as possible. You'll even get the tools for hiring a coaching team to run your program so you are not the bottleneck in scaling. 

*Includes templates and SOPs for our entire client management system, running group calls and onboarding clients, and hiring coaches.



Build the simple system to sell your program at scale…without any 1:1 sales calls, live events, or crazy tech! This is the real magic. I have developed a process that allows us to enroll clients into our program with ease, through an automated funnel system. No more wasting hours on “sales calls” with bad-fit clients. We replace your time & energy with powerful assets that do all the heavy lifting.

We take the variables and guesswork out of it. Our system has been perfected over the last 2.5 years so we are able to enroll clients with an empowering enrollment experience that is better for them, and for you, and ultimately so much more profitable than any sales team (why sell on a 1:1 basis when you can sell at scale?)

*Includes templates and SOPs for your application process, the entire funnel end-to-end, marketing, enrolling clients, and more.  

Get High Ticket Hybrid – Mariah Coz , Only Price $397



Module 1: Design Your Scalable High Ticket Offer

  • Design your own High Ticket Hybrid group coaching program to be totally scalable
  • Complete your "Offer Chart" so you can see your entire program laid out on a single page
  • Determine your pricing, deliverables, structure, course content, and what support to include
  • Learn the 2 unique ways to get your clients to the finish line that doesn't require any "accountability".

Module 2: Your Tech & Systems Foundation

  • Prepare to enroll dozens of new clients by getting organized first
  • With a few clicks, install our client management system and lead funnel base into your own business (it's like magic)
  • Set up your automations so that enrolling new clients is easy and hands-off
  • Get your backend set up to scale, so you're ready for the increase in enrollments coming your way!

Module 3: The Client Journey from Onboarding to Renewal

  • See a birds eye view of the entire client journey within your program, from their first onboarding call to their final exit survey
  • SOPs, scripts and templates for successful onboarding calls, welcome sequences, renewal emails, and removing graduating clients.
  • Strategies for successfully renewing clients, increasing the lifetime value and ensuring they want to keep working with you!

Module 4: The High Ticket Hybrid Live Funnel

  • Test your funnel assets LIVE before automating and evergreening the entire system
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and mindset blocks holding you back from stepping into the next level
  • Create all the powerful assets that will serve you for years to come and be worth millions to you over time
  • Includes comprehensive checklists, metric tracking spreadsheets, SOPs and templates for all emails, webinar slides, social selling, and each page you need to create.

Module 5: Deliver Coaching Calls & Critiques Clients Love

  • How to host effective and efficient coaching calls and critiques that your clients love
  • SOPs and templates for coaching call documents and critique documents, so you and your coaches go into each call super organized and ready to rock
  • Protocols and systems for managing a high-touch client FB group at scale: best practices, post templates, and more.
  • "Plug-and-Play" Group Response Library to make training coaches and answering repetitive questions easy and quick

Module 6: Client Milestones

  • "Milestones" are one of the unique ways we make sure our clients make progress in the program
  • Design and develop your own unique Milestones for your program
  • SOPs on How to Deliver Milestone Calls and Milestone Gifts
  • Includes templates, pre-made forms, and SOPs for collecting client Milestone data, and hosting Milestone calls effectively.

Module 7: Hire Your Dream Coaching Team

  • Everything you need to hire and train a trusted team of coaches to delight your clients and deliver your program promises for you
  • Includes the Hiring dashboard, and pre-made application forms for organizing applicants
  • The 3-Step Hiring Process workflows
  • Includes templates and SOPs for all hiring interviews with what questions to ask and done-for-you test projects
  • Includes coaching training manual template with examples

Module 8: High Ticket Hybrid Evergreen Automated Funnel

  • Arrange and automate your assets into the perfect evergreen enrollment experience for your clients
  • Measure your evergreen funnel metrics end to end withour plug-and-play spreadsheets
  • Includes all the templates, SOPs, and workflows for building the evergreen funnel and managing it day to day.
  • Install our "done for you" Funnel Dashboard into your business instantly with a few clicks, to keep your leads organized.
  • Social selling scripts and library of objection handling responses ready to use

Module 9: Driving Applications to Your Evergreen High Ticket Funnel

  • Once your automated funnel is up and running, it's time to drive consistent traffic to the application
  • Learn both paid and organic strategies for driving qualified applications 24/7
  • Optimize your website, social media, and content strategy for organic applications
  • Set up the 3 must-have FB ads to drive qualified paid traffic to your application

Module 10: Advanced Marketing Strategies (COMING SOON)

  • Scale your High Ticket Program with powerful advanced strategies
  • Learn about using Youtube Ads for attracting premium clients with high impact video
  • Create a monthly campaign to drive enrollments
  • Build a unique "pre-application" webinar to increase applications
  • Leverage paid live workshops into high ticket clients
  • More secret strategies for scaling!



Host Your Own 7-Figure Virtual Events

  • Templates, Scripts, and SOPs for hosting profitable virtual events that sell your high ticket program
  • How to set everything up and run a seamless, smooth event
  • The exact system we used to bring in over $800k+ in sales in with no sales calls, and added 1500+ paid customers to our list.
  • This bonus alone is worth the entire investment, it’s a brand new full course!


Get High Ticket Hybrid – Mariah Coz , Only Price $397

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Purchase High Ticket Hybrid – Mariah Coz Course at Brainet. You will get full course. Downloads are quick and at no extra cost.


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