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Growth Master Training Course – Sean Ellis


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Growth Master Training Course

Drive Breakout Growth by Becoming a Certified Growth Master

Breakout growth requires an effective Growth Master leading the charge. This is a self-paced course taught by Sean Ellis, founder and CEO of GrowthHackers, that will teach you the fundamentals to become an effective Growth Master. He shares best practices for leading a team to execute a growth process that drives results. Sean has evolved these best practices through his roles leading growth efforts at Dropbox, LogMeIn and Eventbrite and by collaborating with effective growth leaders at other breakout success companies such as Facebook, Uber and Slack.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • keep your team consistently engaged in growth
  • prepare in advance for each growth meeting
  • conduct an effective growth meeting to maximize the growth
  • follow up after each growth meeting to ensures plans are effectively executed
  • focus your team on the highest leverage growth opportunities
  • accelerate your team’s testing velocity for maximum growth learning

This course is designed for anyone who wants to become an effective Growth Master. Effective growth masters often have backgrounds as marketers, product managers, growth analysts or even founders.


Sean Ellis, CEO and Founder of GrowthHackers, co-author of Hacking Growth, former growth/marketing leader at Dropbox, Eventbrite, LogMeIn and Lookout.


At the end of the course you’ll have an opportunity to become a certified Growth Master by getting at least nine correct answers on the 10-question exam.

Class Curriculum

Section 1: Course Goals & Agenda

  • Welcome to the Course + Course Goals and Agenda (4:32)

Section 2: Key Growth Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Section 2 – Key Growth Fundamentals (0:43)
  • Lecture: Growth is Cross-Functional (3:43)
  • Lecture: Finding Your North Star Metric (5:07)
  • Lecture: Testing Drives Growth (4:52)
  • Lecture: Twitter's Accelerated Testing (1:41)
  • Lecture: Focus Testing on Specific Objectives (6:57)

Section 3: The Growth Process

  • Introduction to Section 3 – The Growth Process (0:35)
  • Lecture: What's an Effective Growth Process (2:27)
  • Lecture: The Growth Testing Process (2:21)
  • Lecture: Analyze the Situation (1:48)
  • Lecture: Idea Generation for Objectives (4:24)
  • Lecture: Inputs That Drive Growth Ideas (3:49)
  • Lecture: Prioritize in Weekly Growth Meeting (4:07)
  • Lecture: Launch Tests (3:47)
  • Lecture: Analyze Tests and Report Progress (3:27)
  • Lecture: Easy Access to Testing History (1:55)
  • Lecture: Test Analysis Leads to New Ideas (1:29)
  • Lecture: Repeat to Achieve Objectives (1:33)

Section 4: The GrowthMaster Role

  • Introduction to Section 4 – The GrowthMaster Role (0:23)
  • Lecture: Qualities of a Good GrowthMaster (3:20)
  • Lecture: The GrowthMaster Role (3:36)
  • Lecture: GrowthMaster Daily Activities (3:20)

Section 5: The Growth Team

  • Introduction to Section 5 – The Growth Team (0:23)
  • Lecture: Cross Functional Growth Team (1:20)
  • Lecture: Who Should be on the Growth Team (2:12)
  • Lecture: Growth Team Models (2:24)

Section 6: The Growth Meeting

  • Introduction to Section 6 – The Growth Meeting (0:52)
  • Lecture: The Weekly Growth Meeting (1:32)
  • Lecture: Pre-Meeting Preparation (1:40)
  • Lecture: Characteristics of a Qualified Idea (2:23)
  • Lecture: Weekly Nominations From Team (1:36)
  • Lecture: Who Attends the Growth Meeting (2:00)
  • Lecture: Maintain Sense of Urgency (2:25)
  • Lecture: Weekly Growth Meeting Agenda (2:43)
  • Lecture: KPI Review (2:58)
  • Lecture: Objective Progress, Key Learnings (1:59)
  • Lecture: Review Planned Test Launches (2:39)
  • Lecture: Choosing Right Tests to Launch (4:14)
  • Lecture: Growth of Idea Backlog (1:53)
  • Lecture: Post Growth Meeting (1:05)

Section 7: Pulling it All Together & Conclusion

  • Introduction to Section 7 – Pulling it All Together & Conclusion (0:29)
  • Lecture: Pulling It All Together (2:27)
  • Lecture: The Good GrowthMaster… (2:05)
  • Conclusion (0:49)

Section 8: Resources & Certification Exam

  • Resources
  • Quiz: GrowthMaster Certification

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