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Get Into Your Creative Flow – Steven Kotier


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If creativity is already core to your life, then this program is perfect for you. This could mean you’re a copywriter at an ad agency, a scientist hunting a breakthrough, a coder designing software, an entrepreneur dreaming up your next start-up, a writer aching to finish that novel or a landscape painter trapped in the life of an accountant — all that matters is that generating novel ideas (and putting those ideas out in the world in some form or another) is core to your life and purpose.

Why Does “Flow for Creatives” even matter?

  • You keep losing the battle to be innovative in the rush to be productive.
  • You have writer’s block or coder’s block or painter’s block and the thing you used to love most in your life has become a source of pain and frustration.
  • You have trouble managing your emotions and fear keeps getting in the way of your good ideas.
  • You have trouble sustaining momentum on projects and tend to quit early rather than to finish what you started.
  • You have no idea how to gain access to groundbreaking insights and ideas when you need them most.
  • You don’t actually believe creativity is trainable.
  • You’re numbing yourself with substances and placating yourself with distractions as a way to ignore the fact that you’re not living up to your creative potential.
  • You get lost in the fixing to get ready phase, and never get down to business.
  • You keep bashing into creative walls but never breaking thru.
  • Your emotions keeping getting in the way of your desired outcomes. Fear of failure keeps you from committing to projects; perfectionism keeps you from making your work public.

Flow For Creatives can help.

It’s like an inspiration turbo-boost training program. It’s practical, experiential and experimental. You learn a new idea about Flow and Creativity, apply it to whatever problem you’re trying to solve, see what happens, then make it your own.

And, did you know…

  • When in Flow, your creative problem-solving abilities can spike by over 400 percent.
  • Research done at Harvard shows that the heightened creativity produced by Flow can outlast the state by a day, sometimes two—suggesting that Flow actually trains the brain to think more creatively over the long haul.
  • Creatives are more prone to depression than most people, but an understanding of the process can protect against this liability.
  • Creativity tops the list of 21st-century skills—meaning those skills that are essential for thriving in the modern world—yet 75 percent of people think they’re not living up to their creative potential.
  • The baseline brainwave state produced by Flow is also the ready condition for “Ah-ha” insight, meaning being in the zone makes you primed for breakthrough insight.
  • Fear blocks creativity, while Flow resets the nervous system, calming us down so we can avoid burnout and gain access to much-needed insight.
  • Unless you know how to train the brain properly, most people tap into their deepest creative potential at age 5.
  • Frustration is actually a built-in component of the creative process—it’s a sign that you’re moving in the right direction not a sign that you’re going about it all wrong.

Life is better than ever and we are feeling worse than evener. We are neurotic, stressed, unmotivated and it’s literally killing us. This class is for anyone that is serious about staying in their highest performing state.

*Warning: this instructor occasionally uses strong language. Viewer discretion advised*

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  • 1. How To WatchDuration:01:16
  • 2. Introduction to WorkshopDuration:06:13
  • 3. What is CreativityDuration:04:59
  • 4. Mapping the Creative ProcessDuration:02:57
  • 5. The Creative PersonalityDuration:10:58
  • 6. Fulfill Your Creative PotentialDuration:03:09
  • 7. The Seven Creative AgreementsDuration:15:21
  • 8. ReframingDuration:10:37
  • 9. The Bannister EffectDuration:07:17
  • 10. Flow OverviewDuration:05:33
  • 11. The Science of FlowDuration:13:31
  • 12. Your Brain on FlowDuration:22:34
  • 13. Your Flow ProfileDuration:10:23
  • 14. Flow TriggersDuration:08:42
  • 15. Tuning the Challenge Skill BalanceDuration:18:38
  • 16. Overview of the Flow CycleDuration:03:39
  • 17. The Struggle PhaseDuration:05:05
  • 18. Hacking the GrindDuration:11:15
  • 19. Hacking the MindDuration:12:01
  • 20. Hacking the MostDuration:07:39
  • 21Sh*t to do When Sh*t Goes WrongDuration:10:13
  • 22. The Release PhaseDuration:03:01
  • 23. Release TriggersDuration:17:50
  • 24. Build a Trigger ListDuration:12:38
  • 25. The MacGyver MethodDuration:08:12
  • 26. The Flow PhaseDuration:05:43
  • 27. The High Perch ExperienceDuration:08:53
  • 28. Flow's Creative TriggerDuration:08:00
  • 29. Minimal Feedback for FlowDuration:03:55
  • 30. The Recovery PhaseDuration:10:27
  • 31. Post-Flow VisualizationDuration:04:08
  • 32. BONUS SEGMENT – The Passion RecipeDuration:04:42

Get Get Into Your Creative Flow – Steven Kotier, Only Price $35

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