Email Delivery Secrets – Kevin Polley



Email Delivery Secrets – Kevin Polley


Email Delivery Problems Affect Virtually Every Business Owner.

Your Profits are Being Needlessly Slashed to the Bone & The Problem is Getting Worse


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Email Delivery Problems Affect Virtually Every Business Owner.

Your Profits are Being Needlessly Slashed to the Bone & The Problem is Getting Worse

Some of the causes are avoidable.

Some of the reasons will shock your socks off!

Now you can discover Easy Changes you Must make if you want to get more of your emails delivered in 2018 and beyond …

Email-marketing Fact & The Issue Facing Business Owners & Marketers

If you’ve been involved in any form of email marketing or you’ve been involved in the ‘internet marketing‘ scene for more than 15 minutes.  You already know that there is a very simple … ‘guaranteed formula‘ …  for email marketing success.  It’s the formula that is the ‘secret‘ virtually every ‘marketer‘ is happy to sell you.  And it boils down to two parts.

This is it and I’m sorry if you’ve paid good money to learn it elsewhere. Ready …

The formula for email marketing success is simple!

1) Build a list.
2) Send emails to your list

– That’s it.  It’s the short version of a much deeper story as I’m sure you can appreciate but the proof that this simple system is true and works comes from the DMA (The Direct Marketing Association).

Year on year they continually report that email marketing has the best return on investment compared to any other form of promotional activity, including SEO, Social media, and paid advertising.

This image from their 2017 email tracking report clearly shows that on average email marketers get a return on investment of £30 for every £1 they spend.


There is an issue though, and it comes into force when you look at the basic assumptions behind email marketing that are normally used as a sales pitch to get you to buy a course or email marketing product:

  1. Sending more emails to your ever growing list contacts & leads means more opens
  2. More opens means more clicks
  3. More clicks means more sales
  4. And more sales means more money for You

The problem is that virtually every business owner I speak with has email delivery problems. This means that your email marketing efforts are failing at the first hurdle.

You’re sending out emails but the facts (as you’ll see below) show that over 50% in many cases are not being delivered.  And this problem is getting worse.

The saddest thing for me is that some of you don’t even know you have delivery issues but I can change that and show you what to look for and where.

If you can’t get your emails delivered in the first place, you won’t get sales.

The great news is … because of the continual research I do in my business and for my clients, I know why you are having delivery problems and I have ways to solve most of them.

I can’t  solve all of them for some of you because they are outside of your control and mine but I can show you what they are.  They will open your eyes and shock you!

The most valuable asset we all have is our time.

I’m fortunate to have clients that are happy to pay me up to $1000 per hour to identify and solve their email problems when the shit hits their fan. I admit it doesn’t happen every day and I can get to the root of most problems in under 30 minutes because I know where to look and what to look for.

But let’s face a very cold, hard business fact …

Business owners depend on emails getting to customers.

When those emails stop being delivered (or your delivery rates start going down) you need to know why and how to fix it quickly because no emails delivered means less or No Income.  And if you’re running a 5 or 6 figure per month business, spending a couple of $K with someone like me, to restart or improve your email delivery rates, to keep the cash coming in is an investment.

I thought long and hard about posting this next image.  Personally, I don’t trust all of those proof of income pictures you see these days.  But … even though you can fully understand that having no email delivered means no sales, if you don’t know me, you’ve never heard of me or you’re still struggling to make your first $100 day, it kinda feels like I need to prove that people like you really do pay me to help them get better results from their email marketing efforts.

Before I set some expectations and cover what I’m offering you today, here’s a snapshot showing some of the payments coming into my PayPal account.  It’s up to you if you believe it’s real.  Just remember that while all that income looks good I still have to pay my bills and taxes so it’s not all profit and some days I don’t make a bean.  That’s just business.


To save your time and mine lets cover some expectations up front.

  • I’ve been accused of being ‘too frank’ and ‘too honest’.  I like saying it as it is.
  • This is definitely not a ‘push button’ solution that will make you rich overnight.
  • There is no guarantee that you will improve your email profitability even when you do improve your email delivery rates using what you learn in this training. You could be a crap copywriter trying to send an unengaged list to an equally crap sales page.
  • There is no magic button that you can press that will instantly get your emails delivered in to your prospects and customers inboxes. You may need to make a few changes to your basic email marketing practices.
  • At the price I’m offering this self-help training for, I’m not going to do it for you.
  • You will need to implement and apply what you learn from me.
  • There are no upsells – This is it.
  • >> There is no money back guarantee. << Everything in this training is 100% fact based and you can’t unlearn something.

If any of this is not what you want to hear or expect close this window and move on.

(Sidenote: I’m more than happy to see a few people leave in search of instant riches and magic solutions that are as real as the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas (sorry kids).   That way I can focus on helping those of you who want top quality, current, fact-based information that you can (and will)  implement to start helping yourselves getting more emails delivered.)

So … what is included?  what will you be getting?

Over a two month period, I manually analyzed and reviewed over 4000 emails that got caught by spam traps and filters.  That’s out of the almost 600,000 emails sent into just one of my monitoring accounts by marketers (and my clients) just like you.


I identified the most common reasons why over 70% of these legitimate emails never make it to a reader’s inbox. Then I produced a series of videos that expose the real reasons and show you how to overcome your email delivery problems.

Quite frankly, what I discovered shocked even me (and I’m not talking about the low delivery rate as you’ll see on the inside). These videos have the potential to re-shape and shake-up the email marketing industry.  At a bare minimum, many of you will question if you’re using the right autoresponder service.

Here’s what you’ll get and discover:

  • Almost 1 hour of fact-based video training
  • Why much of the email marketing industry has a problem.
  • The root cause of the problem and how big it really is.
  • How commercially available spam filters actually work.
  • How silly, easily avoidable mistakes that other marketers (and probably you) are making, force emails into the spam bin so they never get read. – You need to stop doing these.
  • How to discover the mistakes others make and not make the same mistakes yourself – I teach you how to fish for your self.
  • The single most important thing you should do before sending your email to your list
  • How the wrong type of question means a guaranteed trip to the spam bin
  • How offering a guarantee in the wrong way can reduce your chance of a sale by 53%
  • This ‘invisible’ issue that reduces your emails delivery chances by 39%
  • Why not all CTA links are created equal and some guarantee a one way trip to the spam bin
  • and a few other gems that will give you a much better chance of having your email seen by your contacts and clients which will lead to more sales for you.

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Purchase Email Delivery Secrets – Kevin Polley Course at Brainet. You will get full course. Downloads are quick and at no extra cost.


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