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To the transformational coach who struggles to enjoy the income and freedom they thought they would achieve as an independent coach…

Discover the Elements of a Sustainable and Totally Achievable 6-Figure Coaching Practice

Learn how to design a solid action plan customized to your goals and personal style to achieve your dream coaching practice — so you can finally enjoy the income and impact you desire without burning out, losing joy, or compromising on your freedom ever again.

Are you a New Coach who has just secured your first client?

Congratulations! That’s simply AMAZING. But do you know what to do next?

Do you know…

  • … how much you should charge? Should it be per hour? Or do you give a package price? Is there an industry average? Do you qualify to charge premium prices? What if it’s too expensive for clients? What is an attractive offer without undervaluing your worth?
  • … what package you should offer? How long should your sessions be? Is there a standard practice to follow? Should you sell a course? What about group coaching? Do corporate clients have different packages?
  • … how to juggle coaching and marketing? How do you keep a stream of new clients while serving current clients? Should you spend more time blogging? Networking? Growing your newsletter subscriber list? Social media?

Or perhaps you’re more a Seasoned Coach, and you find yourself…

  • … swamped with clients but still only just getting by. You thought that having more clients would lead to success and freedom. So how come you’re barely making ends meet despite working yourself to exhaustion? Something feels broken.
  • … burning out and losing impact. You’re spread too thin with so many clients to keep up with. You barely have time to rest, much less give each client the devoted attention and focus they deserve. You are not achieving the full impact you know is possible with them. It’s frustrating.
  • … in doubt and losing joy. Worst of all, you are beginning to doubt yourself. You have begun to believe that maybe this isn’t your path, or maybe you haven’t got what it takes. What used to feel like your life’s calling is now a source of stress and uncertainty. You feel helpless, directionless, and scared.

Don’t be scared. You’re not alone

There are many coaches like you who face the same struggles. And it has nothing to do with “not having what it takes” or “not being good enough”. It’s simply because most business resources out there don’t cater specifically to coaches and don’t understand the dynamics of a coaching practice.

Without the right guidance, many coaches mistakenly fall into the trap of trying to “grow their coaching business”.

Get Elements – Christina Berkley, Only Price 47$

In a world obsessed with business growth strategies, coaches are not taught how to design a coaching business

Here’s something a typically frustrated, burned-out coach would say:

“I have a website, I have a blog, I have social media followers, I go to networking events, I’ve secured clients… so why am I still struggling to get by? Why am I still exhausted? Where’s the income, freedom, and satisfaction I thought I’d enjoy with my own coaching practice?”

First, we need to get one thing straight.

Digital marketing experts are great at what they specialise in. There’s nothing bad or wrong with digital marketing, blogging, social media, and so on. But here’s the thing.

Coaching is a relationship business.

This is so important that it needs to be said again. Coaching is a relationship business. This means coaching is NOT a volume business. Therefore, to be a wildly successful coach…

  • You don’t need a fancy website
  • You don’t need a huge email list
  • You don’t need thousands of social media followers
  • You don’t need to have celebrity status
  • You don’t even need a business card (!)

What you need is an important mindshift.

Transformational coaching is a personalised relationship business, which you can’t (and should not) sell in high volume at a low price.

That’s why the coaching business doesn’t thrive on conventional marketing strategies and online presence that create high traffic volume, large social media followings, huge amounts of subscribers, or celebrity status popularity.

And that’s also why trying to “grow your coaching business” on these conventional marketing strategies will NOT attract the kind of high-performing, high-paying clients you need to enjoy a thriving coaching business with the kind of income, impact, and freedom you desire.

Which is why now, the most important mindshift you need to make is going from “growing a coaching business” to “designing a coaching business”.

You need to design a coaching business that:

  • DOES NOT depend on investing time and money into digital marketing to succeed
  • DOES NOT depend on becoming the most popular to “stand out from the crowd”
  • DOES NOT depend on getting more clients to earn more income

But instead:

  • Thrives entirely on your unique gifts to create more impact
  • Lets you to spend more time doing what you enjoy and working in your genius zone
  • Can be fully customized to fit your working style, lifestyle, and goals

So how do you design this kind of coaching business for yourself?

Well, you need to have ALL the right elements.

Imagine trying to bake a cake using only flour

Can you bake a cake with just one ingredient?

Of course not. You can’t bake a cake with only flour. Or only eggs. Or only sugar. You need to have all the ingredients. Sure, different cakes and recipes will have different variations and proportions of ingredients, but the core ingredients often remain the same.

Designing a coaching practice is much like this.

Just as a cake is made from core ingredients, a successful coaching practice is made from many core elements. There can be different variations and proportions of the elements, but you need all of them.

You simply can’t create a successful coaching practice with just one element. Yet this is exactly what many coaches try to do.

For example, a coach may learn about one-on-one coaching from a few experts. They then think they have everything they need to build their dream coaching practice just by using one-on-one coaching only.

That’s like learning all about flour from a few flour experts, and then thinking you can successfully bake a cake with only flour simply because you now know everything there is to ever know about flour.

It doesn’t make sense, right?

So you see, the key to building a 6-figure coaching practice is to learn about ALL the elements of a successful coaching practice, how they work, and how to apply it with your own creativity to design A PERSONAL recipe of success that perfectly fits your individual style and life goals.

So here’s the good news.

We are about to show you all the elements you need to design your dream coaching practice, so you can finally enjoy the income and impact you desire without burning out, losing joy, or compromising your freedom ever again.

Read on till the end to discover the elements that will shift how you design and run your dream coaching practice, which in turn will totally shift your income, impact, and freedom to the next level.

But before we tell you more about these elements, there’s someone you should meet.

Author Profile

About Christina Berkley

Christina Berkley is a passionate advocate for people that want to stand in their own POWER. As a life coach and speaker living in New York City, she has worked with clients that include moms, politicians, celebrities, musicians, activists, entrepreneurs, and other coaches. By working with people to develop their unique strengths, she thrives when she sees her clients transform and make huge impacts in the world.

Her motivations to coach are a lot like yours, really. Passionate to share her unique gifts, she knew that coaching was her calling.Nothing gave her as much joy than to help someone achieve life-changing breakthroughs.

So she pursued coaching on her own. With no guidance, system, or mentors, she struggled. She was living under poverty level in New York City. She couldn’t even afford to buy new boots from PayLess and remembers walking through a slushy ice storm with wet socks and frostbite. Her roommates were letting her eat their food because she couldn’t afford food.

However, Christina was determined to make it work. She got part-time jobs and whatever it took to get by. She muddled around for over three years, trying to figure out the ways and practices to sustain herself as a coach. Eventually, she managed to acquire clients and was even holding events and giving talks as a coach. From the outside looking in, it would seem that she had finally found success. But in reality, things were still bleak.

Christina was now juggling 17 clients, writing blogs and newsletters, hosting numerous workshops, and running around to acquire new clients. She was tired, burned out, had no life, and had only just enough money. She was disappointed to realize that she had built a completely unsustainable coaching practice and she didn’t know how to fix it.

After six years of struggling, Christina came across The Prosperous Coach, and it completely shifted how she approached her coaching practice. Christina immediately put what she learned into action. While the Prosperous Coach tremendously helped Christina improve the way she approached her business to create her dream clients, she soon realised she also needed an action plan to follow through after securing clients. Pulling together everything that she had previously learned from six years of trial and error as a struggling coach, Christina identified the key elements needed to design her dream coaching practice.

In the end, Christina transformed her business from coaching 17 clients and having no life, to powerfully serving just five one-on-one clients a year with more income, impact, and freedom than ever. Today she wants to help you discover how you can design your dream life simply by learning to design your dream coaching practice with Elements: Your Path to Creating a Fun-Filled Prosperous Coaching Practice.

Get Elements – Christina Berkley, Only Price 47$

What You’ll Learn

Introducing Elements:

Your Path to Creating a Fun-Filled Prosperous Coaching Practice The Elements of Coaching

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In this self-paced video course, you’ll:

01 Know how to create your service packages

Learn how you can get creative with each element to create service packages that fit your unique gifts and will position you as a credible and valuable premium coach.

02 Know how to structure your 1-day intensives

So you can deliver maximum value to your clients and be able to charge premium prices for it.

03 Know how to maximize your 1-on-1 coaching

Stop trading hours for dollars and learn how to deliver a variety of packages for different needs that go deeper for more value.

04 Have the ability to put together a year-long platinum program

(If you desire) so you can earn passive income and enable your financial freedom.

05 Overcome your fears and increase your confidence

So that you can have the clarity in how to deliver your unique strengths and talents to transform people’s lives.

06 Strengthen your wealth consciousness

So you can charge what you’re really worth without self-doubt. You’ll also handle any inner mindset issues that may have been holding you back so you’ll never be stuck in your business.

07 Have the exact marketing techniques for how to sell your high-end services

So you don’t have to worry about where you are going to find your high-end clients.

08 Have worksheets, documents and resources of everything you need

Everything you need to successfully run your coaching practice without stress, from homework and assessment worksheets to 1-on-1 coaching templates and contracts.

09 Unlock the freedom to live your best life

Have the financial and lifestyle freedom you’ve always dreamed of. Spend more time with loved ones. Strike off your bucket list. Create more impact through philanthropic works. And passionately pursue every other way your heart and soul wants to soar.

10 Enjoy the Q&A support

To ensure your success is consistent and sustainable so you’ll never have to suffer the “feast or famine” cycle or face burnout ever again.

Course Information

What you will get in the self-paced home study video course, “Elements: Your Path to Creating a Fun-Filled Prosperous Coaching Practice”


Building An Empowering Community

Topics includes:

  • How to go beyond just likes and subscribers to build a truly empowering community that serves a broad range of people and gets your message out
  • How to use your community platform to establish your expertise and credibility
  • Learn how to leverage the impact in your community to create your dream clients
  • Get the exact how-tos of running a powerful community, both online and in-person with best practices to follow and loads of ideas you can adapt to your unique style and personality
  • PLUS: Tools to easily manage newsletters, blogs, webinars and more so you can choose which one serves you best


II Deeper & More Powerful 1-on-1 Coaching

Topics includes:

  • The secret to charging higher rates for your 1-on-1 coaching and how to position it to attract highly committed clients
  • Optimal pricing structures to fit the different times in an entrepreneur cycles, as well as pricing structures for non-profits and corporate clients
  • Get the exact how-to’s to powerfully run 1-on-1 coaching sessions, deliver impact even between sessions, and how to close renewals and referrals
  • The real answer to the pressing question: “Should I display my rates on my website?”
  • PLUS: Sample contracts, agreements, welcome pack, pre/post-session reports, journaling and other materials to smoothly facilitate 1-on-1 sessions


III Dynamic Group Coaching

Topics includes:

  • Learn how to optimise your time to enjoy more freedom while increasing your impact
  • Discover how group coaching can bring a completely different dynamic that your clients will love
  • Get the exact how-to’s you need to confidently run group coaching (even if you’ve never done one before!) with exact guidelines on logistics, softwares, and structure
  • How to deal with difficult group members who are being problematic without attacking them while powerfully serving them
  • PLUS: 3 powerful exercises from Brian Johnson, Michael Nell and Sean Stephenson to supercharge your group coaching skills


IV Up Close & Personal – Apprenticeship / Mentorship

Topics includes:

  • Understand what an apprenticeship or mentorship truly entails and how it can deliver an ongoing, deeper training to reach greater heights and open exciting new possibilities
  • How to position your apprenticeship or mentorship services to attract highly successful people (even those who most people think don’t need coaching!)
  • Tips to add deliver extra value to your clients in your apprenticeship or mentorship program
  • Get the exact how-tos from structuring different levels of apprenticeship or mentorship programs to pricing and logistics
  • PLUS: How to create a deeper, more personal relationship that help your clients succeed beyond their wildest dreams


Transformative Intensives

Topics includes:

  • Understand what an intensive truly entails and how it can powerfully serve a truly transformational impact in less time
  • Tips to add more dynamic, joy and diversity to your coaching practice with intensives that leave a truly lasting impact your clients will remember for life
  • Guidelines on how to structure the price of an intensive, including a logistics checklist that you need to consider
  • Get the exact how-tos for both online and in-person sessions, including how to follow-up post session to ensure lasting impact and momentum of their progress
  • PLUS: Specific example with exact details of how to structure exciting, powerful and transformational intensives unique to your strengths


VI The Art of Authentic Sales

Topics includes:

  • How to market to and appeal to a broad range of people with different needs, budgets and goals
  • The optimal number of options to have on your menu of services that doesn’t overwhelm your potential clients (or you!)
  • Why you shouldn’t trade hours for dollars with hourly rates and what you should do instead
  • Exact how-tos on managing different payment options, such as up-front payment, payment plans and automatic payments
  • PLUS: Tips to find your “Happy Price” with a powerful exercise from Michael Ellsberg


VII Powerful Worksheets

Topics includes:

  • Sample worksheets from marketing to logistics, assessments, homework and contracts that you can adapt or use right away
  • Pricing worksheets so you’re no longer stabbing in the dark and experimenting with what your prices should be
  • PLUS: Filtering questions you can use to ensure you create the committed clients perfectly aligned with your style and that you are super excited to work with

Get Elements – Christina Berkley, Only Price 47$

Let’s do the Math

You might be wondering how Elements can help you achieve a 6-figure coaching business. So let’s do some simple math with a walkthrough on how you could design a $200,000 coaching practice with less than 30 clients.

Here’s an example of a simple design using the elements:

Img Table

That’s how simple it is to earn a $200,000 year from servicing just 29 clients, who you can give deep attention and focus for maximum impact.

Even if you were not entirely comfortable to charge at these rates and were to halve the charges, you’d still be pulling in a 6-figure annual income. When you consider the average earnings of a coach barely scrapes in at $20,000 a year, this will easily put you in the top 4% of coaches.

So, how much would you be willing to invest to design your own 6-figure coaching business? Even if you were to invest $50,000, you can get a ROI of 100% or more. Now, there’s no bank that could promise you a ROI that high! So even if we were to charge you $50,000 for this, it will be more than worth it.

And yet, we want to make “Elements” even more accessible for every coach, especially for new coaches who are just starting out. We want to do this because we believe in the transformational work that you do, and so we want to help you succeed, increase your impact, and contribute towards a better world.

That’s why it’s not going to cost you anywhere near $50,000 or even half of that. We could easily charge $3,000 or $2,000, but we want to make it even more affordable than that.

Which is why we have made “Elements: Your Path to Creating a Fun-Filled Prosperous Coaching Practice”available at a standard price of just $299.

Just getting one sale from your 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, intensives, apprentice or mentorship will pay for this three, four, five times over or even more.

How is “Elements” different to other coaching programs?

01 You’ll get everything you need to know on the elements of a 6-figure coaching practice

How do I create a intensive? What do I charge? What about paperwork? How do I work with an assistant? What logistics do I need to be aware of when creating and selling these packages? How do I market it? Where do I find these high-end clients who will be willing to pay for this?

All these real life questions will be covered in the video lessons step-by-step as your progress. You’ll also have all your business foundations secured, so that you have all of your structures and systems in place, from marketing through to legal contracts, session forms, homework assignments and everything in between!

02 You’ll get to customize and design a coaching practice that fits your exact needs, lifestyle and goals

Coaching is all about YOUR unique talents and strengths and that’s exactly what we recognize. That’s why this course is designed to help you become the master architect of designing and running a business that is 100% YOU and that you are 100% in LOVE with.

So you won’t find in this course some kind of magic 5-step formula for success you simply replicate to make a million bucks without doing any work (these magic formulas don’t exist, by the way.) What you’ll get instead is true empowerment to master the elements that other top coaches have proven are essential for success, and then take it and design it YOUR way. Which means you’ll have a prosperous coaching practice that allows you to do more of what you love and thrive in your genius zone.

03 You’ll learn real-life lessons that has worked for me and other coaches like you

You won’t find dry textbook stuff or fake case studies. This self-paced home study video course takes you through everything that I know about creating a 6-figure coaching practice while balancing life in the real world (in other words, while still having a life you love!).

Christina openly tells you all the mistakes she made and all the course corrections she took to help you create flawless and seamless experience for yourself and your clients, so that you really can raise your rates charge your worth in a way that feels congruent and authentic to you, and enjoy the financial and lifestyle freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

Imagine how your life can grow on the foundation of freedom

Having mastery of the elements of coaching doesn’t just give you the freedom to design your own rewarding coaching practice. It ultimately gives you the freedom to design your dream life.

Just imagine all the possibilities that are open for you when your life is empowered on the foundation of freedom. The sky’s the limit.

Img Tree

Do you want to stay stuck? Or do you want to choose freedom?

How many years have you struggled with your income – just surviving instead of thriving as a coach who can truly give the best of yourself to your clients?

You can choose to stay stuck struggling to figure things out on your own for years on end. Or you can choose to accelerate past the struggle by learning the elements that go into designing a 6-figure coaching practice without compromising your freedom or impact.

Don’t you think it’s time play full out?

Don’t you think it’s time to make full use of your unique gifts and impact?

Don’t you think it’s time you deserve to enjoy the income and freedom you desire to take your life to a level where your heart and soul will soar?

Then it’s time you learn how to master the elements of a 6-figure coaching practice and build yourself a larger, more encompassing coaching practice that is truly satisfying — both for the bottom line and for your heart.

You can do it. You really, really can. And it will be a lot of fun.

All you need to do is TAKE ACTION in the RIGHT DIRECTION today.

Get Elements – Christina Berkley, Only Price 47$

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