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Easy Auction Business 2015 – Andrew Minalto



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Discover How To Make £500+ p.w. FROM YOUR BEDROOM Selling HOT PRODUCTS on eBay & Amazon!

  • WITHOUT a ton of start-up capital,
  • WITHOUT dealing with Scammers,
  • WITHOUT being a computer techie, and
  • WITHOUT any business experience!

Dear Frustrated Entrepreneur,

You’ve tried so many wholesale directories, wholesale lists, dropshipping companies and the latest product sourcing solutions… and you don’t know whom or what to believe in anymore!

You’re just fed up with this endless searching and your dream of sourcing hot selling products to sell on eBay and Amazon and make loads of cash suddenly seems quite unrealistic…

That’s where I come in. My name is Andrew Minalto and I’m a trusted eBay PowerSeller/TRS, CEO of SpicyAuctionTemplates.com. I run successful information, eBay and trade businesses and host one of the UK’s leading eCommerce blogs – AndrewMinalto.com.

But my success has come at a price. I have had some very low points in my life when I was constantly depressed and totally lost. I worked long hours in a dusty warehouse packing boxes for “Primark” stores:


But I always had a dream that I could one day quit my day job to work from home. I spent hundreds and thousands of pounds on all kind of systems, wholesale lists and dropshipping ventures to finally discover a way of sourcing products cheap enough to be able to sell them on eBay & Amazon for profit.

I lost a few grand on 4 separate Asian wholesale deals. This was the worst period in my life, and it’s really hard to remember it all…

Doesn’t This Sound Familiar?

Dear Andrew,

I’m desperate… I’m really desperate and hope you can help me. I saw your posts in the forum and thought maybe you can help me out. I have spent the last 4 months on the internet looking for wholesale products to sell on eBay. I joined several wholesale directories just to find out a list of crappy websites with prices much higher than eBay. I bought 6 wholesale lists off eBay, they were useless.

I registered on Alibaba, DH Gate and Tradekey but I have a feeling that there are a lot of scammers out there because they offer some unbelievable low prices for PS4s I was looking for. I found one reliable (in my opinion) supplier on Tradekey but they only accept wire transfer as a payment option.

I really don’t want to lose any money. What should I do? Is it really possible to get products from trusted suppliers cheap enough to make money on eBay & Amazon? I’m thinking of joining 2 dropshipping companies but they ask for a registration fee of 30 and 100 quid. Is it worth a try? I don’t know their pricing structure yet but they advertise that they have more than 3000 members who make money on eBay & Amazon by selling their product range.

Thank You in advance, 


Oh David – I feel your pain, I do! I have been through everything you mentioned in your email and tons more.

Did I mention that I paid £200 for a website “loaded” with 10 000 products? An easy money sort of thing? Only problem was that the products were priced higher than RRP!!! YES!!! How could I possibly make money selling that stuff? OK, I admit, it was a stupid idea… What was I thinking back then?

Here’s what David wrote back to me after reviewing my business methods:

Hi Andrew,

Thank you so much for a quick and detailed answer, I didn’t expect that! And I’m totally speech-less. Why didn’t I figure it out myself?

Your product sourcing concepts are superb! So easy to understand and I’m so happy that I won’t have to deal with scam companies! I’ve already found around 10 products and will order them straight away.

I’m confident that this time I’ll finally make my first sale on eBay! And one more thing – can I use your pricing methods? Now I see that I don’t have to beat the lowest price to succeed! Now I’m looking at eBay & Amazon from a whole new perspective! So many opportunities out there!

Once again thanks for your help, if you’re visiting Glasgow one day, drop me an e-mail, I owe you few beers!


Yes, that’s all it took!

And it can work for you too…

By utilising some clever selling strategies I have built a successful eBay, Amazon and eCommerce business earning me a comfortable living. Nope – I’m not a millionaire yet BUT I work for MYSELF and can spend plenty of time with my wife and children, having fun, while others are working hard just to pay their bills:

Don’t just take my word for it! Take a look at my “Fitness Niche” PayPal account:

Paypal Statement

In this niche I’m working on an average profit margin of 20%-30% so you can do the math yourself! 

I promise your situation IS NOT Unique!

And more importantly – your situation is

NOT hopeless!

The core problem is that people failing to make money on eBay & Amazon have been fed the following 3 myths:

  • You can’t make any profit on eBay & Amazon as there’s too much competition!
  • You have to be able to beat the lowest price to get any sales!
  • You have to buy products in large quantities to make any profit!

Well, let me tell you something – this is simply NOT TRUE!

  • Millions of people are making a full time income selling on eBay & Amazon. It works for so many people already, why shouldn’t it work for you?
  • You absolutely DON’T have to sell products for the lowest price to make money! In fact, this is the BIGGEST mistake people make when starting out!
  • Big budgets are nice, yes, but what If I show you strategies where you can start buying products with as little as £50 and still make money from day one?

What If You Simply Want something that WORKS?


Nope, and I will show you exactly how ANYONE in the World can start profiting from eBay & Amazon RIGHT NOW!

I’ve just completed a BRAND NEW video course that gives you a step-by-step formula for making money on eBay & Amazon by selling HOT & PROFITABLE items…… and it’s completely different to anything you have seen so far!

I have put everything I know about running a successful business on eBay & Amazon in over 20+ HOURS of intense video lessons. You’ll watch me operate my business from the back door!

Here’s My Promise To You:

I’ll show you EXACTLY where to buy hot & profitable products, how to create outstanding listings that sell MORE products for HIGHER prices in LESS time, and how to market your listings on eBay & Amazon properly to achieve maximum results!

More than 20 HOURS of step-by-step VIDEO LESSONS, including:


Watch over my shoulder to see how I run my business. Learn the fundamentals of selling on eBay & Amazon “the right way” and learn how to sell more items for higher prices by ignoring “The Lowest Price” principle.

This is not the usual, boring kind of “lessons” you remember from your days in school! In the “Introduction” video lesson, I lay down all the fundamentals of creating a successful online business. I’ll share with you the 3 most important elements to make it happen plus clearly show you what things you should avoid on the way to success.

Market Research

In the second Module, I get straight to the point by showing you “Step By Step”, how to find profitable products and a profitable niche to work in and how to conduct proper market research, so that you’re always ahead of your competitors.

Everything explained in a clear step-by-step format – no fluff & bluff here! I’ll tell you exactly what you have to do to reach your goal! Little known secrets plus real life examples – you simply can’t go wrong with this one! The videos in this module alone are worth more than what you pay for the entire course!

Product Sourcing Concept 1

Suitable for people with limited buying power. If done properly – a hassle free, risk free product sourcing concept. Fast delivery and safe payment methods. Perfect for all hot selling products. Only UK based suppliers, doesn’t require importing.

Product Sourcing Concept 2

My most profitable method of buying hot selling products for sale on eBay & Amazon! I’ll show you the exact 2 websites I’ve been using for the last 10 years to source products with a ROI as high as 200% to 300%. Choose from thousands of products and hundreds of niches – this product sourcing concept alone can be used to build a profitable, full-time eCommerce Business!

Product Sourcing Concept 3

Don’t spend another penny on dropshipping companies! I’ll show you exactly WHY dropshipping DOES NOT work on eBay and why you can’t build a profitable, long term business on eBay using dropshipping.

Don’t be fooled by all the ads you see online – this video reveals THE TRUTH about dropshipping and will show you THE ONLY way you can make dropshipping work for your business.

Product Sourcing Concept 4

One of the most ingenious product sourcing strategies you have ever seen! It’s so simple and easy to implement, yet still an amazingly effective way of buying products BELOW eBay prices.

No MOQ! Pay with credit card – get goods delivered right to your door. Starting from DVDs and Blu Ray’s ending up with magazine subscriptions – this is the place to be to make EASY money on eBay & Amazon!

Product Sourcing Concept 5

“Flip That Thing”! In this video lesson you’ll find out how to make hundreds of pounds per week in the used goods market. I’ll show you exactly WHAT products to buy and how to flip them for 30%+ ROI each and every time.

Just copy what I’m doing and you simply can’t fail!

A Recession Proof business model! Huge potential in 2017!

Product Sourcing Concept 6

The easiest and the fastest way of getting your eBay & Amazon business up and running. Choose from tens of thousands of products, all from UK suppliers, and make a killing selling them on eBay! Spend just 1 to 2 hours a day to earn £300+ per month selling discounted products on eBay.co.uk!


Are you struggling to create a selling experience you’re proud of? Do you still spend money trying to convince leads to buy from you?

Why not simply create a brand that people LOVE and ask for more stuff from you?

This Module will be a real eye opener for the majority of you. Branding is that integral part of online business that most of your competitors simply don’t pay close enough attention to. Now, you can use this advantage to legally steal their customers and start dominating the market!


Bingo! Have you ever wondered how some sellers on eBay manage to sell products for higher prices than average? This is the topic that so so many eBayers ignore that it simply amazes me! They’re leaving so much money on the table purely because they don’t care how their listings look!

In these video lessons I’ll show you step by step how to create listings that SELL without SELLING! More than 20 little known psychological triggers you can get right on your listings and increase sales almost instantly! Logos, templates and formatting. Everything you need to know about creating great looking eBay listings is covered in this video lesson.

Having problems with product images? In the dedicated Product Photography videos I will show you how ANYONE can take AMAZING product images on a budget! Studio set-up, editing and preparing images for your listings on eBay & Amazon – ALL covered in detail!

Don’t want to deal with product photography at all? No problem! I will show you how you can cheaply outsource this task and get PRO quality product images on a budget!

Customer Relationships

This Module is all about customer relationships. Are you still spending most of your time getting new leads to your business? Can’t figure out why your sales conversion rates are so low? Not anymore! I’ll give you an exact formula to generate more repeat business than you have ever imagined possible!

Did you know that it’s 70% more difficult to sell to new leads than to current customers? Good! So are you using the full potential of this axiom? If not, soon you will! In the “Customers Relationships” video lesson I’ll share with you exact strategies I’m using across all of my businesses to maximize my current customer base for repeat sales.


To put it simply, it will cover everything related to promotions, sales, pricing strategy, special offers and so on. Oh, sounds like an offline world? I don’t think so…

In fact, having proper marketing strategies in place can double or even quadruple your sales almost instantly! I’ll show you what to do. I’ll show you when to do it. I’ll lend my own formula for making each sale a real winner!

Selling on Amazon

In this Module you’ll learn everything you need to start selling successfully on Amazon Marketplace! You’ll learn how the Amazon Marketplace works, how to create listings on Amazon, how to use Fulfilment by Amazon, how to promote your listings, how to win The Buy Box and much more!


Again, no small talk here! In the last Module you’ll learn exactly how to put it all together plus I’ll show you some very powerful time management strategies so that you stay on track for the full eight weeks.

Have a full time job? Family, three kids and a dog?

If you’re struggling with finding that extra time to spend on online business, this video lesson will be a real God-send.

This isn’t a “money printing” machine – if you’re looking for a way to buy brand new PS4 consoles for 100 quid, look for those fancy wholesale lists online (no, don’t do that – please!). What I’m offering here is tested & proven business strategies I have used for more than 10 years to create a full time business selling products on eBay & Amazon!

You’ll still have to put in the time and effort to make this work.

But to use the Easy Auction Business methods:

  • You won’t have to deal with shady suppliers and risk losing your money. In the course you’ll learn exactly how to evaluate each supplier, how to protect your payment and reduce the risk of getting scammed to an absolute minimum.
  • You won’t have to invest thousands of pounds in your first order. Any amount will do the job, because I have covered 6 product sourcing concepts in the course – suitable for ANY buying power and level of experience! You can literarily start with just £50 and grow your business from there!
  • You won’t have to quit your day job! Easy Auction Business methods can be effectively operated spending just 1-2 hours per day. If you can find a spare hour in the evening or morning, you can still make a few hundred pounds per week! Imagine, what an extra thousand pounds per month can do for you and your family? A luxury holidays every few months? A dream car? A mortgage payment? The choice is yours!

“EAB Has Already Helped THOUSANDS of Regular People Start a Profitable eBay & Amazon Businesses, Worth As Much As £350 to £1,500+ Per Week in Net Profits!”

Customers 1

Twf Testimonials 1

Why On Earth Would Someone Share Everything They Know With Total Strangers?

I will give you 3 good reasons:

1. It won’t harm me!

There are literally tens of thousands of products to choose from. Chances are we won’t even meet each other on eBay & Amazon.

And if we do – no probs!

As you’ll find inside the Easy Auction Business video course, competition is not a bad thing at all. Also remember – we are talking about products that are in high demand markets. Neither you nor I could fill all those markets! As I always say to my newsletter readers: “If there’s a pie out there, there’s a piece for you! Just go and get it!”

2. I want help you!

I know this sounds like a cliché but I honestly want to help people get their online businesses going. I remember how I felt 10 years ago, desperately looking for a way to make money on eBay. 

If only someone showed me the right way back then…

Am I crazy? Of course I am!

I have invested more than £20k to create the Spicy Auction Templates community and help eBay sellers finally get rid of those “plain old – pancake looking” templates that eBay has offered for years. I’m giving away free professional templates worth hundreds of pounds, free video lessons worth more than any eBook you can buy!

I spend many hours each week putting FREE content on my AndrewMinalto.com blog! I genuine get satisfaction by helping other people and sharing my experience and knowledge.

3. To make extra money!

As simple as that. I do not run a charity organisation – at the end of the day I’m a business person. I have multiple eCommerce businesses, a manufacturing company, and I also run a successful information products company. Why not help people and make some extra cash at the same time?

Okay Andrew, that all sounds good!

What’s The Cost of the 
Easy Auction Business Video Course?

Let’s talk about value – how much do you think it’s worth? A sure way action plan to a successful eBay & Amazon business making several thousand pounds in net profit every month? How Much? £500? £1000? £10 000? I don’t know…

I’m sure it depends on WHAT you’ll do with it! If you plan to buy this video course and DO NOTHING, it’s probably not worth a single penny.

If you’re ready to take action and implement everything I’ll show you – it’s priceless. It could help you and your family to live a better life. Can you scale that?

Let’s make it fair for everyone.

I have put enormous effort (hundreds of hours) to get this video course done. If I wanted to limit this and only sell it to a few people, I would charge thousands of pounds. But I won’t do that! I’ll help improve the lives of thousands of people instead!

So here’s a number which should be fair enough for both of us:

Be my shadow – watch over my shoulder and see how I created my £840k eCommerce business from scratch and copy what I do for a low one time investment of just £67!

For only £67 you’ll get the exact same information I have been using to build and maintain my eBay & Amazon business.

More than 20 hours of 70 action packed, step-by-step video lessons that show you EXACTLY where to buy hot selling products below eBay & Amazon prices, how to create listings that SELL and how to MARKET them for maximum results!

How about some EXTRAS?

Ohh yeah, bonuses… I though you’d never ask! Personally I hate bonuses. Why? Because most of the time you’ll find that product bonuses are useless eBooks no one wants to read.

So I came up with a plan! How about this:

Purchase Easy Auction Business 2015 – Andrew Minalto Course at Brainet. You will get full course. Downloads are quick and at no extra cost.


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