Dynamic Chakra Empowerment Recordings – Gaylene Popovski



Dynamic Chakra Empowerment Recordings – Gaylene Popovski


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Total Size:
Digital products: Get the download link at Account or directly via email.
Support: Lifetime
Download: Unlimited Of Course Dynamic Chakra Empowerment Recordings – Gaylene Popovski

Purchase Dynamic Chakra Empowerment Recordings – Gaylene Popovski courses at here with PRICE $97 $42

When purchasing Dynamic Chakra Empowerment Recordings – Gaylene Popovski course, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

Dynamic Chakra Empowerment Recordings – Gaylene Popovski

Your Power to Create is in your Chakras

  • Experience 12 Days of Optimal Clearing & Alignments
  • To clear our own interference stopping our manifestation process
  • A New way of feeling about Yourself and Your Life
  • 12 Powerful days of Transforming
  • 12 Hours of Clearing & Alignments
  • 6 Hours of Added Interactive Clearing & Alignments (all live recordings for available for downloading after each day)
  • 2 Powerful Bonus MP3s to continue to Create Change

This is our most powerful time on the planet. And we have been stepping into experiencing ourselves more and more as our creator with the ability to manifest our world using our power from within.

This program has been created for deep clearing easily to clear the many blocks we have unknowingly created by our own responses and self judgements. Clearing each Chakra allows you to be congruent with YOU and when all of YOU is in agreeance harmony is the result and manifesting becomes easy.

There is no need to give your power away to an external situation or another being.

Manifesting Your Life Belongs in Your Hands!

We can make all changes needed from within effortlessly and elegantly.

The Chakras store so much information and by clearing lower frequencies caused from previous experiences we can havelarge amounts of clearing and alignments in optimal time.

The chakras are the Keys
To Creating Change and Harmony within Ourselves
Harmony Creates the Flow of Success in Every Area of Our Lives
Inner disharmony results in outer conflict when we clear this we can enjoy our experience here.

Dynamic Chakra Empowerment has been created to clear old energy patterns and distortions within ourselves to activate our inner resources. When we appreciate and work in harmony with ourselves our manifestations occur rapidly.

It is not about colors or symbols. It is about going directly to the cause of the upset and clearing and aligning for harmony within you for change.

A part of You may desire wealth while another part of You is too stuck in judgement of Yourself or others to get out of the way

You may desire to have a partner in life forgetting You have an aspect of Yourself that hasnt released resentments and feelings from past relationships or how You felt about Yourself in past relationships.

You may decide to be healthy while harboring feelings and emotions that are keeping You unwell and are going against Your current decision.

There as so many ways You can be keeping Yourself from Your desire for happiness and success and You are not be aware it is coming from You – thoughts, judgements, opinions, words, feelings,

The information from the insights on chakras is extremely empowering for creating change and places our manifesting power totally in our own hands.

Each chakra directly affects the process of manifesting as it relates to how we feel about ourselves and our life experience even if the influence has come from others. We have the ability to create the changes from within our energy system to become the master of our own destiny.

Dynamic Empowerment through our chakras offers powerful clearings and updates our energy centers which house broadcasting and attracting abilities which I found to be operating on out of date frequencies or stuck in the patterns of the old way which no longer work.

Chakras need to be cleared and aligned for complete agreeance with our decision to have a particular manifestation take place. We have different aspects of ourselves influencing our lives and we have not been consciously aware of the effect they have been having on our current reality or on our ability to manifest. We have also been affecting by the influence from others in our life and this has not afforded us bright outcomes.

Creating powerful inner alignments allows us to experience life in a state of self acceptance and as we become more congruent with ourselves and we can enjoy the process of creating our manifestations as well as their outcome.

Being strong in the decisions we are currently making and clearing old patterns that are secondary to the new decisions creates space for us to know the creation on the energy level has already taken place and manifestation is a natural result.

Methods that no longer work can be still operating in our system and need to be deleted as humanity has now grown from being a product of this world to operating as creators and co-creators of this world.

The power to manifest your life belongs in YOUR OWN HANDS learn and experience NEW INSIGHTS for understanding YOUR OWN POWER to be in drivers seat and create your world instead of being a product of it.

I have created 2 Powerful MP3s which I am giving as bonuss to add to a powerful 12 days of clearing and alignments.

Chakra Clearing and Alignments Creating Inner Harmony and a new way of seeing and feeling about yourself. This MP3 has powerful clearings and alignment and you will feel lighter as you use it. There are is a silent version and also one with nature sounds and brain entrainment.

Chakra Manifesting Alignments allowing all aspects of you to be congruent with your decided upon manifestation. This will clear any deep parts of yourself that you have not been able to access. There is a silent version and one with isochronic brainwave entrainment.

All MP3s designed to allow you to be present, supportive and appreciative of yourself as well as to experience the joy of being yourself.

“The MP3s in Gaylene’s Dynamic Chakra Empowerment package are powerful-I could feel the intensity of the energy from the beginning as well as experience deeper sleep which brought more relaxation. Although I have participated in a number of energy work programs, my chakras were out of alignment so much that I often felt that I couldn’t tune into them, except theoretically. By a few days into working with Gaylene’s MP3s I could physically feel areas in my body where the chakras were being pulled back into line even though there was and is some distance to go. For most of my years prior to this, it was as though some of the chakras had actually left or splintered off from my body (or I had left them) due to various shocks, experiences, etc. Experiencing the energies of this work was at times bewildering but I continued with it as I sensed that something important was happening.

One issue that I had practically given up on was old multi-layered religious beliefs that have had a strong hold on my psyche. In the fallout from this I felt very fearful of bad consequences related to being a unique individual on this earth; there was deep training that to be an individual was only negative ego for which there was nothing but punishment. Every act of expression carried with it a fear of retribution and every act of expression was an act of rebellion. A lifetime of this dynamic has been played out. I could and would preach along with the best that the old indoctrination was not true, but the energies which ran my life were far more rooted in the bad religion. By Day 2 of playing the MP3, I had a more visceral, complete awareness the necessity of being an individual self and that it is a good thing, period.

Fast forward, a week or so later, I looked into the mirror and noticed that my appearance has changed. I continued looking and also saw a self I feel I can trust. This change has stayed and I actually look and feel different

I find that I am able to appreciate others more and find myself in less judgment, thank God!”

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Purchasing Dynamic Chakra Empowerment Recordings – Gaylene Popovski course now, You can get it with the LIFETIME SUPPORT and UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD.

Purchase Dynamic Chakra Empowerment Recordings – Gaylene Popovski courses at here with PRICE $97 $42