Business Growth Masterclass



Business Growth Masterclass


Training both those considering becoming an independent freelance business consultancy as a career or way back into the workplace and also those experienced in business consultancy looking for more success, to set up a consultancy business that adds real client value and is financially successful as you learn the skills to become known, remembered and respected as the ‘go-to’ expert in their field


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Like to Learn How You Can Secure High-Paid Work and Grow Your Income as a Successful Business Entrepreneur or Business Consultant?

Our ‘why’ is to support both business consultants and entrepreneurs the world over to secure  fast-track accredited training so to get started NOW and achieve real personal and business growth success.

And to get started… You’re Only 3 days Away!

Our IOEE Accredited – Cambridge England

Business Consultant Masterclass 3-day

Training both those considering becoming an independent freelance business consultancy as a career or way back into the workplace and also those experienced in business consultancy looking for more success, to set up a consultancy business that adds real client value and is financially successful as you learn the skills to become known, remembered and respected as the ‘go-to’ expert in their field

Business Growth Masterclass 3 Day

“Just because you have the title, doesn’t mean you can be expected to know all the answers” and here, on the Business Growth Masterclass, in just three days, we expose the strategies, templates, and skills that will support you to fast-track the turnaround, growth, and leadership of your business growth and sales success. 

Business Growth School® – Course Accreditation:

Investing in your career has to be done correctly. It takes investment of your most precious resource, your time, and with COVID-19 having seen a pandemic of people just popping up with a ‘slide-deck’ offering training that is unregulated and unaccredited, making the right decision is essential.

Insist on Accredited Courses When Making Your Choice: 

The Business Growth School® is an IOEE™ Enterprise Academy.

Our courses are accredited at: Certificate of Achievement, Level 2 Award through to Level 5 DIPLOMA Level.

But here’s where we’re different:

Within our 3 Day Masterclass training, we literally unload the full core content you need to get going, all at once, in just three days.

From there, you will then have the choice to:

  • DIY your success, with your new skills. Take Action and go for it immediately
  • Advance with on-going training, accountability and support, whilst securing formal IOEE™ Accredited Training too!

Our 3-day training is designed to enable you to start implementing action yourself the moment you leave the training room.

Our On-Call Consultancy Service also supports business owners and entrepreneurs directly in their business, bringing you expert senior-level support either directly or through our very carefully selected world-class delivery partners, but only when you need it.

We also are proud to be a University Training Provider, training university students who are readying themselves to secure their perfect first appointment, by supporting them to know how to bring their skills to businesses that will in turn drive their successes and business growth.

Get Business Growth Masterclass – Business Growth School, Only Price $197


Making the transition to becoming a successful business consultant, earning a six-figure income and knowing how to really hit the ground running as a successful business consultant may be easier than you think.

The Business Consultant Masterclass 3-Day training course is for those who may have just recently come out of a corporate role, been made redundant, are looking for a new career opportunity and want to be their own boss.

Like many of our delegates too, it is also for those who may be experienced business consultants and are looking for greater a consistency of inbound project referrals, income and a much improved work-life balance.

Just suppose, in a few months’ time, you have a steady flow of projects, a continual flow of referrals, a growing loyal client base and consistency in your consulting income. How would that transform your happiness and outlook for you?

This is what the Business Growth School®, founded by Alan Crouch, will help you to achieve.

Business Consultant Masterclass – Training Course Design

This Business Consultant Masterclass 3-Day training course is designed to provide every Business Growth School delegate the most comprehensive training on how to set up, start and achieve success as a business consultant, so you can hit the ground running and start enjoying both the freedom, income and success you truly deserve.

On the Business Consultant Masterclass 3-day training course, your investment will be at a fraction of the cost of joining an expensive franchise. You will not be restricted to operate in a specific geographic territory, be committed to monthly royalty fees, have to operate a ‘system’ that may not work for you, or be running the risk of losing your entire franchise investment… no.

Instead, you will be free to make your own choices, be independent and start creating your very own success the moment you leave the training room.

…and yes, if business consulting really is for you and you then wish to join one of the great national networks or franchise operations out there, then we’ll be only too pleased to advise on which one may be best for you, supporting you to make a very informed decision for your future and career!


Is your business worth three days off your time?

You are only 3 days away from learning the business growth secrets and skills to take immediate action and literally begin to DIY your business growth performance, sales and selling success.

In addition to learning the core skills used by expert business consultants to drive business growth, on the Business Growth Masterclass 3-day course, you will learn the essential sales and marketing skills that will bring you confidence as you grow your business, as well as start writing your very own Business Growth Plan to support you in getting your business growth started and underway!

Your training also includes:

  • How you and your management team can master the essential business growth frameworks, templates, strategies and skills used by business consultants to enable you to directly work ‘on’ your business yourselves
  • How to take your successful business to the next level or turnaround an under-performing business and fast-track business transformation success
  • How to master the art of selling, become confident in being able to sell, learn to love selling and learn the essential foundation sales skills necessary for every person operating a business. No excuses.
  • How to approach both your traditional and online marketing to drive leads, greatly increase your quote volumes, drive sales growth and secure life-long customers
  • How to create your strategic and tactical marketing plan that is completely aligned to your customers’ on-point’ proposition
  • How to transform the performance of your sales function, process and team to maximise both business sales and achieve a high-performing Return On Investment from your sales activities
  • How to take control and maximise your leadership effectiveness whilst freeing your time up to do what you do best

Been There, Seen It and Done It

Leading You Along A Proven Path of Success

With over 25 years’ experience as a senior leader operating as CEO, MD and COO for leading franchise operations and global corporates, followed by now over 8 years at the top his field as a business consultant and trainer specialising in working with clients from start-ups through to mid-sized SMEs to c. £30m+, Alan Crouch and the Business Growth School bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the training of aspiring business consultants who are looking to fast-track their success and business owners looking to complement their expertise and secure the wider business skills to drive their business growth and sales.

The Light Bulb Moment: When Alan moved into consulting himself, there were two keys things that immediately became very clear to him. They were that most of the:

  • Business consultants he met were really experienced executives, directors and managers, many who were really on top of their game, but nearly all of them had one really troubling thing in common… they had little or no work!
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs he met were experts in their area of expertise such as  manufacturing, software, business services and more, however needed to access cost-effective support in learning the skills on how to plan business growth, market their business and sell.

When Alan researched this, he learned that business consultants really struggled with the skills and confidence needed to market and sell themselves. Business owners and entrepreneurs needed to directly embrace these wider skills too, in order to drive their businesses.

He also identified that the vast majority of ‘business consultants’ were:

  • Not formally trained
  • Many really didn’t choose this career route
  • Truly wanting to find their way back into a corporate role
  • Found the cost to join one of the national consulting franchise or networks just too much
  • Felt they would try consulting as a short-term fix, until they found that perfect job
  • Were only open to consider ‘consulting’ for the long-term, if it worked out

This untrained approach didn’t bode well for either the business consultant or their client’s long-term relationship and success.

So with this in mind, Alan designed the Business Consultant Masterclass 3-Day Course to introduce fast-track, affordable business consultant training to support everyone either joining the profession or looking for greater success.

He also designed the Business Growth Masterclass, designed for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to learn the essential foundation business growth, marketing and sales skills to drive their overall business success. And yes, when they become to experience even more success, they will then be able to appoint suitably qualified Business Growth School on-call business consultants to support them in their plans.


Business Growth School On-Call Consultant Services opens up access and the support of over c.200 accredited, grounded, no-nonsense and expert part-time C-level consultants, but only when you need it.

You are likely to be a business owner, CEO, MD or business executive who requires expert senior director-level support, but not on a full-time basis and only when you need it.

On-Call Business Growth Programme Services:

Tailored to your need and budget, our on-call business growth programmes can start with a Business Growth Review which supports you in taking-stock of where you are and provides you with your very own ‘MyAction Plan™’.

Support For You and Your Team:

Together, we will define what good looks like for your business, or the business function requiring attention. This will get us to the start line, where we can then work at supporting the planning and implementation stages necessary for you, as a team, to achieve success.

Do be assured, this is not about shiny reports that no body reads, but instead, this is where the ‘theory’ of a highly structured platform is brought together with the ‘practice’ of real experience, where ‘taking it off the page’ and ‘making it happen’ is where the value is for you, your business and team.

At the Business Growth School®, we provide both inspiration, energy and expert support, as together, we complete your business growth review, assess recommendations together, map out your plan, take action and implement the necessary consultancy and coaching required to support success.

We can then also facilitate your key monthly meetings, supporting you in ‘managing your managers’, maximising delivery, ensuring continuity and providing senior management coaching support. And to support your on-going business success, we also can offer our clients the option of a:

  • Business Growth Review and Coaching Programme – 12 month
  • Business Growth Review, Consulting, Coaching & Training Programme – 12 month
  • Bespoke On-Call Project Management, Consultancy and Transformation Service

Working on Every Part of Your Business:

Working within excess of 200 accredited colleagues covering virtually every business discipline, Business Growth School® On-Call Consultancy Services focus on working with you in every part of your business, which most importantly supports you in the delivery of your customer proposition, securing sales, winning against your competition and securing business growth.

Virtual Business Growth Coaching

Coaching perfectly positioned for today’s world.

Are you looking to maximise your time, looking to increase sales, wanting to really take on your competition and ready to take action to secure step-change success for your business?

Virtual Coaching with the Business Growth School connects you with access to the comprehensive resources, skills and experts at the comfort of your desk.

At the Business Growth School, one key part of our mission is to provide both accessible and affordable business growth support to business owners, operators and consultants the world over. Virtual Coaching delivers exactly this.

Get Business Growth Masterclass – Business Growth School, Only Price $197

Here’s How It Works:

It starts with an initial Business Growth Review Virtual Meeting… it’s free.

During this call, we get to learn about you and your outline your business, so to understand the ‘where you are now’.

We then discuss what you like about your ‘where you are now’ and understand what you may wish to alter to achieve your perceived goals.

From there, the Business Growth School will able to propose the very best way forward to give you affordable and accessible access to the expert skills, planning, coaching and training you may need to drive your business growth.

Our experts work with you on your business together. Our focus will be Business Growth and the all-encompassing skills, organisational change and sales & marketing focus this requires.

A typical Virtual Coaching journey is as simple as us together:

  • Creating your unique Business Growth Plan
  • Identifying your potential virtual consultancy and training requirements
  • Setting agreed virtual meetings or calls to support the process

It’s no more complicated that that!

There could be no better time than to take that decision now and invest in your business growth and success.

Contact Us. To learn more and book your Free initial Business Growth Review Virtual Meeting.


Supporting your Students on:

How to Achieve Career and Income Success Post Graduation

The Business Growth School provides university student training programmes that support universities focussed not only on the core curriculum but also the student’s end-game, by preparing students with the essential skills to position themselves to secure that fantastic job opportunity in their chosen field upon leaving university.

Successful businesses and research faculties need the right people, who can do the right things in the right way, as this is how they will achieve outstanding research outcomes, business growth, commercial success and be employers of choice.

At the Business Growth School, our objective as a university training provider is to support the ultimate end-game of success for all concerned: The university, student and employer.

Yes, the achievement of their first degree, Masters or PhD will take students to a new start line with limitless potential opportunities for success. But globally, why do we hear graduates saying:

  • “I earned my degree / PhD but nobody will hire me”
  • “I have no job after my degree / PhD”
  • “I cannot find a job in the area that I have studied”
  • “I’m lost without academia”

And here’s the hard truth:

Being brilliant and the brightest person in their field gives them about a 10% chance of finding really rewarding work.

At the Business Growth School, we partner with pro-active and truly world-class universities to include the world-leading Cambridge University. Together, our mission is to work and coach students throughout their academic year so to provide them with the skills they need to identify their expert and generalist value, coach them on their very own My Action Plan™ and also train them how to effectively network, engage, connect and be remembered as the go-to graduate who goes on to secure their perfect job.


Alan is an Academic Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, has trained internationally, is a visiting lecturer at Cambridge University and as can be seen from the testimonials from our delegates, is a highly engaging and motivational business consultant and business executive trainer, and speaker.

With an MBA specialising in sales, and using his 25+ years of sales experience and skills proven in rapidly growing the performance of businesses, Alan created all Business Growth School 3-day Masterclass training courses to be a world-class induction programmes, designed for delegates looking to ultimately either directly drive or support fast-track business growth success.

Business Growth School’s forthcoming books include:

How2Achieve™ Success as a Business Consultant

How2Achieve™ On-going Success as a Business Consultant – The My Action Plan™ Journal

Master the EASYSelling® Process

SLICSelling® – Mastering The Art of SLICSelling®

You’re Only 3 Days Away!

To learn more about how you can develop you career as a successful business consultant, simply click on the Featured Course Link below.

Get Business Growth Masterclass – Business Growth School, Only Price $197

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Purchase Business Growth Masterclass Course at Brainet. You will get full course. Downloads are quick and at no extra cost.


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