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ATM Genius Academy – Chad Otsuji


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ATM Genius Academy

Everything you need to know to start an ATM Business

Attention All Entrepreneurs!

Are you struggling to launch your own ATM Business?

In this course you'll learn…

  • How to start an ATM Business from scratch.
  • How to file paperwork with the State, so you're in compliance with the government.
  • How to open a business bank account.
  • How to create marketing flyers and business cards.
  • How to purchase, install, connect, and run your ATM Business.
  • Finally, you'll learn how you can scale this business in order to make you thousands of dollars per month!

In this course you'll be joining my group of exclusive students. These students will have access to FREE Processing with me. Most companies out there charge anywhere from $15 to $60 per month for processing. Only students will gain access to the free processing opportunity.**

All Students will also be given a one hour 1 on 1 private phone, FaceTime, or Skype call with the Author, Chad Otsuji.

Below is a basic outline of the basic steps we plan to cover in this course.

Section 1: How to start your ATM Business: First you'll learn how to file all of the necessary paperwork in order to get your business off of the ground. This is a very important step, because without it, we could run into some legal and tax issues down the road.

Section 2: How to Order Your ATM Machine: In the next section you'll learn how to actually place the order for your machine, as well as setting up processing, wireless connections, and everything else needed for your machine.

Section 3: Installing Your Machine: Next, you'll learn how to install your machine into the business. You can either do it yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. Both methods will be covered in this section.

Section 4: Monitoring and Maintaining: Finally, you will learn how to load your machine with cash, monitor, and maintain your machine. This is when you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your profits.

What else is included with this course?

  • Contract Template: This is the contract between you and the business owner.
  • Business card and flyer Template: Editable templates for your marketing materials.
  • Scripts: We teach you what to say, how to say, and when to say it. It takes all the thinking out of negotiating and speaking to business owners.

So if you are someone who wants to start their own passive income business, just click the Enroll button to join now.

**FREE Processing is first come first serve basis. Only students will gain access to free processing. Once I raise my prices, this opportunity will no longer be available.

Course Curriculum

ATM Genius Academy

  • How Does The ATM Business Work? (1:35)
  • Filing for an LLC (Registering your business) (10:08)
  • Opening a Business Bank Account (9:25)
  • Creating a business (Marketing Materials) (16:52)
  • Contracts (7:15)
  • Finding a Location For Your Machine (10:22)
  • Contacting Business Owners (15:42)
  • Negotiating With Business Owners Final (16:21)
  • Buying An ATM Machine (20:24)
  • Regulations (6:30)
  • ATM Installation (4:20)
  • Installing Wireless Box (2:57)
  • Loading ATM With Cash (6:29)
  • Online Monitoring (4:36)
  • Cash Vaulting (8:41)
  • Funding Your ATM (8:08)
  • ATM Manuals

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