Adbeat 2012 – 50K/day with Media Buying – Mike Colella



Adbeat 2012 – 50K/day with Media Buying – Mike Colella


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Module 1:

  • The 3 essential affiliate markets (if you want to make real money)
  • How to know if your niche market is really working for you
  • 4 Adbeat workflow examples. Any one of these methods can be used to find golden opportunities worth 100X your investment.

Module 2: How to Pick a Self-Serve Traffic Source

  • How can you tell if a network is right for you? In this video, you’ll learn exactlywhat to look for when advertising on Google, MSN, Adsonar, Pulse360, and Adblade.
  • 3 things you must know to avoid getting banned on the Google Display Network

Module 3: Million Dollar Keyword Strategy

  • Get the entire keyword strategy behind multiple million dollar campaigns
  • Including Mindmaps for easy review (use these templates to build your own campaign)

Module 4: How to use Media Planning Tools to Multiply your Results

  • 3 easy ways to use Google Ad Planner to boost revenue for your advertising campaigns
  • When to use (and when not to) – Use this simple test to see your sites visibility
  • How to build Demographic targeting into your banners for better results

Module 5: Banner Ad Secrets

  • How to make image ads work well (and why they’re so tricky to get right)
  • What to avoid when creating Flash or Animated GIF ads
  • 5 resources to creating the most profitable ads

Module 6: $500K Ad Copy Case Study

  • How to write ads that makes $$$ – ad copy examples that work across every market
  • How to use our $500K copywriting case study to create your most profitable campaign
  • The best (and worst) affiliate markets

Module 7: Scaling on Google Display

  • 5 Strategies to Scale on the Google Display Network
  • What it takes to “deal” with Google (and win)
  • How to buy advertising on credit (scale to big $$$ with none of your own money)

Module 8: Outsourcing – How to Get Stuff Done when you Have NO Skills

  • The 3 classes of outsourcing and when it’s appropriate to use them
  • How to get websites done, even if you don’t know HTML from PHP
  • 7 software tools to save you time, so there’s more left over for yourself
  • When to “hire” for Complex Projects
  • 5 easy ways to build and maintain a team

NEW! Module 9: Building a Huge List with Display Advertising (with no product of your own)

  • The Lead Capture Arbitrage Model
  • The #1 offer that is killing it right now using this model
  • Email providers (why some commonly recommended services can be the WORST option)
  • Maintaining Deliverability (Tricks and Tips that you don’t want to learn the hard way)

NEW! Module 10: Uncovering Markets/Paths that are Making Money (Little Known Tricks)

  • What the Adbeat trendline can tell you about profitability
  • How to identify highly profitable campaigns, based only on the creative.
  • What a competitor’s sales path and email follow up can tell you about profitability

NEW! Module 11: AOL AdDesk Tips and Tricks

  • Why AdDesk is very much like Google Display, but without all the BS
  • Which targeting options to use, and what others to avoid like the plague.
  • How to combine targeting to drop your CPA to rock bottom
  • Tips and Tricks from an ex-AdDesk account rep (who now works for me  )

Bonus Training 1: Placement Report Analysis with Excel

  • How to harness the true power of Adbeat to create profitable campaigns
  • A four step-step strategy that ends your fear of excel
  • Why more data is good (and sometimes bad)

Bonus Training 2: Ad Optimization + Ad Group Ideas

  • Why your Google optimization skills needs work: 4 Tips for Killing it
  • Essential Ad Group Tutorial and Resources

Bonus Training 3: Getting started on BuySellAds (for newbies)

  • How to use our research on BuySellAd’s to monetize your campaigns
  • Why BuySellAd’s is one of the easiest ways to buy inventory
  • What to look for in Adbeat when searching for top performing Ad’s
  • How Adbeat can lead to other profitable affiliate offers

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